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The Great Bazaar Full Album Lyrics

Subterranean Masquerade - The Great Bazaar cover art

The Great Bazaar

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Psychedelic Metal
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1. Early Morning Mantra (6:23)
Welcome back to this world
In it birds sing their early morning mantra
Babies cry alarming notes
A high-paced tempo of that's the way I want
Washing those dirty hands, before it starts
Before we're going on this lonesome search
Endless race, pleased to meet you
Welcome to the masquerade

Join me as we walk down this great bazaar
Strange scents and smoke blurred with dreams of somewhere far
Caught me spinning 'round and 'round
Now stop it, let me out!

In my ribcage a rusty clock, and time is ticking a melody of twisted notes
Time to go... Time to go

Words mean nothing in this world, play the game before everything that's real is lost
Time to go... Time to go

A heavy weight, a thick huge net, a trap, a prison of masks with legs
Better be going on a trip, no one knows what one can see

Welcome, to the carnival of the dysfunctional and the disturbed
Enjoy it; be careful not to lose your head
Explore it; there will be no right or wrong
And when the music's over, you will be coming back for more
2. Reliving the Feeling (5:21)
Ruthless beauty that blurs the mind
Cleanse the dust off my backpack
It's been too long since I travelled far
Entering the great bazaar
Sellers try to seal a transaction
It's all for sale if the price is right

How can I be reliving the feeling?

Under every bench there is a bent shadow that gave it all away
A gaze of dead end spread upon his face
He sits and smiles at foreigners
At night the streets turn silent, angels rise from the ashes of the lost Celestine souls
Seeds of comfort planted in them all
Dancing 'til they break apart with dawn

How can I be reliving the feeling?
How can I still cope with this all?
How long should I keep ignoring the meaning?
That knocks on my door

Sometimes life puts me on my knees
And wounds open inside of me
Can't breathe, just want to walk away
Reliving that feeling I once had
A box full of video tapes
Is all that's left unless I pay the price
3. Tour Diary (4:05)
That look in your eyes
Says that there's nothing left there at all
That sweet paradise
Now locked beyond doors

I'm losing control
Stare at the bottom of oblivion
I send greeting cards
Farewell to you all
(Time to move on)

Folded map in my pocket
Good smoke for the road
They call him the man who walks alone
I write what I see
I cease to succeed
To play my role in this board game
The quest to the unknown again
Kingdom of lies blinded by the false light of divinity

Sleeping so the head can escape the heart
Hiding like a rat in a sewer pipe
And with my last breath I hope I'll find my way back home
To find my way back

Subtle wind dance over no man's land
Whistling a quiet melody
Vultures cry in pleasure, solemn wish
To be the poor man's king
I write what I see, inhaling it deep
I'm holding all back for this tour diary
And now I know, there's nothing there for me
Now I know, there is nothing there
4. Nigen (instrumental) (3:06)
5. Waiting (4:55)
I'm waiting for something
For something to come
I wait for a breakthrough
I wait for a sign
I wander the streets, no purpose, no time
I'm nodding my head when saying goodbye

Often I go back to that picture of my little boy
And I just can't cry anymore
He is all a river spilled into the sea
In small steps climbing the hill
I just can't cry anymore

In times of boredom I sail the ship of dreams
Enjoy a sweet breeze of gentle fantasy
Suddenly it's pitch black and I cannot see
A blanket of longing surrounding me

Above the cloud there is an endless space
In which we all dance the masquerade
Nothing real
The great bazaar is all about the choice you make
This puzzle is for you to illustrate
Riddle, riddle, take me home
Ready to launch, get ready to fall

Often I go back to that picture of my little boy
And I just can't cry anymore
He is all a river spilled into the sea
In small steps climbing the hill
I just can't cry anymore
So far from home
6. Specter (5:35)
Long time ago, lived a man
His majesty the king of kings
He ruled his land with might and strength
He conquered the big blue sea

The people of that land enslaved
Under the throne of his dark regime
And legends say that butterflies
Born without wings

His name cannot be written
Yet for centuries adored

In my neighbourhood not far away
A man is looking for a treat
He loves to watch the films of them
Naked, strangled and beat

His name cannot be written
Yet for centuries adored
'Cause man invents the demon

But beware
Anger, fear, aggression: the dark side are they
Once you get down this road
It'll forever dominate your destiny
7. Father and Son (9:06)
Hope it's not too late
To show my regret
For leaving you
Hope it's still alright
And we wouldn't fight
You're my source of light
The star that shines at night
When the clouds show up

I've waited for the day we will meet again
It's been too long, I know, my friend
A raging sea took me to a far off place
Where sirens weep a prayer for grace

For the love of God
Have you lost your mind?
Please stop this pity cry
For living in peace
In dark times like these
Gotta take your chance
Break off your shale
Gotta be yourself

I waited for the day we will meet again
It's been too long, I know, my friend
I'm the lord, the wind that blows through your sail
It's your soul I'd like to claim

We should join our forces, the only way to stop those voices that rage your sea

Raging thunder shakes the land, the land on which I stand
Confusion, medley of tongues, the snake raises his head
Drinking the nectar of a sweet forbidden fruit
And then...
From the depths I scream your name

A lone oak portrait against the horizon
Its branches stretch to the skies
With roots planted on streams of water
Its leaf will not dry out

We have a bonding, we have a pack
We are united like father and son
Even the demons
Submissive head down
Walking through this great bazaar

See you next time!
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