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The Year Is One Lyrics

Spiritus Mortis - The Year Is One cover art

The Year Is One

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-01-07)
1. Robe of Ectoplasm (3:58)
I dreamt of death in all of the different forms
I was proud to hear death's call

Burning cunt, tastiest wine
Nothing can bring me back to life

I need fever, I need all the lust, all the old age, and all the dust
I need visions, I need sights, I need cramps, delusional nights

Rapture in the resonance, horns of the holy mountain
Under the flick of the switch, going against the grain

I loom beneath the waving feathers of darkness
I remain in silence, and watch as the pale knight rises
I find my pleasures in the withering flowers, or fresh graves
I have no fear inside,
Just deep gasps of black and purple haze

Dying fathoms of the heavens underneath
Robe of ectoplasm running down my cheek
My secret love for the dead
After you're gone, I come standing by your bed
2. I Am a Name on Your Funeral Wreath (6:13)
Forever I wander among the graves
I adore the mystery beneath
Tombstones and catacombs
I am a name on your funeral wreath

We who are in love with death
Celebrate its gladsome wedding
We are engaged to the underground
A ceremony of ecstatic tearshedding

Your voyage is over
Now you can rest
You shall not feel pain anymore
Your burden is gone
Taken away from your shoulders
Your mind is cleared from heavy loads
Rest now in tranquility
And foreverlasting silence and bliss
We who still live
Escort you now to the masters of cosmic infinity
We who live continue your work
You shall live in our memories and deeds
When we bury you we bury ourselves
We are bound to the longing
It has become our sweet prison

All right now!

And what is the horror of one
Who feels the encounter in death
When compared to the horror of
An unborn child who senses the approaching life
3. Babalon Working (7:01)
Year is one, God is done, celebrate the new dawn
Year is one, God is done, celebrate the new dawn

I kneel before thee, on the verge of suicide
I kneel before thine altar, Thanatos' bride
Born under the stars of Orion and black light of the Sirius B.
Born from the heart of Satan, Mitzi Dupree

Death has ten thousand incarnations
The cold silence of space hammering the earth
with soundless vibrations
As above, so below
The gods of emptiness crush down nations

Celestial spheres, dark gorges
Hidden corners, silent forests
The mechanical demons of the DMT cities
Lurking in the four corners of the universe
In my aether scented dreamtime journeys
I have seen them, and I long to open the watchtowers

And let them in to our world of carnage
To destroy to rape and pillage
To diminish our justice and laws
Demons lurking the vast space between times
Waiting for the Babalon Working
Watching us continue our crimes

The Year is One
4. Jesus Christ, Son of Satan (4:12)
Under the gun. Under the desert son
Golgotha, the Place of the Skull

Don't mess with the man in the middle;
16,000 times crippled body crucified, by stranger's hand
Across the boiling fields of blood
Soldiers march to Jerusalem, in the Holy Land

Where from do all the words come?
Where from does all the blood come?
Where from does all the sickness come?
Where from does all the moist come?
From the darkness behind man
The heart of man, either a temple of God
Or a habitation of Satan

God, take this bullet that is shot towards you;
Towards your Heaven, your houses and rooms
I am on the path of vengeance
In the name of the one whom you sacrificed

In front of human trash - swarm of lower class
I bear these crosses on my skin
So that you would never forget
What he went through, here on this Earth
I am here to remind you of his sacrifice
I bear the doom, for the son of Lucifer and his rebirth
Rendezvous with Satan
A romance that will quake the Earth
5. Holiday in the Cemetery (9:56)
I have the right to spend my time
As I wish
You can go to a beach
While I fall into abyss

Holiday in a cemetery
With my silent friends

In the twisted atmosphere
Of necromantic pleasures
Open graves
Offered their treasures

Out of tune music of her funeral procession
Mortuary tray my only possession

By all that is evil and wrong
High on the fumes
Ascending from a grave

I summon all the spirits that I fear
I summon the bringer of death to come here
In the name of he who was cast from the sky
I want to destroy everything that keeps this world alive

I need to feel the atmosphere of death
I need to inhale its air
Solitude among the stones
To lie down in death's lair

Absence of life
Wordless silence
Friends long gone
Alone for hours

I haven't been in heaven but I surely have been in hell
Still it's so much more than what you have in the sewers where you dwell
Invite me to my funeral, all death is pure
Life is disease and suicide its only cure

Transfigurations among the tombs
Equal in death, superior in life, torn from wombs
Hate towards the living, love towards the dead
Necrophile, born to die, a connoisseur of dead
6. She Died a Virgin (5:21)
She hides a gun to the root of a tree
She hides a thought to the root of her dream
And when she speaks, through her sleep
I hear it all, every secret, hidden so deep
How to make an old man
And three women appear out of a wall
How to make white stains vanish from a pall

Old people gather there by the moonlight
They have a special plan to make things right

No one saw her disappear
No one saw her disappear
No one saw her disappear
No one saw her disappear

In that room there is broken glass on the tables
Atmosphere curious and obscure
Waiting, sensual, the deepest allure

She went through the death-door
No one saw her disappear
She went through the death-door
Down to earth, through rebirth
She went through the death-door
Bells ringing, choir singing
She went through the death-door
Corpse rotting on the killing floor

No one saw her disappear
No one saw her disappear
No one saw her disappear
No one saw her disappear
7. Black Magic, White Powder (7:36)
Sorcerers of Sarnath gathering in the circle of junipers
Dropping Stygian black acid
Travelling beyond dimension and time
To childhood dreams
Now we are at war, survival is all
But once there was an era of peace
And luxuries of simple life
Israel Shamballah - The magicians still remember

Beneath the storms, behind the clouds
Above the mountains
Beyond time, our black and grey
Creation casts a shadow over the world

When death is summoned, death surely comes
When sorrow is summoned, you will fall

Titanium gate, entrance to the metal city
Houses of iron, streets of steel.
A city build on cosmic abstraction, still true in form
All horror, all evil, all that is yet to come

Underground giant face crying golden tears
Metal monster in twisted dimensions
Blacker hallow, Vinum Sabbati
Desecration of a corpse
In the darkness of night

Blacker hallow, white powder
Desecration of a corpse
In the darkness of night
We shall fall into the abyss
Into the bliss of everlasting shadow
Of the black temple
Of an unknown god
8. World of No Light (8:59)
I need cold winds
To calm down
My burning soul
I need cold winds
To ease the pain
Of my aching
Tortured body
Year after year
Life after life
Death and rebirth
World of no light

Time of my dying
Days of my youth
Forever turning wheel
I pray for fall
Fall of the sun
Its blinding
I pray for darkness
To spread its wings
And to fulfill
My aspiration

For winter to come
To crush down
The world of the sun
For winter to come
Life just begun
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