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Ultimate Sin | Full Album Lyrics

SnakeyeS - Ultimate Sin cover art

Ultimate Sin

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
Album rating :  95 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-11-26)
1. Demon in Your Mind (4:25)
Fear the demon
In disguise
Coming now for you

Clock is ticking
No surprise
But you always knew

See his shadow
On the walls
Lurking in the dark

Hear the whispers
Feel the claws
While he leaves his mark

Can you feel what is happening to me
Do you believe that this is true

Walk the path
Of no return
There is no way back

Fight the darkness
Watch and learn
Pray for the attack

Can you feel what is happening to me
Do you believe that this is true

I'm the hunter
I'm the wolf
Evil for mankind

I'm the darkness
I'm the light
Demon in your mind
2. Denied (4:40)
I am not the other one
I am not your mother's son

I am not the firing squad
I am not the hand of God

I am not the Holy Grail
Everything you do I fail
Broken, cheated, burnt and tied
I cannot be denied

I am not what you think I am
I and not the man with the plan
Every word you heard I lied
Swallow your pride
I cannot be denied

I ain't good nor I am bad
I'm not sane and I'm not mad
3. Shadow Warriors (4:16)
Soldiers dying, they're calling our names
One path ends and another begins
Songs of war, sin and decay
For every win there's a price to pay

We are nowhere
But we're here to fight
See our shadows
They will unite
Hear our thoughts
And let us come into your minds

Overrulers have heard of our fame
Fear in their hearts, that's our game
Cries and prayers, they've all been misled
If it's your time, off with your head

We are the strong we'll survive
We hold the power and light
No one can ever compete
We have never tasted defeat
Shadow warriors!

We are nowhere
Shadows in light
Here to fight
4. Black and White (4:04)
Every time when I meet you
The world is going insane
And every time when I feel you
I sense your energy, but everything's the same

I can no longer see
The differences between you and me
And I can no longer fight
All those faces between black and white

Every time when I call you
The answer's always my name
And every time when I hear it
It's still my voice and everything's the same
5. Blood of the Dammed (5:34)
Getting sick of watching
All the bullshit on TV
Whores and politicians
Sex and lies for all to see

Switch to my computer
Everything is still the same
See who dies and who's the killer
In our own game

I cannot stand it anymore
Cannot watch and feel the pain
Cannot wear your wicked chains

Blood of the people
Blood of the damned
On your own filthy hands

Blood of the many
Blood of the damned
Drowning all our lands

Feeling tired and disgusted
I go outside
All I see is crimson darkness
No sense of pride

Bath in our blood
They're feeding on our madness
Without asking why

Bath in our blood
Exploiting our blindness
Waiting for us to die
6. Rise of the Triad (6:56)
We made a mistake
We let them live
Prepare for war
Pride of a nation destroyed

Sound of a gun
Roar of a tank
More and more
March into the void

All I want is to go home
Though I think I'll die alone

They came at night
Killed everyone
Blood on the ground
Our lives they have sought

Took our gold
Stole our lands
No turnaround
Had no second thoughts

Everytime you touch it
Fire burns
Like the souls of people
Taking turns

Rise of the triad
We're all on the edge
Rise of the triad
They'll have their revenge

One last attack
Final demise
Brothers in arms
All hopes unfulfilled

No going back
We stand and fight
Never retreat
It's kill or be killed

Rise of the triad
Cold bloody war
Rise of the triad
Our enemies fall

Reborn from the ashes
Of our homes
A fighting spirit in us all
We shall never give up hope

With fire and sword in our hands
We shall defend our promised land
Venture into the unknown

Rise of the triad
The final hour
Rise of the triad
Victory's ours
7. Time of Dismay (4:38)
Nails encapturing your body
Words that terrify the soul
There's no way to escape
Pay the ferryman his toll

On the endless road to Hell
All the tickets are one way
All aboard and say a prayer
It's a time of dismay

Take a seat and forget what you know
Of your world, your world
Take a leap of faith...

Cannot stand the fire
Cannot touch the rain
It's a time of dismay

Cannot face the failure
Cannot feel the pain
It's a time of dismay
Time of dismay

As the end is drawing near
No one else left to betray
Final moments of this world
It's a time of dismay

Everything's in vain
Time to feel the pain
8. Ultimate Sin (3:41)
Open the door to this world of damnation
No need to struggle, give in to temptation
It's no illusion, your hope's wearing thin
There's no escape from the ultimate sin

Welcome back
Where have you been
Welcome home
We are your kin

We are your brothers, the power within
Welcome back to your ultimate sin

This is the end, your last destination
Whatever you want, need no explanation
Call me your brother, identical twin
I am your guide to the ultimate sin

The legend speaks of one single dream
The path to the ultimate sin
You hear it once then you cry
9. Down with the Devil (4:26)
Running through darkness
You've always believed
Will cleanse the black from your mind

Think of the future
You have been deceived
Your innocence's been left behind

Going to places you have never seen
Walking through shadows you dare only dream

Facing the demons, forgetting the past
Not always winning, but I'm never last

I'm down with the devil
I am running out of time
I'm down with the devil
I am losing my mind

I'm down with the devil
I am running out of time
I'm down with the devil
Don't look behind

Pray to your God
If that is your creed
Illusions did serve you well

Remember this now
All men belong to me
You've only got one soul to sell
10. Snake Pit (5:47)
Slithering away
Your life's about to end

Making your own way
Getting closer, my dear friend

Can you feel the emptiness
Calling you inside

Can you feel the loneliness
You're running out of time

Never getting outta here
No one but you to blame
Give in to your greatest fear
It's that time again

Die into the snake pit
Crawl towards the light
Die into the snake pit
Now until the end of time

Darkness all around
Signalling your fate

No sight nor sound
It's the only path you take

They're drawing close, their cold skin
You feel their bite, the end begins
The only hope, towards the light
A glimpse of life before you die
11. The Cross is a Lie (6:16)
The plague of our time
Of the body and the mind

Son of God, Babylon's whore
Your kind has tortured us
In a constant state of war

Can you not turn around
Our souls you do not own
Stop this madness and confusion
Leave us alone

Your cross is a lie
If only you knew
Your cross is a lie
And so are you

Of the future and the past
Your vision
Digitized for all at last

Spend your life, live it well
If you don't pray, you're going to hell
Do not kill and do not lie
What does it matter, we all die

Want you to - believe it's true
Tell you what - you should do
If you don't pay your own toll
They'll find another to control

Can you not turn around
Our souls you do not own
Stop this madness and confusion
Leave us alone

Now please get out of here
We simply had enough
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