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...Ich töte mich... Full Album Lyrics

Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows - ...Ich töte mich... cover art

...Ich töte mich...

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
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Lyrics > S > Sopor Aeternus and the Ensemble of Shadows Lyrics (20) > ...Ich töte mich... Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 7 Lord Deimos (2012-03-13)
1. Travel on Breath (the Breath of the World)
2. Falling into different Flesh
3. Birth - Fiendish Figuration
Exposed with hands as empty
as the opposite space,
crawling we move
to where the final station lies,
to whom is the debt
that we are forced to pay...?
Real forces dare to appear only
when we turn away,
truth reveals itself
Reveal yourself!
A face ordained to hypocrites,
we know the masks,
their artificial smiles,
"Mind's black eyes should break the lies!"
Distorted pictures are all
transparent to us,
phantasmagoria... such a useful weapon,
ineffectual against us, enemies,
with the knowledge of truth...
...truth makes me sick,
what a wretched play!

Paralyezed by flesh and bones,
condemned to vegetate,
condemned to stay alone

Helplessy we are escaping,
we're dinging to..
. stranded ashore,
"Oh, beloved infamous side!"
Our distress in perfections,
trials and tribulation,
preferring our pain,
we'll stay and die...
4. Tanz der Grausamkeit
Tongue of silence, lick my lips,
steal my thoughts, steal my pride.
My soul lies offered as I'm waiting,
intoxicate me when you step inside...
Hold my hands, my hands are trembling,
your charming beauty takes my breath,
fragrant perfumes veil my senses,
hold my hands sweet tormentress.
Out of darkness we call came from,
flight from darkness is in vain,
I am the banquet, I am delicious.
Into darkness we'll fall back again.
Meister des Mordes, nimm meine Augen,
an diesem Ort kann ich nicht sein.
Strecke mich nieder, zerschlage mein Haupt,
Meister des Mordes, schenke mir den Tod...
Meister des Mordes, erhöre mein Flehen,
beende die Leiden, nimm den Schmerz von mir.
Öffne die Tore, es ist für mich Zeit.
Meister des Mordes, dieser Tanz ist Grausamkeit...
Meister des Mordes, nimm meine Augen,
gefangen im Fleische, erbärmlich und alt.
Führe mich fort in die Dunkelheit,
Vater meiner Seele, dieser Tanz iest Grausamkeit.
Vater meiner Seele, reiß mich in den Tod...
...Es tut mir leid.
5. Im Garten des Nichts (A secret Light in the Garden of my
6. Time stands still (But stops for no-one)
That little mountain raises (silently)
while other dissolve into a plain
time redefines itself (irrationally)
and falls in sadness grain by grain...

"Time heals all the wounds"
The two-tongued echo seems to say
but nothing, nothing changes
still pain remains, won't pass away.

I went weak, as I grew old
and time itself has made me slow
and as I close my hand in darkness
a thousand seasons come and go...

Mighty enought to cover all
and also cruel enough to reveal
but the wounds and scars I carry
neither force nor kiss can heal...

No, Time heals nothing, nothing, nothing
spitefully turns away and laughts
leaves you half-broken and defiance
is only added another scar...

Call it "blind" how I am writhing
counting hours, centuries
the pain it grows and glows in tides
unable to vanish, unwilling to cease...

No, Time heals nothing, nothing, nothing
pushes 'till we're diping into different flesh
time heals nothing, nothing, nothing
just a polarity of inner flames...

Time's finger claw, I'm losing hold
there is no hope for me on earth
Time either still or maybe rushing
in any case it will turn out worse...

Time is fleeting, Time stands still
it stops for no-one, and we're trapped within
thought I may dream of the Light
I am falling back into the left-hand side...

How I wish that I was dead
and rest in final peace
but even the Luxury of Death
can't cure the wounds Time cannot heal...
7. Do you know my Name_ (Faling ... reprise)
I shattered all the mirrors
fearfully hoping
that they won't be able to remember
my face.
Darkest of all lights
most greedy to embrace
surrounded by demons
and breathing in life...

"I don't want to be
a perverted temple of my Lord...
thought His hand I am
I have forgotten how to bear or understand His word..."

Between the tides the time seems endlessly
the force of habit or whatever
pulled me back into a well-known pain.
What uses the knowledge of my progression
when the old world is gone
without a new in sight, with my new found life
I am homeless again...

"I don't want to be
a perverted temple of my Lord...
thought His hand I am
I have forgotten how to bear or understand His word..."

I am falling down
back to the lowest spheres... Do you know my name?
Did you answer
I just cannot hear...
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