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Legend Full Album Lyrics

Somber Blessings - Legend cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDoom Metal, Death Metal
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1. Shadowlove (6:22)
Winter grips the frozen land
Alone dwell man and woman

In vain his wife did pray him
from the hunt at home to stay
'Twas then she got the necklace,
'twas then the stranger came

"You are the one, you are my soul
You are my love, forevermore
The endless sky, our home shall make
When darkness falls, we shall awake"

Calling for her to go with him
Afraid, she chooses to stay within

At length the stranger left her,
soon the husband did return
'Twas then he smashed the necklace,
'twas then his anger burned

"Out into the darkness fled,
sylvan walls and snow-made bed,
By the moon I still can see
him standing there, he calls to me
Up into the starry sky,
son of Moon and new-found bride
Forever shall we rule the eve,
as shadow-wife and son of dreams"

Still, winter grips the frozen wood
There still he dwells, alone he broods
In sorrow turned to wolfen form
And still to moon for lost bride calls
2. By the Light of a Winter's Moon (9:53)
Ro gab uacht etti en
Aigre re e mo scel

'Twas late one autumn evening
when the traveler did arrive
A wizened old man
with blue-grey wisdom in his eyes
Down he sat, by the fire
and sipped at spiced ale
Pulled his cloak close about him
so began his tale

By fallen oak, beneath the sky
The eldest sleeping giants lie
And on their graves they're dancing still
With mortal dreams beneath the hills

When I was young, one winter morn I came upon
A barrow in the forest which seemed as old as moon and sun

Nine times 'round the ancient hill
Willows watching silent, still
the light is fading

Another world behind our own
Which my mortal eyes beheld

Never before had I beheld such sylvan grace
What dreams compare with the magic of this place?
Forgotten beauty of the gods we know no more
Which haunt the forests and hills forevermore

Behind the wind you cannot see
The secrets of eternity
But with the sight you too shall know
The dreams of men and which way blows the wind

With sylph-like graces the dance among
The eldest pines, by golden sun

Would you live forever within this place?
'Tis not true, you cannot be
To dance beneath the moon and darkness embrace
What madness this has come to me?
You shall be the last to come to our world
When Wayland forged my mortal soul
Our court is growing weak and shall not return
'Twas not meant that I should know

"My staff has giants killed,
my bag a long knife carries
To cut meat-pies from children's thighs
and feed them to the fairies"
Thus The Rhymer spoke to me as Oberon sat watching
The mortal ones drink silver blood,
their lives so briefly passing into night

And so it was they left me,
to meet again nevermore
And somehow my soul now empty,
as though I had seen not before
The time of their passing has come,
to live among men nevermore
But still their music haunts me,
and so shall be evermore

By the fires dying embers so his tale concludes
In the stillness of nightfall,
by the light of a cold winter's moon
3. At the Temple of Artemis / The Forever Dream (0:57)
(by Dave Belliville)

Villages below me wait
As moonlight fills the nighttime sky
Melding with the night -- my mate,
Part of the ancient darkness, I

I have watched while weary walls
Recede from palace to decay
Every night the hunger calls,
Seducing me 'til break of day
4. Neath Mountain Sleep (7:48)
When dragons danced among the hills
And wretched wights were walking still
A legend born onto the one
The wizard came to claim her son
A sovereign right in blood preserved
The sword and stone to seal the word
Like wind-kept secrets whispered o'er
So too shall live forevermore

By the crimson setting sun in the icy autumn air
The king stands waiting, watching nature's sylvan tears
Upon the water play, set like multicolored jewels
By the fading light of day

Lo! Behold the sword of kings the lady does wield
Of which the willows sing by harvest moon to barren fields

Honor is my life
Show unto the world your destiny
and lead the way
Wits be my guide
Bring unto the world so they may see
where shadows play
I shall not fall
'Tis both kings and beggars destiny:
to Death shall fall

Then Death shall die

So Death he found, in battle met
A struggle which likes shall ne'er be seen
For thirteen moons their weapons set
Yet to eithers vantage none could see
The forest gawked and the Sidh did watch
To see who would the victor be

'Twas wyrds way that on that day Death began to tire
Mercy he did cry to be spared immortal fire

Mercy plea cannot ignore
So Death goes free to hunt once more

So it was that Death was nigh destroyed
And the king he lived on
And let to roam free
To bring order to the land
When goblins still hunted
And his name carried o're
And the moon mothered dreams
'Til to Death he fell at last

When dragons danced aming the hills
And wretched wights were walking still
A legend born unto the one
The wizard came to claim her son
Alone he sleeps in earthen womb
The forest floor his silken tomb
By trumpet call, so legend says
One day to rise once again
5. Odin's Ride (2:14)
Bitter the winds, winter winds, freeze the earth
Empty the sky frozen by winter's frost
Strong is the sea taught to be by the wind
So lead the hearts, father of all of men

In the olden days, when the earth was young,
the one-eyed god, upon his throne
Set out to ride across the sky
to see what courage men would find

Let brave men live among the gods
By white-armed Valkyrs carried o'er
The battlefield to hero's home
To where their honor shall be done

So out he rides to heavens hunt, The Huntsman comes

The mortals stare in wonder at the mighty host
And their mortal blood begins to warm
with the passion they had lost

North winds calling, live young forever
mortal fears pass away
Seasons of ice shall not chill a warrior's blood
valiant ones shall be saved

True warriors, come to me live eternal in this land
My kingdom, you shall see what becomes of a life
with a glorious end
What wonders shall behold by the setting of the sun
Your virtue honored here while the men on the earth
sing the deeds you have done
Dark visions shall haunt the living ones
Whom hide in cowardice as you drink with the gods
from your enemies skull
Ethereal splendors be thy bride
Each morning born again, in the greyness of dawn
into battle you ride

So men did hear him, their armour they donned
Set down their plows and lifted their swords
For glory and honor they set out to fight
To see who'd be taken with glory that night

And the bravest were taken, as had been foretold
To feast each evening, each day to fight again

Soon the men forgot the courage that their father brought
unto them that night
They took the plow again, from disease and age to die instead
without hope of deeds in battle done

So to this day heroes in the heavens play
Watching the world, waiting for our courage to return
6. A Midsummer's Dance (10:05)
7. Evening Sun (5:49)
Dreams bourne up by the breath of the moon
And bathed in silvery light
Asleep are her children lying upon beds of stone
Where stands the silent and still whispering ones

Beware the beast with a thousand eyes
and yet we are safe here for it is blind
Shadows play, the time has come
to dance to the tune of the Evening Sun

Enthralled, blue and green dance with white
Within the colour of black, endless night
Watched by wishes and dreams long since past
And turn, spinning in thrice, without rest

Amidst each river and sylvan glen
are creatures far wiser, unknown to men
Gods of old, in ancient tounge
pipe out the tune of the Evening Sun

That which was before shall be again
And still lives between stars and within
The mountains, where it awaits all our fears
And that which is never seen, ever near

Far stranger moons have seen the sky
when shadows were walking and could not die
Dance with spirits with silver blood
the Dragon is sleeping, but not undone
Lament the fallen moon
with vanity swollen the Dragon's womb
Shadows whisper, your time will come
to dance to the tune of the Evening Sun
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