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Neuronic Saw Full Album Lyrics

Solium Fatalis - Neuronic Saw cover art

Neuronic Saw

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-02-20)
1. Nuclear Messiah (2:00)
2. Symbiotic Plague (4:13)
Abnormal infirmity the messianic bloodlust
I hunger for the plasma the thirst grips my senses
A symbiotic relationship joined in unholy union

Come down from your crucifixion
Suffer unto humanity your scars

The scars of lividity and shunned by sanity
I sever these bonds that anchor my servitude
A noxious conception of gratuitous enslavement

Sacred thy masters hammer
Which forged your alliance to depravity
Fuck your mothers cunt
Which spews the bile

Of false lucidity
Lick the wounds of your masters lacerated flesh
And witness stunned my immortal path
I consecrate this sacrifice

(Solo R. Beevers)

By spreading the infection
By pure empathic serial rejection
Of godless sage no cure to my messianic sepsis
3. Fractured Divinity (3:31)
Impacted and obliterated flesh
Of the creator incinerated
Desecrated, crucified and tormented thorns pierced divinity

Impaled and brutalized ripped from the arms
Heretical cunt of Nazarene I pity thee

Your forsaken menstruation of imperial disease
Rot with the infection of belief
Enslaving the masses the lamb to be slaughtered
Sacrificed all unto your daughter

Bent backwards religious iconoclast
Broken in half spewing pestilence to all

(Solo J. Gregory/ R. Beevers)

The lies which you sire
Inception to obliteration
Preach your disjointed perception
To cannibalize God’s bastard creation

Fallen messianic prophet thy putrid wretch of vomiting stench
Observe your dogs as they devour
Regurgitated untruth of Christendom
Where is your god now?
4. Myopic (3:36)
Crushed by your narrow depth of field
Tangled in the strings of idiosyncratic ideal
Marginalized ignorance for stereoscopic worldview
The mirage of liberty

Concurrent with corporate slavery
Believe the deception
Razors for ingestion
This rancid disfigurement
Mutated for synopsis

(Solo J. Gregory)

Misguided loyalties bleed into machination
The violence, the greed, the horror
Cast dispersion magnifying your servitude
Obey every utterance, regurgitate for all
5. Hymn to the Infected (3:13)
A discordant putrid exhumation of vocal extirpation
Blasphemy of inordinate desire
Heaved unto prying eyes
Ears bleed this defilement of iconography
You the enslaved to his bidding
Never judge, never question, never wonder

The bile for your ingestion
Do you see what you’ve done?
Creation urging to be undone

(Solo J. Gregory/ R. Beevers)

The witching antichrist martyr
Send unto me my slaughter

The praises sung by masses
A choir of the damned
Infected nobility cowers within us
And serve your masters fucked penitence
Burn the pages of infamy
And free yourself this insanity
6. Retch Atma (3:08)
Christ your ruler
The Christ your leader
In spite the hate of your grandeur
One would contend
Ruled by the iron fist of disfigured blasphemy

You are condemned
Spewed unto parchment the lies of terrorist recoil
Face down in the filth of self-control
Your delusion is fulfilled from pious denial

Hate and pity the flesh thy tomb to carry the mark of the beast
A stain creating by man
To segregate, the vampire of Judas
In spite we are reborn
To cast out the judgment of religious scorn

We shame for you in infinite decay
7. Harvested to Necrosis (4:23)
Raped by your father
In essence destroyed and slaughtered
My nightmare consumes me
Plowed in fields that doom me

Hypnotized by characterized sublimation
And filtered into segregation

Reaped by labor the witching hour
Supplants rotted entrails for infestation
Harvested to necrosis
Your body convulses
Rotting away under the lights of inbred corporate landscape

Production brought forth to maximum drugged obedience
Bonded by programming heaped unto the masses
Suffer the children and ingest their afterbirth
Separate plasma of mercurial
8. The Carrion Feast (3:41)
Flesh, gnawed and ingested
Taste of the infected
Desire to be one
With disease of the son

Ingested into the cradle of the maw
Enough to make your skin crawl
Devour the meat of the harvest
Pillage through bone and sinew
Draw strength from your own stock
Savor the note of decayed meat

A rotting carcass on which we feast
Exhumed for the pleasure of a succulent treat

Torn from the bone
Ground down to splinter
Ingested and ejected

Then resurrected
We taste your abortion
Disemboweled in contortion
Such a putrid concoction
Salivating bodily annihilation
Your consumption will bring salvation

(Solo J. Gregory/R. Beevers)
9. Contagion (Director's Cut) (5:13)
Nameless horror
Formless terror
Distorted DNA
Lurking in the depths, chaos unfurled
Disfigured malevolence
Morphed into abomination
Tongues lashing out
Disease set loose
Infects life

Manipulated genome
Combined to decay

(Solo J. Gregory)

Disfigured and manipulated abomination
Broken will helpless disrepair
Distorted forever in despair

Cleansed by fire to resurrect flesh
Rotted still functions a heaving form
Annihilation of genetic construction
Folds life into living destruction
10. Serpent Crown Redux *(04:45)
With laser guided precision
We slaughter all that we see

A cause in which to die for

Decimate humanity

Fractured powers that be

Subjugated by apathy
 The carnival of death

Exhaled poison last breath

Undermined systemic reaction

Bleeding for a cause

With absence to empower

Eradicate all law

Ingestion placates manic kind

Empty holistic delusions 
Lacerate, repress and bind

Affirmed of pragmatic solutions

Dying is a piece of mind

Genocidal social solution

Survival of the fittest
 Skeletal frontline

 Mass hysteria chemical reaction

Base solution befitting of a crime

Last gasp for humanity
 For all of us shall die

(Solo J. Gregory)

Perished into oblivion
 One last final goodbye 
End all of those who cared for

And all of those who tried
 Dethroned by forces meant

To destruct countless lives
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