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Rise and Ride Full Album Lyrics

Stallion - Rise and Ride cover art

Rise and Ride

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Speed Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-19)
1. Rise and Ride (4:43)
Tell me can you feel the wind in your hair
The time has come you can feel it everywhere
Cry out like a Stallion we're ready to score
We mounted the world and now we're back for more

Rise and Ride
Straight out of nothing
Rise and Ride
We're ready to attack
Rise and Ride

We're here to spread the world all around
We're sharing one big dream, that's what live is all about
Join the crowd and join the spirit that is true
For those about to ride we salute you

We don't care what people say
The Stallion destroys everything that's in his way
We gallop on and on and you are on our side
Come on join the pack - let's ride
2. Wild Stallions (4:17)
We come from the present we live in the past
This is our future we're taking it fast
Don't call us "retards" we just keep it true
We do it for ourselves and we do it for you

Don;t know us how, it has to be done
Rocking and drinking we're just having fun
We're taking it serious no question bout that
Smashing your face and breaking your neck

Kick it, spin it, fire your gun
Forever we ride cause we are the ones
We're breaking the chains, we live through the sound
Rocking your walls to the ground

We're going to pick up the fight
We are wild stallions - allright
Looking for trouble tonight
We are wild stallions - allright

This is our passion our spirit of life
It fits like a glove it cuts like a knife
Step in my friend you are part of the show
There's no need for manners, just let it go

It's not our fault that we're born too late
The magic is strong and this is our fate
We're stallions of metal we ride side by side
Looking for trouble tonight
3. Streets of Sin (4:35)
I see an angel with two horns of the left
There's a devil with a halo on the right, yeahyeahyeah
You can't escape you just can not hide
You can't hide in the streets of sin

The streets of sin

Open all night long, open every day
They know how to turn you on in every fucking way
It's a place between dark and neon light
The neon lights in the streets of sin

The streets of sin

The bars are fully drowned with booze and with beer
That makes me feeling good that's why we are here
Everything can happen in the streets
Where the evil bangs around that's where my heart beats

Take me to the streets of sin
No better place for me to be
Take me to the streets of sin
So much to loose so much to win

In the streets of sin
4. Stigmatized (3:52)
Wrong shirt, wrong hair
I see you fighting everywhere
Wrong style, wrong mind
You step me from behind
You're jealous of everything
You hate the world I'm in
Be true, be cool
I'm no fool fuck you

You call me poser you call me scum
But I'm not the only one
You call me faggot just a piece of shit
I'm rollin straight and I'm proud of it
We share so much in every way
You walk alone at the end of the day
Fuck all you haters, fuck yourself
You're acting like you're someone else

It's an honor to be stigmatized
Stigmatized by you
We love to be stigmatized
Stigmatized by you

Come together and join the crowd
One family, one sound
We care for each other
We shouldn't be at war with one another
I love Metal and I'm fucking true
But I don't wanna be like you
I've seen a million dicks like you before
You think you're fighting a holy war
5. Canadian Steele (3:28)
There's blood in the mailbox
I can feel it in the air
A new force is rising
And their sound is everywhere
Addicted to their records,
My needle needs a mess
Just listen to the metal
Kings and fuck off all the rest

The skull fist crushed in to
Be the head of the pack
Straight into the cauldron
There will be no turning back
The striker blasts your brain
It's full speed or no speed
Take axxion like a stallion,
They give us what we need

Hail to their sound
Feel it and turn it up loud
The legions stand in line
For the saviors of mankind

Steel - Canadian steel
Steel - Canadian steel
It's heavier than metal
Canadian steel

They learned it from the thundergods
They came to keep it real
Forever keep the spirit true,
The magic we feel
Soldiers of a new hope,
Generation metal
We stand side by side,
To fight and win the battle

Forever ride the beast
Give me all or nothing
Fight for your life
Cause we've got the right
6. Bills to Pay (4:28)
You are no free man, no matter what you say
You follow rules and you never go your way
You do what you're told
Living in a cage that's made of gold

Tell me what's wrong what do you say
I know you've got bills to pay
Doing your job every day
I know you've got bills to pay

You say you're a free man but you follow rules of stone
You think there are good friends by you side but you are alone
You do what you're told
Until you're old and cold

You tell me you're a free man but I don't think you are
Are you happy with your life are you satisfied so far
You do what you're told
No time to rest no chance to bolt
7. Watch Out (4:25)
Out of my way, you fucking dick
Every time I see you I just wanna slap your face
It's not okay, you're such a joke
But everyone treats you like a golden god

What out
What out and watch your back
I just can't wait ot put my fingers around your neck
Watch out
Watch out, the time will come
Somebody brings your down, I hope I will be that one

Acting like a superstar, just a wannabe
People must be crazy to put their faith in you
You always smile, like a sunnyboy
Your friends don't know that you always rip them off

Someday you will get back what you done
I'll be the first in line, it's going to be fun
8. The Right One (3:48)
There's a party down the street
And we're the uninvited guest
Give me the chicks and give me the beer
I don't care about the rest

I put my glass on the table beside
Now I don't know which is mine
As long as there's a lot of fuel in it
I don't fucking mind

The full one is the right one
Cheers to you my friend
The full one is always the right one
This night shall never end

Bottles with beer and glasses with jack
We drink until we drop
The night is young and I'm on fire
I just wanna rock

Some of us are still alive
It seems to be always the same
We always drink until we drop
I think this is part of the game

Another party down the street
And we're the uninvited guest
I don't want the chicks just give me the beer
I don't care about the rest
9. The Devil Never Sleeps (5:10)
I can't stand still
I'm always on a quest
Like a driven animal
I can not stop to rest
It is what it seems
What I've seen in my dreams
Every night I awake
My hands start to shake

The devil never sleeps
He's always at your sight
He's always in your head
Every day and every night

I don't want what I've got
I want what I can't reach
But the lies that I hear
Make be believe what they preach

On the other side of the hill
The grass is always greener
On the lightside of the moon
The air might be cleaner

My mind is twisted
I'm the star in a horror show
Where to turn and what to do
I just don't know
You'll never be alone
No matter what you do
No matter where you go
You know he's gonna find you
10. Wooden Horse (4:05)
Riding all night long can't tell you where I'm coming from
It's been a long, long time since I've been at home
As a lonesome cowboy I ride another mile
The last time I was sleeping has been a while

Like a Spanish rider
Ride the wooden horse
Down the rail and through the bone
Torture to your body and torture to your soul

Wooden Horse - Wooden Horse
Wooden Horse - Wooden Horse

The sun is burning hot, the desert so wide
The only friend I've got is this horse I ride
I don't wanna end on this cold, sharpened blade
The wooden horse is patient, the wooden horse can wait

In every bar in every town in every state I've been around
I'm riding with the darkness I can't be found
The law is after me, one day I'll loose the game
The wooden horse awaits it already knows my name
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