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The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned Full Album Lyrics

Somrak - The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned cover art

The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 12 모흐 (2017-05-25)
1. The Altars of Beneath (12:07)
Spoken in execrations - so long before the crescent and star and cross
A circle now beheaded - the life forever shall end for all
Beneath the pale hand of Its utmost horror
Until it shall not breathe again

From the depths below of the deepest fields of the soul
Shine the altars where the cursed stones lie
These stones in hands of man ending life by His will
Until it shall not breathe again

Handwritings upon the wall with the soon spilled blood written
Will reflected an image carved into the soul of man
Blood for blood from the chosen men – and chosen men are all
To them appeared shall be Her presence

There will be curse

When the void from these bodies rising
Pervading light of the eastern star
It breathes again - to be cursed for times to come eternal

And the world shall burn along
In the nebulous stench smoldered shall be the life itself
Until it shall not breathe again

There will be ruins

These eyes will not see and these tongues will not taste
These unheard perditions that man now not believes
Of the boundless end by Its presence spoken
Spoken by the presence of Him

Beholden shall be in thousands
The ashen faces
With void in their eyes

From the uraei of the kings
To the marks of the slaves
All born of clay and fire shall be merged in one
And only ashes will remain

Out from the deserts and with the clouds
Carried by the winds through the darkest of nights
Its aimed beset shall be brought to man

There will be Death…
2. Emblem Is the Malodorous Blood (6:56)
Of a soulless incarnation - all visions of Them became
And darkest void has filled this beatless heart
With disgust of utter for all of Abhor
Imprisoned by insignias that tears man
Of so called life deprived
Godless it be – yet shined by the sun

Bitter taste of envenomed fruit send forth this curse
And eye shall break the shapes of these false-horned abominations
No sign and no sight of man will announce of His coming

What sign of this image ashamed serves
To It as a depart from divine
In what sign of these emblems seen
The utmost praise of terror and sheer Death

What sign of false hope gives Their lies as truth
A morning star shining yet decieving
The name of luminous one
The fire in faith – be the emblem of none

Alike in birth of the sin to sight foul
For the forms of the bringer of Death
No man spared by this curse unseen
For recieving own evil in eyes so weak…
3. Son of Man - Man of Sin (4:48)
See Him now – Forms of manlike vermin
Stain not these eyes with haven's light
When Darkness garnish shall this flesh and soul
Abandon one called by man as the Lord

Hear Her now – Through mourning shrieks of all existence
That devoted this life to the fall
With no means of ascension towards eternal salvation

Reek It now – Inhale blood from holy wounds
Fill your lungs with the coming of Death so sacred

Son Of Man – Man Of Sin
Son Of Man – Man Of Sin
Son Of Man – Man Of Sin

Taste Us now – The unborn child from the womb within

Feel Them now - The thorned flesh now in these cursed hands
Beneath Their black light was given birth to souls ophidian
Where man now shall wander unanointed and possessed
The first and countless strikes will be done by…
4. Behold Death (5:45)
Morbid King – a blackwinged serpent rising
Presence of where all above and below
Be naught a child of chaos
From the ancient ones
Or ascender towards the most high of the thrones

With slain cherubim and the tree in flames eternal
Set ablaze by the arch amongst the bastard gods
A scaled Adonai to the Antichrist
Devouring the Beast and the Prophet false
They who lead the lambs from light to Darkness
With bless of blind bestowed upon this sight
Casted down like salt upon these wounds
By His presence of all to man named evil

And all the living shall adore Her
Oh these withered eyes will lo and behold Death

Now paths of sun around the last hope to man weakened
And nail-scarred hands rising to the skies
When the first will bring the sword to laws and lawless
Called by Its name…

Through the blood
Through the flesh
Through the soul

Within the man now presence utmost gruesome of…
5. Hear the Prayers Scorn (9:14)
These cries - from hearts unheard in silence starved and depraved
A chasm filled with prayers mournful from Him shall not be spared

Verily to the light of the body – a poisoned eye across the sky
Prayers spoken in chaos amok in search for salvation
Voices carried loud and far into nothing

Soul of man now mutilating the self – the fleshlike temple of whole
With depthless wounds of burning pain and with fear adorned
All remnant hopes and worship false now as limbs hanging in chains
From the opened throats of man the blood of divine appears
A thousand times

Soon the utmost denial shall be the light that blinds the eyes
Through the dark the visions come as the shadows from Her garment beneath

Satan will be the Lord and the Lord of the ungiven life

In this fire burning black
Amongst the ashes the tomb of god lies
Where the flames forever are spreading
Hear the prayers scorn…
6. Apotheosis and Undivine (5:00)
Holy so now - and enthroned above life
A name in tongues spoken aloud
All divine now in brimstone burned
The utmost presence of Satan is in all
For They as Lord devour the all-being
All that is and was and until the end will be

Let the Lord speak to those who hold the challice
Let the Lord curse those who drink holy blood
Let the Lord touch the unanointed sons
Let the Lord pierce through the ribs of man

The thorns of halo – a shining morbid crown
The final judge speak upon man
Speak upon man the curse from above
And set the fires from beneath

Where man shall remain
And Death shall be all around
And in immensus of Uncreation
Her hands remain upon the eyes of man

The Blackwinged Serpent Crowned now reigns
And through man has entered Its sceptre with blades of twelve

Satan – accepted in all forms
Praise Him for the black light burning flesh of life

Satan – accepted in all forms
Praise Her for decieving soul and mind astray

Satan – accepted in all forms
Praise It for the fires not burning in vain – but vain of man!
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