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A Procession of Lost Souls | Full Album Lyrics

Striborg - A Procession of Lost Souls cover art

A Procession of Lost Souls

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Ambient
LabelsRazed Soul Productions
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-13)
1. A Procession of Lost Souls (10:42)
A presence, a realisation you are not alone in your phobias
Trying to catch rainbows in a world of clouded confusion
The only catch is the dark aura hovering over you
Those foolish ones try to break you down

They will have their due in times course
The black karma's embrace...
A time of innocence and carefree but a distant memory
Those journeys through forests diminishing in time

No one understands and people mock and curse
Sheel alike these idiots deserve to be slaughtered
Every moral and understanding of Mother Nature
Prevents this overwhelming rage, only depression prevails

Hide in your cocoon, hiding from the anxious fears
The solace to be reckoned in the sonic darkness
Curl up inside, wrapped in your own melancholy
The dawn breaks with its endless toil

Even in spirit these souls linger aimlessly, meandering...
In sorrow and forgotten forever
Embrace the cold void forever
Endlessly following the procession of lost souls...
2. Dead Inside (5:47)
3. Through the Eyes of Night Vision (6:21)
Waiting patiently as the sun melts into oblivion
The rising of the moon and the spectres do their dance
Creeping through the dark with eyes of night vision
All lost souls congregating with a chance...
For solidarity...

You've seen this place before
This dream forever more
The people are such a bore
The realisation of life torn

Once all was hazy, the apathy made you lazy
The dawn breaking makes you go crazy
Although everything is clear when the cloud covers
The revelation is revealed when night takes cover

You tried contact with no avail
Only suffocating life prevailed
Now you wander with them
For now you are dead...
4. A Ghost Wandering the Forest at Night (7:57)
Trapped in purgatory, not knowing where they belong
Wandering eternal dark paths to a lonely somber song
Free of the mortal coil, although doomed to roam forever
The forests of old connect to the plane of the never

Nothing in life and forgotten in death
Lost in a void, devoid of the last breath
Remembering an empty life of once before
Now the loneliness lingers even more

Gloom, doom and utter dread permeates the dark, cold night
Passing spirits fleeting with a shivery fright
For this soul infects the forest with pure dread
All mortals roaming will soon be dead

As the full moon lingers in the ghostly sky
All the twisted trees freeze with a subtle sigh

Frost encrusted on the damp ground
Those who dare enter are never to be found

A ghost wandering the forest at night
A host fearing the beast at light
Mankind is his worst enemy and nature the only solace
In an unforgiving afterlife...
5. Hermetical Desolation (5:17)
Afraid of the normal world and desperate to leave reality behind
Hiding behind the shell of comfort and seeking solace inside
Away from man and his failed ways of existence
Feeling sick within mind around them, better to keep distance...

Apathy sets in, what is the purpose of anything?
When was the last time any passion in life was sentient?
Self loathing dominating the ego, for the esteem died years ago
Or did it never exist in the first place? An empty face...

Twisted emotions fighting to break free
Wandering endlessly through the tall trees
In the distance comes forth a cold breeze
This frail body begins to freeze

Cold shivers in the dark light, pale shadows cast their eerie flight
Tormented by day as it drags deeper into the depths of night
Reality and night(day)mares become one
With the dawning of the glowing red sun
6. Eve White / Eve Black (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover) (3:49)
It hurts
There's a pain in my head
I wish it would stop
But it never stops
I can feel it coming I'm getting weaker
Please help me...I'm getting weaker
I'm getting weaker
Please help me
I wish I could help myself
Let me out of here I belong out there
Son of a bitch, son of a bitch
Let me out of here I belong out there
Never say die I must never die
Let me out of here I belong out there
You son of a bitch I'll pull your hair
Let me out of here I belong out there
Never say die never say die, I never must
I must never say die
Let me out of here I belong out there
Son of a bitch
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