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Immune | Full Album Lyrics

Soul Embraced - Immune cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
LabelsRottweiler Records
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level ― (2013-08-16)
1. Immune to Emotion (3:47)
All I see is tragedy Reality and agony There's got to be some good left in the world Hidden away from all this darkness Leaving death behind My soul and open wound See it bleeding through I'd cry if I could But I'm immune to emotion The end injected into desolate hearts Corrupted bodies not afraid of the dark Forgotten children of asickening world Bleeding from sickening wounds There's got to be some good left in the world Hidden away from all this torture Leaving death behind
2. The Hero (4:33)
One by one they all fall down Torn apart without a sound I'm not your hero Ifall to pieces Icrumble There's only one way out and it's not through me Rise above the inner war And live like never before I'm not your savior inside I'm wounded I'm wounded And I don't compare And I don't have the answers But I care
3. I Bury You
Death...It's on the tip of my tongue Lies...Venomous in my words Death...It's on the tip on my tongue Lies...Waiting to hurt All the pain you can stand I can give you If words could kill aman, I'd bury you Hate...Has taken over my heart and its Lies...Spilling unto my soul and I cry Trying not to hurt you but I do it anyway
4. Abandoned (4:32)
In the dark of night In my dreams I go to hide All I've known of this life Is all the pain I have inside Helpless agents the reality You're crated for me Ihave no choice This is all I'll ever be I'll ever be A child without a real home , afraid to be alone This sickness that you spread like cancer Kills any home I have , Longing for achange Just like you I became the man I hated to be, The man I'll always be The man I hated I'll always be, Fatherless in my heart it seems All I've known of this life is all the pain I have inside
5. Someone Just Walked Across My Grave (3:26)
Wishing I were dead I'd leave the all behind and let it end Another day blackened my hate Another night could seal my fate It's so hard but Itry to leave To the sky my hearts I give My God come down and save this soul Trapped in fear and the unknown The darkness surrounds me embedded in death Raking my last breath I've been the enemy Iam my enemy My life descending slowly Ireach out as I am drowning In emptiness I am dying
6. Someday (4:09)
You push me I shove back I'm the weak one Always getting harassed Violence my last solution Taking out the problem The only way out Does the way I look Make me that different from you? I'm sick of being abused What have I ever done to you? IIcan only take so much Today is the day I wash my hands of you Will we ever learn? Someday Can you take back the pain you have given? Will we ever learn? Someday Can you take back the pain you have given? Today's the day I put my torment to the end
7. Existence in Despair (4:05)
A galaxy of nothing Space taken by a name, a life unseen Forgiveness unimportance Until true love obtained Until true love obtained This is what exists without you There's no hate, There's no love There's only nothing, Without you I cannot feel Iheard only silence, I'm numb with emptiness This is my existence, A face without aname, A life unseen Forgiveness obtained, There's only nothing without you You're all there is in my eyes, Without you I'm blinded I'm numb with emptiness, This is my existence
8. On Your Own (3:32)
The Way They look at you is wrong They way they don't understand It's not right to judge you now but You'll get used to this somehow Disconnect the leash It wont be long until you play the game And decide if you belong on your own You're not like them Your mind is opened Not all they ask of you Is what you know to be truth? To see beyond what they expect To live without any regrets Did I force this onto you? Is this a curse or a gift? To see beyond what they expect To live without any regrets
9. Seems Like Forever (3:54)
As I wait for a sign very patiently Out of touch with the way it used to be Constant thought of a stagnant relationship Begin to haunt me so much Never looking for another chance to be Like a brother with someone watching over me Always striving to revive this relationship God I miss you so much As I wait for you voice so impatiently Getting farther from the way that it's supposed to be My darkest hour in the this futile relationship God I need you so much Live ever after in the knowledge that Icared for you enough to save your soul It doesn't matter if it's ever enough Or it feels like too much Cause it's always prefect love You cannot measure what you don't understand Cause you're only a man Just an image of truth Just remember that you have to let go And let me take control Cause I'm watching over you It's been awhile since you felt like a friend to me Haunted by the silence of this lonely mentality It's been a long time since you felt like a friend to my Vision blurred by this dormant intensity God I miss you so much
10. Shadow World (3:19)
Deep inside my shadow world My fear, My horror, My insanity The minds eye sees what's becoming of me Breaking down slowly Turning toward the negative Soon I'll forget I hated this Ihate the dreams Reality unleashed The sickness in me
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