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The Undying Season Full Album Lyrics

Solium Fatalis - The Undying Season cover art

The Undying Season

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-20)
1. To Deliver Us All (4:07)
Rise! Conqueror Supreme
Lies, to feed famine
Die, all falsities writhe
Enlighten those pariahs

Parasites devour beneath
hallowed sacristy feeds
walk toward light, pyres
hallucinate second sight

In servitude kneel
for the legend
In solitude
spawns oppression

Fall monuments of empire
Decay sacrilege inspired
judge hidden beliefs
engulf conscripts of deception

solo: C. Donaldson

In servitude kneel
for the legend
In solitude
spawns oppression

The struggle to survive
all falsities writhe
enlighten those pariahs
engulf conscripts of deception

Rise! Conqueror supreme
Lies to feed famine
die all protagonist claims
eroded flesh of the martyr
2. Salient (5:00)
Veiled susurrate in disregard
The demise of ideals, less explored
blistered pyres of disdain
deafened by a language despondent
In abandon a world broken

Throat of the world dilated open
de-creation flows from the wound
saturating species, encompassing doom

solo: T. Knapp

LIght extinguished finite eclipses
aeons nucleic mass turned to dust
splinters of your essence torn asunder

Enthralled locution lord of the flies
emancipator of grace in purged fidelity
embrace the shadows of uncertainty
harbinger of relevance cast aside

Throat of the world dilated open
de-creation flows from the wound
throat of the world dilated open
incarnation seeps from the wound

Harbinger of relevance cast aside
I consume this variation of subterfuge
3. Monolith of Internecion (3:49)
Crowned vassals worshipped by fear
Unholy taking lives

Terminate free will
Starvation propaganda
Slaves of pride
deliverance a conquering blade
the spear impales, exsanguination fills the horizon

The putrid stench infects my soul
in awe struck terror my senses recoil
the grim institution of horrors
despair: my judgement

solo: J. Gregory

The putrid stench infects my soul
in awe struck terror my senses recoil
the grim institution of horrors
despair: my judgement

in anguish we serve, with dread we survive
in death we despair we live enraptured

Revolution holocaust uprising
scorched by design

No breath
no thought
no hope
no life
4. An Asylum for Penitence (6:48)
Gnarled fingers clutch
my consciousness
it speaks in tongues
a veiled shadow lingers in deceit
embedded forsaken to awe

Divisive guises mourn the loss
wallow in the filth of avarice
denial seeds the malice
of empty vacuity

We shall remain
histrionic woven shades
consecrated with profanity
etched synaptic trauma

Piano/synth solo by Ludovick Daoust

Decomposed portrait viewed static
oath of denial
unto you uphold
the dream forsworn
rejected and diffused
I drift in isolation
carried to obscurity by irreverence

The sulfuric stench of virtuous fiction
so amusing, a condolence for your ignorance
farewell thy crestfallen mortal
blessed be, a slow death to your conviction
5. Corporeal Form (3:44)
Behold your liberator
such absurdity to stand and deliver
clutched within the throat of passive struggle
engulfed in the fury of delusion
witness the emancipator

Blackened eyes to the sightless inviter
permeated in your mind to reveal desire

Validate the barbaric luminary
somatic intention masks grand fabrication
ruination stains corporeal form

Solo E. Hill

Such contortions elected by incomprehension
starved demands for desperate fools
we stand in awe of your ignorance
preach beliefs countered to criterion
refuted your collapsed singularity

I thirst the dread
I thirst the end
I thirst humiliation
We thirst for your evisceration
6. Contagion (4:28)
Nameless horror
formless terror
distorted DNA
lurking in the depths
chaos unfurled
disfigured malevolence

Morphed into abomination
tongues lashing out
disease set loose infects life
grotesque appearance willed into existence
parasitic origin
leaches your life

Manipulated genome
combined to decay

solo: C. Donaldson

broken will helpless disrepair
forever in despair

Cleansed by fire to resurrect flesh
rotted still functions a heaving form
annihilation of genetic construction
folds life into living destruction

manipulated genome
combined to decay
7. Paths to Obliteration (3:09)
Holocaust biological conflict
no return from shadows kept
hemorrhage humanity
till none are left

March toward eternity
by ignorant vice
sulfuric rot in scribe
the illiterate breed and thrive
with ignorance to ply
manipulated incumbent
contaminated by repudiation

Cultivated genocide
empty vessels of creation
spurned from judgment
plunged into ash
abandoned to degenerate

The road to annihilation
paved with the slain progeny

Solo R. Beevers

Divisive words scar virtue
cleansed of lunacy
to the abyss with humanity's apathy
8. Corruptor (4:27)
I the wraith
nameless destroyer
I the artist
sculpting horror
I wear the mantle of chaos spawn
and I reap the sorrow
I am divine

Arisen from the endless fissure
angelic creation mourns

Tears flood the emptiness
swept across ionized landscape
defiled my poetry of war
cut by the barbs of scorn
they contort in agony
behold godless humanity

I the demon
I the liar
I the offering
I the empire

Solo E. Hill

Up from the black I come crawling
my flesh rots my sinew falling
my words spread nightmare
I am the wretched eternal
out of the dark I slither
all I touch turns to wither
I am the fear upon you

I the demon
I the liar
I the offering
I the empire
9. The Undying Season (4:59)
Neurotic cleansing
virulent doctrine
chemical lobotomy

We inhale frenetic psychosis
to global scale hallucination insanity
retched conglomerate black creation
viewed through scope disassociate

Severed from reality
mangled volition
never ending
everlasting sorrow
sadistic martyr

The megalith fractured
fraying the threads of validity

Leading all to slaughter
human life
thrift commodity
Insatiable threshold

Solo J. DeMarco

A history of validated murder
deprived of elucidation
and never questioned

Leading all to slaughter
human life,
thrift commodity
Insatiable threshold
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