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Craft Full Album Lyrics

Soul Cages - Craft cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-11)
1. Pressure 05:37
fault and honour huge contrast in meaning

are closer as it seems to each other

life-situations show that it´s easier to be the honest

accuse another one for no reason

what a forward device what a glory despite

Under Pressure to fail

Seperate the good from bad sides

You bring fault on everybody

try to recall the everlasting order

hide at first yourself for your misbehave

it is a distant way to recognize the unexpected

it seems that you`re afraid of your innerself

once a time you perhaps will find

the reasons you act are cause of the point

careers you aspire with unfailingness

the way your life goes you`re dissatisfied

let the past passing by let the sun in your life

problems of the world comment in every media

subjective meanings shown remind the rules of god

opinions - unreal need check and clearify

no quickly judging be sure your honour will arise
2. A Part of Me 06:17
I feel alone inside - I think there´s no way back

I see the world outside - I whish to be a part of life

with unknown fear I see the faceless crowd is walking by

A strange and unknown picture from the past is on my mind

I have to face the fact, I`m waiting for a friend

at the end of the night, my lonely heart is sad

there`s no need to cry, all the wasted time my own fault

never tried to find a leading hand that pushes me into the light

Falling, nowhere to go

Distance, I can´t control

Silence, healing my soul

Feelings, I won´t let go

I feel alone inside - it`s time to find my way back

I see the world outside - I´m waiting for the break of day

less understanding for society in their cruel world

less understanding for opinions they can not explain

Hope - so deep inside I can`t explain

Hope - feels like a warm spring rain

I close my eyes, I´m tired - but there`s no need to sleep

I close my eyes, believe - tomorrow waits for me

Hope - fearless I will go my way

Hope - It`s time to change the world, but me

The heartbreak of life, pushes new blood in my veins

thoughts surround my head, an eternal stream

I find a new way, to fix broken dreams

it`s time for new days I have never seen

The end of my illusions, the dreamworld where I live

the end of the voices inside
3. Falling 07:24
Feel it, don`t stop to try, no longer be alone

You hear that voice, it seems to cry

Loud and clear in every part of you

Taste it, don`t stop to fly, the time of dark is gone

that burning light blinds your eyes

and from a distance you can see

Seems like falling, like falling high

seems like falling, into the sky

gotta be strong - Falling down

gotta leave it all behind

gotta be strong - Falling down

gotta leave it all behind

The night is gone, the sun arises

In times of darkness you´re alone

make it, don`t be too shy

realize your destiny

so you will find the miracles of life inside yourself ,inside your mind

No longer feel the same

noone will stop this way

no time to hesitate

now it will begin
4. Piano 02:17 instrumental
5. The Light of Day 04:56
day is done and the darkness

falls from the wings of the night

it`s a feather it is wafting downward

from an eagle

in his dark`n lonley flight

I see the lights of town

gleaming through the rain and all the sadness I can`t resist

But this enchanted flame shining through the dark of night

from a distant shade fear is running out of sight

I see the lights of town

gleaming through the rain and all the sadness I can`t resist

thought I`ll never see the light

walking through the valley

in the times of darkness

but suddenly the clouds are gone

thought I could`nt reach that point

helpless wandering around

just like a fool I´ve been searching – for myself
6. Imprisoned 06:25
feelings might explode

faint tears of hopeless thoughts

all this pain takes out my wounded soul

feel like a lonely child dreaming all night of a mother´s kiss

seems so long ago since I walked through fragrant fields

felt like I could never die

and I knew I´d found the thing they call paradise

eternal life

they don´t have the right to take what I own

´cause I have the power to laugh when I´m down

they don´thave the right for this torture and pain

until my soul is gone my soul is gone

I know I´ll defeat the time don´t loose my soul

like a silent cry

enjoy when the sun arise

stand my fate with deep delight

it´s so long ago that I swam through a cold pure sea

felt that I could never sink

and I know I´ve touched the miracle of my life - eternal life

hear those voices they will take you away

you will follow I will take you away

get out of my mind I know I will survive

get out of my mind I know I will be free again

the sun arise and I feel the warmth

open my eyes and see that life goes on
7. Force of a Dream 04:57
I`m staring at the sea

and see the waves come near to me

clouds are falling, thundering down the sky

the steaming haze is climbing up and takes me high

into a place of silence

I have never seen

where I`m save from all the injustice

and the insurrection of the earth

where I see crystal waterfalls

deep and pure like trusted friends

here I feel all the honesty

and not that fear is just the only enemy





You´ld never see impassive faces

dead and blank eyes

freezing your soul in vanity

so keep your dream on living in reality
8. Result of Convenience 03:51
sitting on a wall - the borderline - waiting for the fall

the fear in your eyes - the crevice - growing more and more

remember the world the places on earth in harmony

this picture delights us all that´s what we´re searching for

important to retransform

the growing luxury technical progress and plans

machinery rolls to take control

what a price to pay we will pay

nature is getting more destroyed

fantastic places on earth we can´t believe our eyes

time will come and we will realize

that it is impossible to live on earth

just a simple fact to know

remind the things in media shown

make your mind expect to buy useless wasted things

everywhere the same where are all the memories gone

try to stop this game step by step from everyone

closely at the end of race the earth will get a garbage place

it is gonna start indeed be sure and be aware

endlessly convenience products made for everything

effective ingredient supporting all the way

something´s wrong in our society

something´s going wrong open up your eyes and see
9. Before (For Bert) 05:35
eyes are closed sense open wide

every day a new experience

waiting for my time to see another world

feeling secure and warm love is all around

outside my little world familiar voices talking to me

so beautiful pictures in my mind

time moves fast curiosity grows

every day a new emotion

living in my own sweet world - emotional

growing every day in peaceful harmony

my heart is beating fast I´m feeling kind of weightless

with wonderful pictures in my mind

and I wait for the day to come and see the light

a child of happiness

´cause I am the only one I´m an innocent child in time

Waiting for tomorrow my horizon will grow

I´m the innocent child of the world

My heart´s filled with love I´m waiting for you

I´m the innocent child of the world

time to open my eyes soon my star will arise

´cause I am the only one I´m an innocent child

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