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Death's Crown Full Album Lyrics

Southwicked - Death's Crown cover art

Death's Crown

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-11)
1. Intro (The Massacre Begins) (0:49)
2. Death's Crown (4:59)
You've gained some freshly looking scars
Fluently bashing
A rotting hammered war
Too rare to live
Too rare to die

This lifework I created is far from complete
So it seems, I justify
Like criminals who've done some charity

Happily ever after
Right here with this death crown
A new skull
A new mind
Yet old visions
I'll make my own

Fit the crown onto your head
Feel the crown upon your head
See the crown upon your head
The crown of death
3. Craving for Blood (5:02)
Curtains that seemed stretched before this world
Ironically joking and amazingly they swirled
Given anything to feel the rush
Lust for abuse
Out for blood
Look at myself
Why can't I stop
This constant craving for flesh and blood
They look at me but judge me not
Come with me and I will let you rot

Nobody's baby but mine
This so called love is just for a little while
Her lips so cold as stone
Her skin pale as snow
Her hair black as crows
In my tiny mind no one knows

Bleeding and crying
Your Hell has come today
Laying here cold and alone
I had to make you stay
Begging and hoping
This pain will go away
Well knowing that you are here to answer my wrath

Now I control life just like the savior
But I'll drag you down into the graveyard
4. Killing Spree (3:51)
These frightening visions that I see, won't leave me alone
Killing the last of me
Brought into this hell
Into this obsession I'll forever dwell
Why? I can't really say
It must be because I chose another way
How can I get away from this mental decay?

This lust for ambition drifts away
Astronomic heights not reaching their destiny
And hide in the night
Seconds gone by
A scent of lifetime

This nausea I feel inside of me
I'm rotting in the depths of insanity
Feeling nothing like before
My happiness will come nevermore
Now that I know whats before me
Will my soul be ever free?
On and on goes my regret
Regret the things I never said

These vicious dreams won't disappear
Should I give in or stay in a life of fear?
Take my life in my own hands
It's the only way out of this nightmare
No, you won't see remorse
Your death is something I must enforce
Now you know why you're in chains
After all this time it still remains
5. The Phantom Prince (4:51)
Explore the Crossroad in your mind
Across the nature of our deepest finds
Walk down the threshold of insanity
So you may search for things that cannot be

Through the eyes of a God
You're the one responsible
My own little secret,
This Beast Unleashed,
tamed for the first dessert
A feast served through my hungry eyes
My inner lust
My only hell

I am the one that will lead you the way
The way, the one you will find
There is no cure against these sins

Hanging on a tread with closed desires
Drown in oblivion,
the one I admire

I spit on your grave,
my humblest emotion
For the War in my Head,
this dark devotion

Consumed by addictions
It leads us in
Soon it is Written,
the Path of the Prince

I spit on your grave,
my humblest emotion
For the War in my Head,
this dark devotion
6. Graveyard of Bones (5:33)
Am I collecting the Joy of Pain
As I am counting the grief in your stained sorrow?
I take my breath so slowly now
you'll feel all hollow
You're rotting away here on the floor
And missing the time that faded
Looking forward towards the torture
you once hated..

Getting close till the end,
thirst for a new beginning
Pay the price when I'll play this death with you
You lovely puppet with a smile on your corpse..
Without remorse your blood is depravedly shining

Inside this fortress of despair I once called home
Where now these wounds will silent love and cries of my body

This life rests under a lake of passion
witnessed by all but cared by no one
Fading away into the darkness
Seen by all
Saved by no one

Further collecting my joy and pain
As you know there is no tomorrow
Fading faster into the darkness
Completely hollow
7. Charming Karma (4:13)
Hallways filled with mirrors,
inspired by guilt,
transcending my feelings
but never reaching a point of ending

In silence...
stars dwell throughout the night
Walls closing in
This world with his many illusions,
keeps me constantly in fear
Faith awakens me, but your still asleep

Glass of perfection,
what do I see?,
reality or dishonesty..
Night time falls soon
And daylight turned black
8. Green River Killing Fields (5:15)
For all these years this life has been
A search for something and I have seen
Without a pattern
No destiny
Which will always be a mystery

This unknown shadow deep within I truly admire
Long ago took me to a sphere which even higher

In my darkest dreams
Behind my fears
I still desire
Long ago took me to a sphere
Which even higher

For where I am
I am still waiting
Waiting for this well known craving
Even an illusion
A life real dream
A false reality
A still stand and wonder
That day will come
Nor regrets will feed my hunger
For where I am
I keep on waiting until you are here

Solace, my dearest friend
This blind space
A place so far away
Where I count the lasting days

And there I'll find my closest enemy

No Voices telling me what to think or where to go
Will I fail or will I succeed
Your thirst for life is all I need
9. The Only Living Witness (5:14)
From nowhere they found me
And this path is a lonely road
Killed the reflection on my own delight,
in this dark hole I call life
Actions without confusion
Parasites you trust, your sick illusion
From nowhere they found me
And this path is a lonely road

Painted in blood and printed in guilt
Catch the myth,
catch the mystery,
feel the shadow,
sense it's soul
Cold as mist it crawls up your spine
The one he is,
the one you will find

Lurking with merciful eyes over your shoulder
Strong karma could hit back without a moral
Do you feel those eyes exploring your body,
Without even staring into yours?
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