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Nightmares in the Waking State - Part II Full Album Lyrics

Solution .45 - Nightmares in the Waking State - Part II cover art

Nightmares in the Waking State - Part II

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Solution .45 Lyrics (30) > Nightmares in the Waking State - Part II Lyrics (10)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-22)
1. Dim Are the Pathways (2:52)
2. The Faint Pulse of Light (4:32)
Caught in the wheel of fate
A leap in the dark
Lost to incompletion
Living the part
Exit strategies
Smoke and mirrors
In its shadow nothing escapes
The piercing errors

Source unleashed
Closed circuit dreaming
Fear the beast
Kept out of sight
Mind besieged
Course alteration
Sense decreased
The faint pulse of light

Delicate world of glass
Under the skin
Once sprung from a standstill
Raging within
Shapeless to the eye
Cold emotion
What will never fall to the ground
Now set in motion

[Lead: Stefanović]
[Lead: Gardberg]
3. Mind Mutation (6:47)
In the arms of recreation
In the presence of defeat
What is hanging in the balance
An alliance incomplete

A nightmare serving many masters
The unreality that should not be,
Now holding me against the power of endurance
Where time and tide wait for no man
The immortality that could not be,
Now under lock and key

Once the wheel has come full circle
Transformation will take aim
Massing up on the horizon
To a new dawn laying claim
To break a journey
To stop the blood
To quench a fire
To stand the flood

Chain of thought
Never letting go
Will not clear away until it’s gone
Set ablaze
Ever and again
Sun and shadow are at daggers drawn

[Lead: Stefanović/Gardberg/Stefanović/Gardberg]
4. Built on Sand (7:22)
[Lead: Gardberg]

Running away
Far from it all
Lying in wait
Yet riding for a fall
The line of fire denied
Exit through a sense of void inside
The entering phase complete

What lives another day
Silence — triggering
Tipping the scales
An easy prey,
Now being thrown to the wolves
Here dies another day
Guidance — withering
Shadow prevails
From sources stray,
Its life it pulls
A monstrosity built on sand

Battled thought
Strength inhaled
Roles reversed
Change unveiled
Focus caught
Host exhaled
Weakness cursed

[Lead: Gardberg]

[Lead: Gardberg]

In the end when the unpleasant truth
Comes crawling out of the woodwork
Cherished illusions and attempted escapes
Turn to gleams of light in the dirt
5. Inescapable Dream (4:12)
Sudden realness
Cast in shadow
Shifter in the sands
Broken silence
Torn agenda
Slipping through my hands

In wait
Slowly turning
The fear of fear itself
Attached yet disconnected
Here at the end of my rope

An inescapable dream
My guiding light
At the root of this two-faced night
An inescapable dream
My inner sight
In the dark where our worlds unite

Time now freeze-framed
Truth revalued
Future yesterdays
Cyclone chamber
Nightmare sequence
Falling out of grace

Against better judgment
I let the sea walls burst
Crawling minefields blinded
Forced to rush into extremes

[Lead: Stefanović]
[Lead: Gardberg]
6. The Curse That Keeps On Giving (6:17)
On ghostlike fields
Under a strange sky
Cannot cross the void
No matter how hard I try

And so this nothing becomes
My all (my fall?)
Through which I have to crawl

The curse that keeps on giving
A fire without a flame
The curse that keeps on giving
A changing that stays the same

Used skeleton key
There’s no setting free
Told to be forever
Standing the test of time

Will not let it ride
Yet turning aside
Innermost rain shadow reaching
The end of the line

[Lead: Gardberg/Stefanović/Gardberg]
7. Chain Connector (4:25)
You must trust the worst
That may wait
Is losing to this death
The ending you swore to evade
In such a defeat
By making distance
To this state called life
You will see how nothing means nothing

It came with paradox
Could not be dealt with nor transformed
Powers it held
All you allowed yourself to lose

So you try to see and explain
How the world is twisting and turning
You paint pictures in your head
To make sense out of the senseless

Chain connector
8. What Turns the Wheels (5:24)
A darkness formed in broad daylight
Relief and scare in one
It fell exposed, yet unannounced
A storm cloud chasing the sun

Time and time again
The ground gives way
On the world now thrown
Blind to what is feared
The wretched seed
Of the downfall sown

All exits fastened from within
A scarred design in chains
To yield obedience to what is veiled
A constant change of lanes

[Lead: Stefanović]
9. Misery Mantra (5:59)
[Lead: Gardberg]

Brought back to the scene
Of answers letting go
A shift burning still
With questions down below
Through me, spiraling
The storm that never passed
In search of an end
A quest from first to last
In full blast

With cold piercing nails
Sunk into my world
I am holding on for all I’m worth

Once more reason fades
Into a blinding light
Far gone, taking heed
The wisdom of hindsight
And so, as I walk
Into the afterglow
I see signs of life
Among the veils of woe

With cold piercing nails
Sunk into my world
I am holding on for all I’m worth
As time passes by
Grip is losing out
At a loss while waiting for rebirth

[Lead: Gardberg]

Pain is the sense of comfort
Fear is the state of mind
Born of the ghost in hiding
Hope of a different kind

[Lead: Gardberg]
10. Heavy Lies the Crown (5:51)
At all hours of the day and night,
We are one (we are one)

Lost between here and forever
Far away from time and space
In a dream of now and never,
I awake

No source in sight
The world is a vortex
A ten-ton weight of nothing
Black hole incarnate

Turn the edge of fear
Final goodbye?
Heavy lies the crown
Wound to heal the breach
Seen with the mind’s eye
Heavy lies the crown

Gone through fire and water for a relief

Self-medicate of darkly meditate
Those dark clouds over your head
Frustration, anger and hatred
You know them so well by now
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