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Solium Fatalis Full Album Lyrics

Solium Fatalis - Solium Fatalis cover art

Solium Fatalis

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-20)
1. Prepare for Extermination (1:40)
2. Black Market (3:24)
Hypodermic to black
Involuntary lender
Wake up to coma
Harvesting to dismember
Wake up without eyes
Discounted for your lives

Lay siege to
Like laboring flies
No reprieve when the subject dies
An empire built to schism
Tasted death imprisoned

Wrongly and just convicted
Prisoners then executed
For the greater humanity
Committed to murder in vanity

The narcissistic will of power
Annihilated with apathy... devoured
3. Serpent Crown (4:37)
With laser guided precision
We slaughter all that we see
A cause in which to die for
Decimate Humanity

Fractured powers that be
Subjugated by Apathy
The Carnival of Death
Exhaled poison last breath

Undermined systemic reaction
Bleeding for a cause
With absence to empower
Eradicate all law
Ingestion placates manic kind
Empty holistic delusions
Lacerate, repress and bind
Affirmed of pragmatic solutions

Dying is a piece of mind

Genocidal social solution
Survival of the fittest
Skeletal frontline

Mass hysteria chemical reaction
Base solution befitting of a crime
Last gasp for humanity
For all of us shall die

Perished into oblivion
One last final goodbye
End all of those who cared for
And all of those who tried
Dethroned by forces meant
To destruct countless lives
4. Dead Sands of Time (3:47)
Splintered stained glass reality
Complacent sense of relativity
What you seek within your mind
Thy kingdom come insatiable crime

Razors spewed forth in twisted wisdom
Idiosyncratic bleeding narcissism
They rip and claw at states envisioned
Pandemic brought forth by idyllic prisons
Ideal for humanities reckless vision
Burned into mind the thoughts unleashed

Breached through force
Destruct deadline
Impaled mankind
Killed by time
Leeched point blank
Destroyed in time
Then stripped dry
By those who lie

By those who lie

Resemble creator of vestigial prisms
Ejected outward into schism
For those who remember
Ideals burnt to ember
5. Your Truth Is a Lie (4:20)
Pierced my thoughts
Your forked tongue conspires
With images of sanctimony

Muddled in the spires
Self-loathing hypocrite
Of self-righteous desires

No tearing myself from disaster
Unleash the bloodshed

Enslaved mindless sycophants converge
Save me at your expense
Then turn your gaze

While I slit your throat
Sell out your life
Sell out all you know
Sell out your conscience
Sell out your soul

Put on display for your amusement
Plagues upon thee abhorrent
The fires are burning
The fuse is ignited

While I slit your throat
Sell out your life
Sell out all you know
Sell out your conscience

Set forth to detonate
That which is blighted
Scream the mindless rattle
Into the void that is your soul
6. Molecular Devices (4:02)
Explode hyper-cellular acceleration
Infest imagination degeneration
Output level nullified by your kindly gesture
To exceed capacities understood by mass hysterical
De-evolution divined
Liberated by the slaughter for a deity of earth

Knowing of nothing willed out of logic
By a writ and fleshly tome
Saintly worship for visual ticks and fear based rancid terror

Devices of encrypted design
Brought forth by singular disguise
Flesh for a deed
Spit in your face
Condemnation that you are disgraced
A whole example for the fucking human race
And altars by which to damn us by

Die, dying end times end all
Lie, deceit is where we fall
Burn, burn the pages of fate
Escape, escape is to deteriorate
Burn flames to cleanse the world

Purge, the monarchist conjuration unfurled
Testify to your varied lives
Vilify the sub-cultured minds
Razed forever after crucified divergent times
7. The 7th Gate (4:00)
Light ignites the way to render us blind
Searing vision of the rituals ripped from reality
Cosmos interred multi-dimensional beings enshrined

Forces of nature yet determined
The undying season
Portal warp connected
Sumerian demons of seven abyssal's gorge on your flesh demented
Beg for a fate less tormented in eternal damnation

Gates within space and time
Gates clouded by interpretive lies
Torn apart
Self-destruct the prognosis
Faceless soul exposed
Enshrined in hate
Baptized in the inferno
Purged disbelief of hexagonal theorem

Fates to play on our psychosis
Fear and dismay
Godlike hypnosis
Demented in fever vomit driven reasons

Suffocate ideals free of hate
Paralysis in a sub-conscious state
Existential, your only true fate
Detrimental for evolution lest genesis in alienate
Suffocate ideals free of hate
Paralysis in a sub-conscious state
8. A Chasm of Irrelevance (3:35)
Gone... All light...
Wronged... All rights...
Forfeit... Your life
Doomed animus
Removed from all dimension
The path of the dark
Killed on sight

We pray the fathers of the earth
Comfort in the afterlife
To exist on planes of hereafter
Your voice not heard
It never mattered what you thought
It never mattered what you thought at all

Cold, the dark in which you're interred
Empty, your forefather's archaic nature
Pain, none shall escape the beyond
Death, your release from those that torment

Sculpted from imagined stigma of relevance
Voiding phasma, without meaning in conjecture

Blinded by ideals of scripted histrionics
Psychopathic lies told unto ones self for piety
9. The Antilife (5:11)
The depravity on which you feed
Deviated psychology spews forth and bleeds
Plague the world to which you have no regard
Coagulates agony blackened and scarred

A virus to feed
Upon the open wounds of man
With thorn embedded hands

Horror, a whisper of a thought
Venom on which serpents rot
Regurgitate bacteria disease
Pain the only release

Initiate sycophantic logic imbued
Back to the pit that birthed you
Erupted turmoil
Consumed to rapture
Gagging plague inhaled
Enlightened by darkness and impaled

I invoke thee!

Thy cursed me!

Where are the leaders of this world
Where are the cowards so I can bleed them
Where are your followers for which you trust

Save us!
Save yourself!
Save my life!
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