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A Taste of Death Full Album Lyrics

Spirit of Rebellion - A Taste of Death cover art

A Taste of Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > S > Spirit of Rebellion Lyrics (8) > A Taste of Death Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-03-30)
1. Beg (3:17)
Through this vast emptiness
Filled with cupidity and ignorance
Forever, now and then
I shall break your lies

My comfort shall be your pain
Pleasure never to be denied
A hell to withstand
The end of your life

The weakness of your thoughts
Fueling my will for domination
Shall be the end of you
Beg my child, beg!

As i crush you down

I shall break the limits, shatter the barriers
My prison shall be your grave
I shall look upon you, head hold high
As i swallow your soul
2. The Seclusion (3:17)
Looking for peace
Into the deafening world of men's mayhem
No redemption possible here
Alive, but not living

Destitution of my beliefs
Essential sentence of death
Far from what i was before
I'm a shadow of the man i've known

Everything is dead
Around and inside me
I've killed it all to live
But now, i'm like a void
Prowling as the living dead
Speechless in front of your falseness

Vileness and weakness are everywhere i look
Its foundation doesn't correspond to me anymore

So decadent, this life to me now
I die with her
I die myself
3. A Taste of Death (4:13)
I've heard your request
Too seared to face your own pain
You've prayed for death
So now, i'll be your deliverance

I can be your relief
Lay down this fear behind
And trust me... to the end

Ready to leave?

Cause if you let me in
You better know there's no turning back
I will stick with you
Until you take your final breath

Let me show you my friend
The way to go
I can free you from this curse
Set an end to your torments
So come with me and take my hand

I have delivered
Millions of other souls from their hell
Let's leave it all behind
Trust me you will see

Your face, deformed by horror, regain its smile

Feel your distress fade away
As the blood runs out of your veins
Eternal peace embrace
4. The Great Harvester (4:41)
I am darkness unfolded, the realm of the end
You're light is fading, you can't escape
I will kill time, feed on your life force
Destroy you, raw and exposed

Mayhem and chaos i bring forth
I am light's oppressor
Your death will come
I feed on your fears
Bow to my will, feel the purgatory's heat

Rise-through distress and grief
Lust will come and then you'll bleed
Forger of apocalypse
I am the great harvester

Horror will prevail
There is no time to cry

Destroying mind and soul, wrath!

I surge above all beliefs
To maim, torture and kill
My hands will be your grave

I am darkness unfolded, the realm of the end
You're light is fading, you can't escape
I will make you scream and beg
Don't hold any hopes... because you're already dead
5. Victimes de l'exemple (4:00)
Victimes de l'exemple
Nous ne sommes que des ombres de nous-mêmes
Régentés, encadrés
Dans un organisme aveugle

Engloutis dans la résignation et dans l'absence
Succombant à cette-épidémie psychique grandissante
Oui ronge nos sens, notre essence
Nous guidant vers cette impasse,
Cette fatalité sociale

Telle une source d'infection
Qui s'immisce dans nos têtes
Une sourde zombification s'opère

Dépravés, dépouillés,
Usés à l'os, laissés pour morts
Mutilés, effacés
Comme de vulgaires zombies sans êtres..

Se dévorant entre eux-mêmes
6. Immersed in Poison (5:55)
Oppressed and confused
I wander in arid valleys
My senses betrayed
All marks disappeared
I feel surrounded
Immersed in poison
A shapeless chaos, i can't see nothing

His cold grip brings me
So deep in solitude
My will is shattered
Suppressed and lost

Drowned in torments
Constrained inertia
Reduced to a shade of myself, i sink
Insanity burns me
I'm dried to the core

Nothingness becomes my soul
I'm touched by death

I feel the end of my continuity
Dead inside, stripped of every attachments
I feel the chains i've built since then
Dissolve into a lake of fire

Death's venom extends
It is everywhere
Futile to tell him goodbye

Deep in his arms
The treachery behind
Forsaking my links
I've found renewal

Now i see the virtues of his being
New and stronger
I'm one with death
7. Imminent End (3:13)
Peaceful times are lost
By the fault of men
A torrent of hail and fire
Will conquer the earth

The imminent end
Will spare no one
Forced into extinction
One by one

We hear the echo of the seven trumpets
Spreading death on a universal scale
Wailing in despair through an open grave

Led to its loss
Humanity in front of its fate
Even the strongest
Cannot be saved

Vast dry lands
Shall invade the horizon
The hope of revival

The end is at the door
All hope reduced to nothingness
Such is our fate
8. La dernière heure (3:47)
Le temps est venu de laisser tout derriere

Plongé dans le tumulte et la misere
Cherchant repos dans l'éphémère
Espérant goûter au ciel
Avant que le diable ne sache que je crève

Fuyant tous ceux qui se vautrent dans ce calvaire
Pourrissant tout comme six pieds sous terre
Ma volonté de fuir cet enfer
N'aura été que mes propres chimères

Trompé par une fausse lumière
Noyé dans tous ces faux rêves
Rongé par des milliers de vers
Avant même d'être sous terre

Cette vie n'aura été qu'un leurre
Du début jusqu'à la dernière heure
Le paradis je l'ai maudit
Regardant ma vie s'étendre en enfer
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