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Spartan Warrior Full Album Lyrics

Spartan Warrior - Spartan Warrior cover art

Spartan Warrior

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, NWOBHM
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-21)
1. Assassin (4:25)
Many people don't trust him
Many people die
Many people mistake him once
But he was empty eye

You thought that you were
Something good
Thought that you were smart
But now I know just where you are

Gonna tear your soul apart
*I'm gonna take you
Gonna rape you
Then tear your body down

I'll take you
Gonna nail you
And kick you
When you're down on the ground

You should not doubt
The things you said
That's your part of the deal
Now that you have betrayed me

My rage you shall feel
Don't you try t run or scream
You know you won't be heard
By the time I cut your throat

You won't have said a word

2. Black Widow (3:44)
**Danger so needlessly
Loss in your eyes
Nicotine and misery
Are waiting your surprise

Leather steel tangles me
Make a meal of me
Spread your poison all too
You won't let me be

*Black widow
Evil in the night
Will we challenge
Four times strike

Skin feeds cold
Blind red
Red line city
Leave me dead

Pull my hair
Struck my face
Struck me with your eyes
Tested me with changing pain

Every word a lie
Selling love for money
Will it not end
What can I do when I'm alone
And down I need a friend

3. I'm on Heat (3:56)
*Take me I need ya
Cold hands midnight stealer
Get down feel rhythm
I'm makin' for your takin'

We got the power
Got the glory
Believe my story
Lead off my tower

I'm gonna rock
When it strikes the hour


**Try to run try to hide
Do you want another suicide
Although you're running
I'm gonna find a way

I'm on heat
I'm on heat
I'm on heat
I'm on heat

You want me
You need it
I got doubt
And I feel it

I'm gonna rock ya
I'm gonna rock ya
I'm gonna dance
Right down inside ya

I'm burning but don't sweat
You're bleeding ya ain't finished yet
You try runnin' for the dawn
But come here girl I want some more

4. Son of a Bitch (4:01)
Hit me hard but I hit you back
You're seeing double and you're seeing black
Because I love ya is red
Some T.V.'s put us all on dead

*When you tried to hold me down
And take away my skin
I did not know
How to feel

**Lovely lady you're gonna die
I'll pul you down on the behind
Chained to the devil feel the pain
Son of a bitch you won't get up again


Why don't you have it
Are you gonna strike
Keep to your own
Make it here to bite

5. Sentenced to Die (3:42)
At sixteen you had a teenage dream
Ah luck you know what I mean
You paid your money
Wouldn't do no harm

By twenty one your life has been done
You hit the streets to have some fun
You lived your life with a gram shot in your arm
*It's plain to size you're wasted

You're feeling so down that you can't live
How long will it take to break it
When you've given all that you can give

Enough of this your fingers itch
The steel shines are you ready to die
You acted hopeless but so did I

I've been looking everywhere for you
Ain't nothing you can say or do
It's too late for me to take a course of action


Prepare yourself you're wasted
You missed your chance to break it
Prostitued never die
Cut his head or hang him high

I'm on the run I'm out on the streets
GIve a look I wanna raise the beat
But how long can this chase go on
I said I don0t want to die

They're caught him just wanna hang him high
I sure as hell won't let them have their fun

6. Hanging On (5:18)
***My father's got a hold on me
You call now he won't set me free
You say you want my loving
I'm on my knees

**You pull me down
You ask for heat
But girl all I want to give to you
Is my piece of meat

*Hanging on
Hanging on
Hanging on for love


#Hey girl don't try to hide
Easy does it just let it slide
I know you want my loving
I like it hot

** *Repeat
7. Mercenary (4:52)
*All battalions on the hill
Crashing down about your ears
Hear the screaming cold and shrill
You know it's hard to hide your fears

You wanna leave this place today
You know your time will come
Remember what they say
Or else you're gonna go

See the general on the hill
He hopes behind the man
All around his troops are in the fields
They're waiting to invade our land

The captured may not make a stand
We've got to hold our ground
We're gonna fight till the very last man
Till the bugler starts to sound

And now the battle's over
We see the troops have fled
But in the fields there's burning bodies
Of the hundred thousand dead

Bring tribute to the mastery
The opposing generals dead
Raised high above the battlements
The bomb is calling up dead

8. French Girls (3:46)
Pushing bossing you got me on my knees
Crying for mercy I'm paying you to please
Love and lover gonna take me high
Fish nets around me I'm keep on till I die

*Don't ever let me free
I'm turned on beyond free
Turned on your love
Trying to explain to me it's all a game

Please don't ever please don't ever change

Paying my fare tough thing to run
Come aboard move it you
Gonna make you try
Bondage and whipping and heavy base

Sixty nine and slowing down
Speeding up the pace


Cruel vicious what are you done
Join me come closer
Tonight we're gonna score
Making me suffer I'm crawling on the floor

Never free me from this place
When there's ever more

9. Broken Promises (5:23)
*I've been feeling lonely
Since the day you went away
I did not realize
You'd lie to me this way

Now I'm on my own again
The friends to help me through
I never thought the one to hurt
Was you

Living wasn't easy
When you have to stop lying on your back
Seems there's no tomorrow
Life is looking black

Feeling so much sorrow
Hope I make it through
No more broken promises
From you

Oh no

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