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Casting Ruin | Full Album Lyrics

Solace of Requiem - Casting Ruin cover art

Casting Ruin

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Black Metal
LabelsViciSolum Productions
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Lyrics > S > Solace of Requiem Lyrics (33) > Casting Ruin Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-16)
1. Defiling the Spectrum (4:17)
Blind, Seeking a way
Fraying the light
Spliced, Shading device
Spiraling rays
Intertwining the spectrum
Bent, Twisting the form
Darkening hue
Changing the angles, Reflect
Thickening beam, Focusing strahl
Aligning the mangled, Shining
Staining light through a lens
Defiled are those in punishment
Who suffer for their sins
And god be damned if holy lands
Can't let the darkness in
When unlight retreats
Our shadows cannot veil, Diffraction
There is no easy way out
The exit's hiding
On the waves of a particle beam
The knotted spectrum
Tied to the reflection
Enduring blackened form
Further degraded
By the gloom of the guts
Once again must be refined
With temporal phasing
Causing slightly heavy particles to freeze
Hail, The evolved helix
Hail, Modern god
Hail, Descending messiah
Light, Smuggled and lent
Borrowed and spent
Brightens in hiding, Divides
Broken in three, Pendulum flung
Spiraled and winding, Inwardly
The staining of light
Through the bowels of a prism
Unholy consequence
To reassemble light
Befouled within the earth
Then being recombined
Rotten reflection
Tends to tear the focus away
Spreading rays
Must again be thoroughly
2. Casting Ruin (4:29)
All hail the diseased technology
Black cloth, Veil of regression
Our lord intervenes, Biology
Reforge metallic savior
Gore soaked bindings
Flesh-work alchemy
Enemies seek to seize the sentient beings
Controlled, Lies of suppression
Still the will to decrease
Only seeds release
Wrath from his foul dimension
Godless angels
Cast from sight with legacies torn
Who seek redemption
For your fickle creed's indoctrination
Concede to suffer
And mock the weak on bended knee
Bow down to your oppressor
Bow down before your god's descension
Carbon based mechanical form
Casting ruin
Wrought hybrid
Bio alchemy
Praise the fallen
May their rot into the golem be nailed
And may the waste to flow
Automatize the gears and tendon
They kneel for solace
They kneel before contamination
Now let them kneel before a monolith
An everliving god
So rise
Rise up above assimilation
The time has come for our destroyer
Of the flesh to be forged
Commit to suffer
And mock the weak on bended knee
Bow down to your aggressor
Bow down before your god's descension
3. Soiling the Fields of Putridity (5:24)
Dripping and rotten
The fields come to bear
Decay and fermentation
Saturated crops of reeking gore
The yield now soaken
And splayed, releasing seeds
From pods of putrefaction
Submerged into the rot
Now stratify
Stretching limbs of disease
Skin sheeted leaves
Rooted system entrenched
In the bowls of a bog
Like the hands of a god
It reaches to breed
Red raining reeds
Germinate in coagulation
Tilling the putrid rows
Soiling the veins
Culling the mutilation
To cultivate the epoch
Of defloration
The tending of the fields
Depraved, the incarnation
Sapped from the bleeding moors
Pure essence leaking down
Below the rot
Be damned
Or heed my every word
You will be judged
I have no tolerance
Once warning is observed
Let it be known
I've walked alone
These fields which none
Have come to pass
I have been judged
I've bathed within these moors
And swallowed all their wrath
I am unclean
The glands are maturing
They'll plummet under
Once the fields have been soiled
Organic paste, of waste
This bio obscene fertilizer
Digested into the base
Will cause, blooming
Dripping and rotten
The fields come to bear
Decay and fermentation
Saturated crops of reeking gore
The yield now soaken
And splayed, releasing seeds
From pods of putrefaction
Submerged into the rot
Now stratify
4. Song of Shards (4:18)
False handled
The prism lay in shards
A masquerading proclamation
Milking the Scars
For deviance be
The bread to me
And jealous be the wine
So seal in me
The doldrums cold
And let these fragments
Be as one
Within the spires bending
Turbulence, Cannot proceed
The fraying light is lending
To controlled chaos obsession
Into the mire bleeds
A final hope
One last descension
Now let it be, Deceived
And suffer as the glory
Is crushed
And broke in to
A thousand dreams
Shed from the shards descending
Fouling light in broken streams
Discarded scepter
Lance of god
Left hanging in the rib
Stand down
This malice be depraved
In blasphemy to fantasy
On whims of decay
Black mass, Devolved
These mortals be enshrined
Assassinate my vindication
And suffer as my darkness
Deep into the hollows
And below
Thriving, Of sorts
Mostly godless creature
And not to be exposed
A lust to show
What I am
Drowning in, Fading dim
Oh, Diligence in me commander
Aside from the failing parts
Irrelevant, Resolved
System is sustained
Before this messenger of fate
And bleed unto
The shattered prism
In hope to stain the hues with
Left faded in the brine
Initiate my vindication
And suffer as my god
Is brought, Down
Glistening in, Glass-like skin
5. Wading into Mire (6:53)
On the wings of canon
I have encountered
A fall from grace
And though the sea
Was oh so cold
I proceeded under
But it was binding
So I began to shed my wings
And bled into the earth
The salty substance pulling down
Dragging me under
And binding me within the prison
Changing to mortar
Braving onward wades
Ornamental Poseidon
As I waded, In Seas
At dawn it trapped me
And I remembered
What had weighed on my mind
At that time
And when belief
Became disease
In the liquid setting
Pushing forward as the waters
I braved turned to rock
This place just isn't
What it seems
Frozen Steps, Gasping breaths
Now with the wings aside
Forward is my last direction
Trudging through the waves
Thickened be, Slating sea
Waiting for tides to fall
To justify the great awakening
This journey be damned
The sheer immensity
Leaves little time
For contemplating things
Wading seas
Into mire, Suffering
Wait and see
That's the way
That it must be
To those within the sorrow
Calling to those who float
I was flying
But my breeze had stopped
It was the tension
That broke my fall
But it was binding
So I began to shed my wings
And bled into the earth
Dragging me under
And binding me
Within the prison
Changing to mortar
Braving onward wades
Ornamental Poseidon
6. Eroded Absolution (4:38)
Watch as the anchors
Get stripped away
See as the boundaries
Succumb to decay
Witness the towers
Erode with time
Become the ruins that birth
Your salvation
And as you suffer
Ignore the lies
Tears eroding away
What has veiled your eyes
No god to save you from threes
No relief
No one to sway or deter
Your damnation
All lepers should refrain
From life of pulling scabs
In torment
The task is meaningless
Once lying on a slab
Grasping for the shore
While kneeling under
Done all in haste
The streams collapse
Becomes this labyrinth of waste
A human effigy lay clayed
Dust of attrition
Carried within the veins
These things to be reviled
It propagates
Wearing pathways far within
The breached lesion
Nothing can be undone
Which has not been achieved
No sense in hiding heart
When bleeding from the sleeve
There is no chain
Ethereal bindings
Slurry cannot be filtered
Limits of your conscious
Have been freed
Dissolve, Dissolving hollow
Until the floods
Have been released
And drenching
The current pulling
In the hope that it may
Seal you under
Just as it laid to waste
The dams upon your
Mighty shore
Will is the colonate
Of shores to break
And seas to plunder
What is now a stream
Will turn in to a violent
Raging sea
When all erodes
The dieing of the boundaries
Defiled, Within the streams
Of fading light
7. Heaving Bile and Ash (5:29)
Lie, In suffocating masses
Complete determination
Of self-indulging gods
Sadistic alphas
With butchery in mind
Strangle that of omega
By shoving excess waste
Deep within the guts
Swallow, The burning rasp
Carnal lust of the fission
Catalyst, Ejected
Now heaving birthplace of oblivion
Blind and sickened
With ingested flame be embalmed
Regurgitating clots of searing ash
The pyroclastic impregnation
Makes its way to be born
Collected contents boiling to release
And how, It came
To be so aggressive
The burning embers
Tasted so succulent as a seed
As it seems, In release
The reaction's massive
Condemned for heresy to burn
Forever, Below
Far below the hammer
What glitters is gold
All tastes of vital nourishment
Drained from the sun
Now vomit ash
Breathe in the ashes
As the sulfur
And the flesh is exiled
Molten torrent
Set the cauldron free
Purging the poison you attained
In such a glorious horde
Putrid matter gushing endlessly
And cry, In pain
As the crucible explodes
Burning embers
Mark the pyre in vain
Still the flame, Will remain
To ignite the path
That is least taken
Condemned for heresy to burn
Forever, Below
8. Pools of Ablation (6:09)
The timeless art
Involved in forming scars
Through the process of ablation
Cradled deep within the keep
Of frozen arms
The lost concede
To drip away
And flow into the stream
Oh, It's nothing
But the blood of torment
Draining in the chasms
Of the weak and dissolved
Pool the martyrs of attrition
Irrelevant to be in me
Insanity, Undone redemption
A clever whim forever gives
The wrath of wrong impression
And tainted be this reeking bile
The cost is paid
Without a price
In sufferance you leak
Oh, It's nothing
But the blood of torment
Within the suffering you leak
Draining in the chasms
Of the weak and dissolved
The blood, The sweat
The tears will fade
And flow into the stream
9. Bio-Alchemy (3:01)
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