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Sex & Religion Full Album Lyrics

Steve Vai - Sex & Religion cover art

Sex & Religion

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHard Rock
Album rating :  83 / 100
Votes :  6
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Submitted by level 9 큐션 (2012-10-20)
1. An Earth Dweller's Return (1:03)
2. Here & Now (4:47)
Here we stand
As time keeps turning
Near and far
The fires are burning

The endless passion
For a cause
We will take an action

I'm not a savior
I'm not a king
There's only one voice in your head
But I feel your anger
I speak your peace
Freedom time is here
So are you ready for the
Here & Now

The soul needs baring
Bring new life
To a world worth sparing

I'm not a prophet
I'm not a prince
The ego dies with the flesh
You are the garden
I am the seed
Harvest time is here
But tell me are you ready for the
Here & Now


One for all
Time is fleeting
Hear the call
Our world is bleeding

There are no saviors
There are no kings
The power lies in your hands
So you be the fire
The light without heat
Precious time is here
So tell me are you ready for the
Here & Now
3. In My Dreams With You (5:00)
I'm watchin' you
I'm wantin' you
But you turn away
I'd crawl through broken glass to you
But it wouldn't pay
You take me for a fool
But if you only knew
What I do in my dreams with you

You're so cold and critical
And baby that's too bad
So my reality will have to come to me in my dreams

I know that you belong to me every night
You suddenly appear in my eyes
It happens when I sleep
It isn't right
What I do in my dreams with you

I love the way you come to me every night
My fantasies are real and they never lie
If you only knew
What I do in my dreams with you yeah
It isn't right
Lord knows that it isn't right

The world can make you cynical
With all its love and pain
But I don't have to carry
The weight of the world


Baby don't wake me
Let me take you on an endless journey
We touch
And the softest kiss explodes with lust
It's real
And you can't deny the heat you feel
And if I die before I wake baby that's all right

4. Still My Bleeding Heart (6:00)
A child to a boy
From a boy to a man
Pride growing stronger
Reaching his victories

He speaks no lies
He fights his cause
He judges not the scavengers
That persecute humanity

Fate does call
And the sickness falls
Lights of life dim down
Fear like an alien comes to view
But with words like the mountains

I'll die like a soldier in your arms
My will enduring till the pain is gone
Then he looked into his lover's eyes and he cried
In the name of love
Still my bleeding heart
For the love of God
Still my bleeding heart

His chin he held high
And the courage in his voice
Was like the burning of the sun
But like the breath of an angel

How could this be
I had to scream
Why this innocent young boy
Must suffer so helplessly

But who am I
To challenge God
In the ways of the world
Remain divine mystery

I crumble down
On my hands and knees
While his words fill the air
As he looks into his destiny

I'll die like a soldier in your arms
I will be brave so you can be strong
And then he looked into his lover's eyes and he cried
In the name of love
Still my bleeding heart
For the love of God
Still my bleeding heart

And he died like a soldier in his lover's arms
Brave as a hero in a blood red war
And his final words as he reached for the stars

In the name of love
Still my bleeding heart
Be well my love
Still my bleeding heart
5. Sex & Religion (4:24)
Repent, repent, repent ye sinners -

What do you think you got
When you thought you had a lot
But all your feelings are dead?
And who do you think you are
When you're reaching for the stars
But all your feelings are dead?

Must you make a decision
Between sex and religion
Why can't you love God in your bed?

Well, Jesus Christ
Is in your bed tonight
To bring you back from the dead

How are you gonna fight
For what you think is right
If all your feelings are dead?

And what can you know of love,
From the eyes of a child to the heavens above
When all your feelings are dead?

It's a tragic condition
sex and religion
Makin' a manic mess in your head

Jesus Christ
Is in your bed tonight
To bring you back from the dead
Jesus Christ
Or any son of the heatless light
When all your feelings are dead


I raise my hand high up into the air
Get down on my knees
And then I start a-prayin'
When love walks in
My body begins
I feel my promised land comin'
But I gotta go to hell now
And those creatures
Evangelist preachers
The ones that take money
For the promise of hope
Well, they are dangerous
I'm not dangerous
Brain washing us
And we're not gonna take it

I just wanna know
Oh Lord how is it so
How is it that you can take my sins away?

Oh Lord tell me
So I can see the light again
I don't think anybody can take my sins away

But how can the truth be known
If we got little black holes in our souls
And all our feelings are dead?

Are we imprisoned by sex and religion
Or is God the one that's trapped in our mess?

So remember folks
When you kneel to pray
Blow a little kiss to the hypocrites
Good God knows when you turn the other cheek
Which direction you're pointing it
6. Dirty Black Hole (4:27)
Creepind cross the canvass of color
Crawling in a cold delight
Bitter weet perversions
Paint their picture cross my precious sky.

And it's all I've been searching for

Wretched is the filth
That grinds the hole with its doubt
Embrace its heart
And tear it out.

Chorus :

Reach into the fire
See if you can feel my soul
Burning with desire
To be free from this
Dirty black hole.

Can you bring me liberation ?
Do you know the depth
Of my obscenities ?

Love is lost, Love is cold,
Love is sick, Love is dead
When Love is in the shadows of

And it's all I've been searching for.

Cursed are the
Bastard sons of stupidity.
Grind that knife
And slash their life.

Chorus :
7. Touching Tongues (4:33)
8. State of Grace (1:41)
9. Survive (4:46)
Get ready for your life, won't you take your place in line
You may close your eyes if you please

Try to keep it clean, there's so many here you see, everybody needs to get by

And if you fall on your face on the way, you'll get it together someday

Like the sun in the sky, we will fall and we will rise
Helping each other survive
Just like the animals, we need to carry on, or how would we ever survive?

Prejudice is pain, just like poison in your veins
Burning up your hope and your strength

Freedom you will find, in your spirit and your mind
Nothing ever can take that away

And when your castles of sand melt in the sea
Mountains will move with your faith



(chorus repeats 2x)
10. Pig (3:36)

Why try to hide?
Runnin' ain't about to gonna do anything for you my little one

Oh they try to get inside of me, why do they bother anyway?
We mustn't worry, anything

Tell me what you see, pig, are they here?
I'll rip and slaughter he who takes my pig from me

Here little piggy go, pig! live in muck, I love my pig!
Those filthy little lovers, piggy pigs! liberate! see my big panic!

Sicker than I've ever been, when I see myself inside of you
But, I love you, my crude flesh, stain my tongue with your mess
Suckle, suckle, oh, gross, it's the roast



I'll save you!
11. The Road to Mt. Calvary (2:35)
12. Down Deep into the Pain (8:01)
So naive, so innocent, thrust in a world too intense
Flesh is weak but the soul is strong, and you will bleed but you'll carry on

Yes you need your pain, life is pain
I could hold your hand, but you must take your pain

I don't need sacrifice, I don't need advice
This hurt surrounds me like a dissonance
Anger is power, I use it to protect myself from insanity

You gotta go down deep down into the pain
Let it purge your soul like flesh to a razor blade
Dig down deep into the pain
Surrender, surrender, dig into euphoria

Time may never heal the wounds, hearts bleed hard even the sun cries moon
Fate is tragic just for heavens sake, the good lord giveth and taketh away

'cause you need your pain, God gave us pain
I can hold you in my arms, but I can't take away your pain

I am not long for this world please save me from myself and my discipline
Lashing out with tight fists in despair, my plight is running from reality

You gotta go down deep down into the pain
Let it purge your soul like flesh to a razor blade
Dig down deep into the pain
Surrender, surrender, dig in, dig in
Put yourself down deep into the pain
Embrace the bliss of pure sensation
You can't escape from the ultimate pain
So let your senses drift into euphoria

Blood is thickest when love is bold
But blood runs thin when the heart grows cold
So you need your pain, we all need pain
We were born into this world to feel the joy of all our pain



The falling will be gentle and soothing
But the awakening will be as riveting as an explosion
Eyes open to total darkness, body floating in encompassing tranquility
And then the voice came
'hear this voice and know that it will be with you always'
Phantoms of opulent auras emblazed in a repulsively lush turmoil
Of incomprehensible vastness, dance in a sea of timeless infinity
And 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10
Is this the voice of my god? -this is the voice of liberation
Man you've got to be kidding me

Go forth and rise to life rise
You will have the freedom to think and choose as you wish
What do I choose? -you choose in the moment
Your life will be shaped around your choices
And the fight is on, every minute of the day, every action in every way
Is every creature's expression to be one with it's creator
From a simple prayer to a senseless murder

Where do I find you when I need you? -you will search and you will question
Worship me in your joy and curse me in your pain

You will fight, kill and love in my name, but I have no name
Always keep in your thoughts that life is good
But do not fear death, for I am closer to you than your vry own breath
And I love you, and I want you to know me
Now beautiful life awaits you, and when I count to 3, you will awake
And you will remember everything I've said
13. Rescue Me or Bury Me (8:25)
Summer nights such lonely times
This memory does bleed
I need you in my life again

Fantasies release me
From the bondage of my fate
The days pass like the falling rain

Your eyes reflect like mirrors
The beauty in your soul
But anger shatters precious glass

Can't you recall the intimate
Secrets that we truly shared
The faith and trust we swore would always last

I only have myself to blame
You know it takes my breath away
To see you cry

To love I implore, I scream in the air
Claw at my chest, rip out my hair
Embrace me or let my spirit die

Rescue me or bury me
Rescue me or bury me

Time is like a prison cell
For those whose crime is loneliness
When freedom's banging at their door

When all has been said and done
You must decide swallow your pride and
Reach out and take these hands forevermore

Rescue me or bury me
Rescue me or bury me
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