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Gearheart Lyrics

Strider - Gearheart cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Power Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-21)
1. Dark Clouds (5:40)
Are you still searching stage of happy endings?
Do you believe there’s gold at rainbow’s end?
One day you’ve got to know bitter solution
But that doesn’t mean life’s gone my friend

The dark clouds have gathered once again
It seems it will rain forever
Maybe it’s true and your ship goes down
You’ll never see the rising sun

We can’t escape from the world insane
When storm is getting stronger day by day
Sometimes all we need is a seed of faith
Instead of crucifixion

Sooner or later
All that remains’ just your will
To meet the maker
But no water can be so still
So be the changer!

No one has told you it wouldn’t be sad
Life can be cruel when you face it all alone
Deep in the night you hide in your bed
Story’s got no sense but show must be going on

The dark clouds still gather over us
You know it will rain forever
Maybe your hopes will turn to dust
You will not heal from your pain

And even when world is falling
Don’t listen when death is calling
The easiest thing we can do
Is to surrender...

Who’s gonna laugh and who will pay
Only the time these answers brings
Turn, come back, you’re not far away
Nowhere’s much closer than you think

(I know)
Sooner or later
All that remains is your will
To meet the maker
But no water can be so still
Who’s the taker
When all we touch’s melting to send
We’ll meet Him later
There still can be light at the end
2. No Rest (3:45)
I've been living two years without a feeling
better numb than suffering
growing older, working harder
isolating to not see
everytime i turned my back on you
then you took a stab on me
now i'm ready to rise again
cause every life worth a live

no rest, no mercy, no matter what (x2)

when all the sure things you have fall down
and your belongings disappear
you stop believing that anything's for real
and watch your life from down a slope

gather the energies to explode again, kiss your past
burn bridges, get ready to rise, now i know it's evolve-or-die

it is been hard for me to understand
nerver give the key of your heart them again
i won't let anyone hurt me no more, hell no
from this day on, i learned to walk alone

gather the energies to explode again, kiss your past
never trust anyone, focus on you, and you'll find
only you know what is your right way to go, don't fear it
burn bridges, get ready to rise, now i know it's evolve-or-die.
3. Shining Twice (5:36)
There's someone who will slowly fade away
and leave no trace
there's someone who don't even know
that he's alive
then light goes out
like the blanket of night
all will be gone forever

so i won't forget and i won't forgive
til my destiny will take its toll

my life has taught me how is good to live
like every day is the last one

i'm gonna burn like a candle on both sides
lasting the half the time, shining the twice
letting the world watching what i have done
we're burning forever, together as one.

everyone digs his own grave
so don't complain if
the path you chose is the wrong way
then life turns out
and you'll die full of regrets
if you don't choose to burn with me!

hear me, listen my call
live your life worthwile
wake up from numb
scream with me, keep on screamin
until our voice will become
a whisper

Years they are stealing right out of your soul
All things that you refuse to see
No matter your feelings, don’t care where you go
The hourglass’ cuts make you bleed
I don’t wanna be a spark in perfect dark
Won’t kick around wasting my time
Maybe I will explode soon and too fast
My afterglow burns through your nights
4. Skinless (4:47)
I bleed all the time, can't touch a thing, throughout my life
you cannot touch me, touch me i bleed, sensitivized
i've suffered too much, therefore i chose, to never touch
so always i feel, my nerves exposed, i'm without my skin

so every night in my dreams (the gearheart's grinding your life)
i've developed a thickskin (now you must make it real)

fear and anger - poiuson your life
never show them - what's your weak side
live and let them - die on their own
no compassion - for who never shown

so now i run and hide from light, avoiding human sight, afraid of being touched, i've suffered yet too much
not strong enough to live, too coward to want to die, i look for peace of mind, what do tou want from

meeeeee, i must reaaaaact, my weakness's feeding the gearheaaaart

it's killin out my heeeeeeeeeeart, skinless that i am, should i've known it from the start
it's killin out my heeeeeeeeeeart, crying for revenge, soon my status's gonna change
5. Gearheart (5:20)
And so it goes again another one's a broken heart
the mechanism never stops nor have mercy for no one
born way before the sands of time began to flow it's workin on
it feeds with pain and anger, and wear you down it's why it's built for

and so it seems so useless for me try to fight and stop
the gearheart keeps pulsating it's easier for you to give up
the only way to keep the rhytm is to be constantly in move
and produce enough vital energy to avoid to be grinded

got this feeling that lies deep inside
a voice that's screaming "if you stop you'll die"

it's swallowing my pain
impossible to fight
the gearheart is twisting and grinds all the time
i'm losing day by day
and crying every night
the gearheart is twisting and grinds all the time
6. Perseverance Pays (5:21)
Life, shifts his shape
all the time
makes you reconsider what you're thinkin
makes you laugh of joy and make you cry

nothing remains the same
runs like blood trough veins
the only thing that stands
is perseverance

hate and envy are a cancer
that affects human race
origin of all wars
diseases and disgrace

belive in yourself
is the only cure to madness
the more we fail in facts
the more we must react

it is not over
until i say so

til when i'll be dead
i'll never give up

i don't know what is moving you - inertia
the road you're taking leads to nowhwere

perseverance pays, now i know - eternal
what doesn't kill me makes me stronger than before

can't bring me down, i must come out

i was wandering alone,
not knowing where to go
i have forgot my road

now i understand
my destiny, is here on my hand
and now the ones who let me down
now will discover what i found

never let them wear you down
react you must come out
and show them what you're ma de
of gear heart must be des troyed
7. Eternal Secondcomer (5:17)
So i find myself giving 100%
and it ain't enough
there's always someone better
and my nerves are about to crack

led by nature not to give up
end up always back to the start
and the harder that i try,
the closer i get to the gearheart

there's ain't no light
this tunnel darker's still
downward spyral's dragging me away from my life

'til i'm behind
i will never win
and surpass to take the lead to me is everything

i'm the antagonist
eternal secondcomer
always put aside
i'm staring at the winner

dying to win
eternal secondcomer
in everything in life
i'm staring at the winner
but somedeay i know that my victory will come

if i could taste just once what it's like to be
the number one in something everyone could see

still i'm paying the wrong choices
that have brought me here

anyway i still won't give up
whose last laugh will be?
8. Green Eyes (4:16)
Mao jin, beautiful green eyes like creamy jade
i need your blood to fulfill my needs
you're my instrument to achieve a mortal life
do what i want, and you won't have to die

so don't you run, there's no place you can hide
against my powers no way you can fight

i'm not how i look like, together we'll dominate the world
let me break my course forever
be my green eyed chinese girl

mao jin, beautiful green eyes like creamy jade
don't turn your back on me, reflect on what i said
with me, you will make the demon set me free
i will keep you by my side and make you rich

please don't cry, or i'll need to hypnotize you
touch the blade, and feel the power flow throughout you

if someone tries to stop me, that someone wants to die
i will unleash the three storms, those ghosts were born to fight
9. North Star (5:44)
Ancient tradition, bloody power of the fist
It's the loss of civilization that ruins into the mist

Over the sands walks a man, his heart is burning on fire
He Doesn't know where the wind will lead him,
only one point in his mind

Seven Stars on his body, signs of his pain
he is the successor he was, chosen by fate

and when you'll see pointing on you
the fist of the north star bane
too late for running away
fadin away
hiding to stay
all life
the death star shine on the sky for you
fist of the north star bane
the fate that you can't avoid
fadin away
hiding to stay
or die

The prophecy was clear, just one man
Mastering this art can inebriate
frustrating my strain
why on earth this world has gone so bad?
washing with blood the mistakes
warm bitter it goes slowly
like an ever flowing stream.

Seven Stars on his body, signs of his pain
he is the successor he was, chosen by fate

and when you'll see pointing on you
the fist of the north star bane
too late for running away
fadin away
hiding to stay
all life
when will his mission come to an end?
his fate will be accomplished
he finally will found his peace,
keeping the secret
all life
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