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Human Traces Full Album Lyrics

Squealer - Human Traces cover art

Human Traces

GenresHeavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Power Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-23)
Side A  
1. The Casualty / Loss of Independence (5:41)
The loss of independence
The highest price you´d payed
Finished with this madness
Means tearing down the walls
Can you feel the torture?
The story´s ending here
I can´t bear this agony
Killing him tonight

Now the time has come
To get your life
Before the sun will rise
I shoot him down
and I feel cool
Come and feel me
Come and touch touch me
Get rid of him

20000 thoughts
Are rushing through my brain
I will get rid of him
His life is ending here
He never thinks
Of hurt my feelings
Claim your aim right now
Pulling down the trigger
Revenge is disappear

20000 thoughts
Are in my brain
The highest price you´d payed
Is nothing worth
Tearing down the walls of agony
You´ll get rid of him
If you like

2. Bereft of Senses (5:51)
You got the wrong think right
You go insane
This is a story of
Which is not to blame
Come on and listen now
I tell it you
Are not afraid of me
I tell the truth

Bereft of senses
Bewitched in a way
To get this horror of my mind

I got the power of dissatisfied
You wanna knock me down
I´m getting tied
Every man has his price
You becoming rich
You are a keeper now
Of this old bitch

The fat is in the fire
Fuck off any rules
Come on friends
And stay tonight
Hey what´s going on
You are too shy
It´s a dream of easy living
Of loving and forgivin´
You don´t know

Bereft of senses
Bewitched in a way
That´s what we play
Come on friends
And fuck off any rules
You can´t trust in this game
Come on
Fuck off any rules

Side B  
3. I Will Fight (6:03)
Fighting for freedom
Fighting for peace
Love is on the run
You can´t trust in loneliness
The feelings disappear

When you tear me down, I believe
Oh can you throw my mind, I´m free
Hey can you feel the loneliness
You can´t stop to drink
Hey now enjoy the loneliness
You can stop to think
When , when you see the light
I´m on the run
Oh can you see the light?

I will fight - against the night
I will fight - until I die
I will fight

There´s no use in looking back
Being tied in chains
Memories might make you sad
Come on take your way


Down deep in the night
You blow it up
You´ll running down

Screaming in the night
A fistful of steel
Power in my hands
Destroy my life
Destroy my dreams
You can stop this game
4. Insanity (5:40)
Feeling my own heart will tear apart
Seperation means much pain
But even in the darkest hour
Something makes me going on

Millions of people fight for their lifes
But noone will survive
It´s a part of history
aren´t pride to written it
You better run away

Hey when the bombs are falling down
Suppress your enemies
You can´t stay
This is my last will
Your brother is dying
Close your eyes
Noone stops this crazy game
Try to win the end is near

Noone wins the senseless war
You will burn deep in hell
Machine gun fire in the night
Human beings lost their fight
You better run away


Stop! There´s no way out
The time is right to take you life
Burn the wings of sadness
You will burn deep in hell
Ha, Ha, Ha
The war is over now
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