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Stigmata of Life Full Album Lyrics

Spinal Cord - Stigmata of Life cover art

Stigmata of Life

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Thrash Metal
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Submitted by level ― (2011-10-25)
1. Burn Them All (2:42)
My city burning
Twenty-first century
Neron the mad
Destroy our houses

My city full of rats
Screams and bleeds
Agony of humanity

Short-sightedness demolition
Drown the city from concrete
Circle of ignorance

No-one's war
Imaginary Revolt
My city-the spectre

Fear leads to anger
Anger winds up fear
Dead ends lepers hous
Global Demonstration
Lack of motives
My virtual city
Civilization bottom
Rough space
Overthrovs on knee
Ground sink
2. Body Dismorphy (2:49)
I'm coming from the depths
Filthy and evil
With pockets full of hate
Crippled by something else
With writing on my hands not mine

I'm carrying a tough reality
Her nerve with mine
Made an insanely suited couple
Her bloodmy veins
Monstrocity of tragedy

Stick in me forever
Stick in me like a stone

I hate - alien touch
Which takes away my sense
I hate - alien hands
Which crushes me insane curse

Murderous strength of difference
Puts a hand in my throat
To show me the way to the grave
Consemed by toxic connection
3. Retrospection (2:27)
Release me
From moulding reality
From rotting principles
Of the world
Save me
From bitter prayers
Which burn my eyes
From miracles

They smashed
The backbone of truth
Demon of death
Have mercy on me
It wasn't easy
To turn to ashes
To tie stone to neck
Thrown into the abyss

To be sought-after by dirty powers
I was hungry and nobody fed me
I was thirsty nobody gave me drink
When I died they threw me in mud
I go away
Dark death
4. Mind Killer (3:17)
It's in my head pulsing in my veins
It's looking through my eyes at drunken world
It pretends she's me it doesn't want to be
Rescued from it's ill imagination

I can't run away from this
I can't turn my head away

Don't even know whose piercing into my thoughts
Eating the remainder of my reality
Spits illusion washing away the faces
It deludes with it's shape it fascinates with it's lights

I can't run away from this
I can't turn my head away

It steals into my world
Devours my consistence

It enters deeper and deeper
Inside the shapeless mass of my mind
It pours over me it's stickly fluid of illusion

Wipes off the paths of important statements
Right-to the very blood, the counter of existence
Comes to zer
Washes away the visual world it directs my head and
Kills me
5. Amphitheatre (4:14)
I see the dirt
Your shit
I take a part in it
Performance of an idiot

From filthy hands
COme out greed
In filthy heads
Bugs of meanness

Stone - lots of stone
We stone the weak
Smashing heads
Cold bodies

Grey figure with black blindfold
We turn our eyes back
There's no place for her

Drama in a comical scenery plays
Complicated in egoism
Professing in vanity
They carry out the dead
Somebody brings new weapon
Impassive game - obsession
Liberates primitive instincts
Murderous scene
Decadence dance
The prompter lies
In the puddle of blood
6. Storm (3:09)
Naked poles of sounds
Thunder woth curses of the day
Pierced by the cry
Leveled with the night
Fireing clouds rave in fever
The sharp features of light
Tear the shroud of the world
In convulsion the heaven dies
Cut in half
Dripping with blood
Twining in pain
Filled up with the crying horning
Lets out every drop
Of the bitter metaphisics
Of the cheap false I'm drowning
Inside the soaking wet ground
My heads sink
In the deliric shivers of heaven
I'm yearn life
7. Ramirez (2:44)
Dark clouds
Flash in the eye
I celebrate death
Yours annihilate
Naked cut bodies
Victims of my lust

Neurotic trance
Wake me up in the night
It's inside of me
I hear his scream
Demon of madness

Conventionaly murder
Pleasure for my senses
Cut face
Symbol of drama

Ritual death
Food for the beast - obsession
Next night - silence - scream
Maniac vision of cold bodies
My doom - your curse
Vicious circle of delusion
8. Beg For A Fast Death (2:50)
Beg for a fast death
I sentence you to slow
Living in filthy room
Without doors
In your blood
Bugs of hate begin to multiply
Cutting piece by biece
Leper body of truth
I see rotten corpses
Digged graves
I hear moans dying
I choose darkness

You taking the deadly harvest
Of an epidemic
Look at your world
Look at the work of great God

Let the fire burn me
Let it will decompose my soul

The stench of agony squeezes out
Last drops of infected "I"
To free from you
From your heaven
Behind the seven mile
Of scream is hell...
It's belongs to you
9. Stigmatized Possessed (3:03)
I hate you life
Hatered tear apart my inside
Convulse my body
Devour last pieces of a day
I'm chokein hideous mud of life
Drinkin last cup of madness
Nailed to the cross of facts
Transform into nothing
I crush head fucking conjurers
The purple of blood
-The pleasure of eyes
I go with hangedpersons' path

As I infected
The plague of existence
As I absorbed
Depressive darkness

I cut off the umbilical
Cord of reality
I want to sink in silence
-The lie of eternity

Do not touch me
Do not approach
This is my zone
My district of death
Stigmatized possessed

Without a spine of illusions
Fools thical day-dreams
Carrying the stigmas of life
I blees to death
10. Critical Moment (Dead End) (3:10)
You standing alone
In a crowd
Travesty of a human being
On the edge

Intimidated mind
Deformed facts
Demonic scream od delusion
Drilling a hole in my head

Drowned in the thick of the madness
Sticking the knife in a heart
Someone from aother world
Someone with no face

You are delighted that he is dying
Terrible phantom of strangeness
You love to take
His fate in your hands

Paranoid fear
Crushes your head on the wall
In schizophrenic arms
You goin down
11. Epitaph (2:56)
Nailed to the cross
You screaming
You dies full of rules

Cybernetic monsters
Generation of experimental
Rats must die
Media slaughter unite fools
Lead figure cuting the faces
Futuristic massacre
Human being-pathetic
Weak have to die

Evil drives evil
12. Exile (2:53)
Exile from heaven
Degradation in hell
With the curse
I go round in circles

Hatered - in shreds my mind
Order! - mutilate yourself

Provocates vomits
I give the pain
Of physicality
I'll be almighty

Cutted hand
Memory of resurrection
Slashed vains
Another half - death

I don't finding calmness
In the shadow
There's no asylum for me
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