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Among the Flames of War Full Album Lyrics

Storrmbringer - Among the Flames of War cover art

Among the Flames of War

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresEpic Heavy Metal, Power Metal
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Submitted by level 10 형블블 (2018-05-19)
1. Among the Flames of War (1:13)
2. Stormbringer (4:14)
Elric mighty dragon lord,
Eternal champion of doom.
Last king of the great Melnibone
Rise up from your ruby throne.

I hold the curse of the white wolf,
Beware the bearer of the black sword.
My crimson eyes are burning like fire
As I wield the stealer of souls.

Into the darkness the blade was born
And with the flames of hell was forged.
The signs will shine upon its steel
I for everyone's life it will scream.

"Stormbringer drink their souls!
Your runes singing for more..."

I am just a pawn in the hands of destiny.
Sworn to fight forever for the gods of chaos and law.

Elric prince of the dreaming city
I have to sound the horn of fate.
Ten thousand years the dragons reign
But now the end of time has begun.
3. Heathen Cry (4:49)
Frozen winds are blowing strong dragon ships attack.
Coming terror from the north
Revenge of heathen blood.

Banners high they fill the air our long swords set to kill.
The Viking wrath will be unleashed
From mountains to the sea.

Hammer of Thor at our side is showing us the way.
With no fear to touch our hearts
We march for the king's shake.

The battlefields are calling us none shall forget this day.
Death and destruction
You can't escape your fate.

"Legions of the north Our glory will lie on"

Approaching the shore steel in my hand.
A tribute to Odin the ruins of your land.
Women and children, young men and old.
We know no mercy the slaughter is on.

No prayers can save you, your lives fade away.
Your destinies lying at the point of my blade.

"Legions of the north Our glory will lie on"
4. Return of the Avenger (6:02)
And by the light of dawn the prophecy fulfilled.
Come forth the night that the elders waiting for.
o when the words are spoken loud by the gods.
Out of the darkness the avenger he shall rise.

Now the avenger cast a spell over the dead.
His demon warriors they will strike from the grave.
Upon his black horse with his mighty sword in hand.
By thy command he will bring the final war.

Return of the avenger!

"Bow to your knees and welcome our lord.
The king has return to conquer it all.
And forever you shall fear his sword.
Beware of the one his name is the avenger."

Return of the avenger!

The bloody battle now is raging on and on.
The prince of hell sent his foes to meet their doom.
Fighting and killing the flame of hate burn in his eyes.
He gives them death as they pay for all their lies.

Return of the avenger!
5. Lionheart (10:08)
A long time ago land of Macedon
A legend was born king Philipos son.
Alexander the Great a man or a god?
Dominion he took nineteen years old.
To conquer the world in his hand a sword.
No fear he does know the bringer of war.
He crushed all those who threatened Hellas.
In freedom to stand our sacred homeland.

As his enemies fell proudly he rode.
Upon Voukefalas his mighty black horse.
Standing in front all battles he won.
By sign from above victorious force.
From ruins and smoke his empire rose.
Fire in his eyes his heart made of steel.
The bravest of souls, defender of light.
In chaos and dark a new age he brought.

Warrior king, attacker and conquer.
Blood of immortals running inside of him.
Triumph awaits us on the battlefield.
Mission of terror against the barbarians.

"Hellenic legions are marching through fire, death and glory.
And leave their mark to history.
The star of Verginia is shining brightly on our golden shields.
As teh sarissa armies are crossing the depths of the east."
6. Einherjer (6:54)
Down to the ground I'm resting in pain.
My brothers before me are screaming my name.
Down to the ground I'm lying in blood.
My armor is broken my sword fills my hand.

Down to the ground the sand burns my skin.
My soul leaves my body immortal to be.
Up from the skies the gods watch me die.
I make my last prayer this was my last fight.

"On the steps of our fathers on the god's mighty will.
I place my faith on the hammer, my life on the steel."

This is my end Wotan hear my call.
Let the valkyries fly bring me next to your throne.
This is my end Wotan hear my cry.
The gates of Valhalla shall greet me open wide.

I'm finally here I'm standing with pride.
Among the brave warriors salvation I'll find.
Great heroes' hall surrounds me in gold.
A fine day to die to await Ragnarok.
Eternally chosen to sit by your side.
The light of wisdom shine in my eyes.

"On the steps of our fathers on the god's mighty will.
I place my faith on the hammer, my life on the steel."

7. Raging Steel (5:35)
Black wind of hatred blowing in the sky.
Divine omen appears.
The ancient rites speak of victory.
Heroic battle is near.
The armies assembled in the field of death.
The day of doom is here.
With our men of war upon chariots of gold.
For eternal glory we march.

Silver armors shining in the mourning light.
The warlords are riding with might.
Everything is ready for the final slaughter.
The weapons of steel raised high.

We came here to claim, we came to dominate.
By the oath of metal we're sworn.
Thousand of warriors are led to death.
Sea of blood floods the ground.

"Fight and kill tonight, the siege begins.
We'll die with honor for raging steel."

Kill all the enemies none is left alive.
Above their bodies we're standing with pride.
The dark mist of battle has finally clear.
Is the calm after the storm.
The banner of the king is flying in the air.
Our mission of vengeance is done.
With swords in our hands and blood on our shields.
Let us pray to raging steel.
8. Under the Wings of the Eagle (5:04)
Legions of Roma stand before my eyes.
March and shake the ground like a thunder strike.
Inside their shining armor they scream their battle cry.

In honor of the eagle to the last breath they fight.
Loyal to the oath they swore victors will arrive.
Show no mercy, show no fear fight with roman pride.

"Led by Mars! Into fight!
Come dare to test your steel face our might.
Sacrifice! Our blood and life!
No surrender no retreat for Roma we will die.!

Legions of Roma march on foreign lands.
Hear the sound of horses, hear the battle drums.
Blood red clouds fill the sky the sons of Mars attack.

Centurion's destiny once again revealed.
Fire, death and slaughter in the name of the king.
Warlord leads them on an on.
The eagle spread its wings.

From nothingness arose an empire.
For centuries to last and rule the world.
On endless wars march hordes invincible.
Under the wings of the eagle.
9. Ares (6:55)
Are I call your name.
For this fight fill my heart with hate.
Those enemies I ave to slay.
From the wrath of my steel none shall escape.

Awaiting the command of my king.
On this battlefield death I will bring.
So many men I must kill.
Until their blood my armor will spill.

"God of war show me the path to the glorious victory.
As I die deliver my soul in the mighty hands of battle lord.
Are I pledge you my sword."

Arrows fly up to the sky.
And I scream the final battle cry.
My blade strikes into your flesh.
The master of war my spirit will bless.

"God of war show me the path to the glorious victory.
As I die deliver my soul in the mighty hands of battle lord.
Are I pledge you my sword."
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