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Winter Kill Full Album Lyrics

Slauter Xstroyes - Winter Kill cover art

Winter Kill

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal, Progressive Metal
Album rating :  79 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2014-10-11)
1. Winter Kill (6:40)
My child dies on the snow covered mountain side
Because the sun won't shine on my land anymore, anymore, anymore
The corn is dead and the fields are dry
Harvest was bad this year
The dogs are dead and the sled is of no use now
Snow wolves they track and they plan their attack on this carcass
But it's mine - freeze

There's nowhere to run
There's no hole you can hide in
Cuz I can smell your scent
I know every track in this black forest
But most of it all
I search for my tribe
For my people I fight
My child dies

Searching for the sun
Stars mark my trail

Winter Kill
I need to strike again
To cut the throat of you
The dumb beast
I need to survive
This winter kill
And the white plain

The hunter I killed
For my cub in the blizzard
2. No Idea (3:27)
I feel like a blindman
I'm trying to see
I feel like a child
Who turned wrong and was left to be
Yes, I can see that I'm not good enough
Or is it just a memory that's haunting me?

Your love has grown cold
Years roll by, I find ways to change
Thus I think I've been payed
And sometimes I think I am, my my my my, going so
Oh, it's the winding road
I hope you come walking through the door

Your love has grown cold
Can it be that I'm not good enough? No...
We used to have it so good
The time was right
I can see you have just kissed me with your love
With your love, with your love...
3. The Stage (4:26)
The stage loomed in the distance
It was powerful
And it was massive
The stage sung to me a siren song
Summoning me to perform

Inky black curtains were threatening me
It was some unknown terror
It was a paralyzing fear
The very air shimmered with magic
It goes to form the essence of the theater

The stage in its majestic glory
Whispered enchanting strains
It was numbing my mind
Is my goal for this light year 1985

Who of you are daring enough to join us
Who of you are fearless enough to watch

I was scared to death
But then I stepped onto center stage
The lights beamed down
And I thought if I tried
I could become a showman

Yes I let it take me away
Higher through the skies
4. City of Sirtel (5:09)
Long ago in the midst of a land
There had lived a ruler beyond compare
And he'd gaze towards the sky
Dream of a most mighty uprise
And revolution

Can we all join hands
At first they seized the village
And then they took the town
Crashed the castle door
Then stole the King's crown

Watch out
Oh I shall have my revenge
For what it is
Oh I shall destroy this force
They call truly evil
Curse you

Strung up grandfather
And passed around a virgin

City Sirtel
Oh I shall have my revenge
For what it is
I shall destroy this force
That they call truly evil

After the war
Wastes were our land
Just desert sand
And mutants that lurked in the dark
To the church on the hill
For those that survived
Can pray to their gods

Turn, turn
Our new children must learn not to fear
We can build a new city
Not made of wood but made of heavy metal steel
I don't fear

Listen to the wind
It can be heard like thunder
It's my army in red
Watch out
Oh I shall have my revenge
For what it is

I shall destroy this force
They call truly evil
Curse you
5. Charlotte (5:43)
I am enclosed in mountains
Valley of maiden
I have caressed her hills
And planted in between
She covered the light with white
Her furs of secrecy

Holy rollers
Get on with it today
Don't wait for the sparking of another day
Oh I want you to be so bad till we
Are playing our cards
And you know that it won't be long
Cause you were bad
You were cutting their throats
With their own hands

I cracked her earth
And then I rained thunder
We spread together
Springing water - nature's seeds
Show showed me out of storms and into sunlight

Charlotte many times I've been down for you
Charlotte if you go and pass me by

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
6. Black Rose and Thorns (6:00)
So it seems nothing lucky can ever come my way
And then I dream we can have it
The way it used to be
The dark and the light, I feel ashamed
My repentance I can't explain
Because you're on my mind...

Now that I've realized
I am wrapped around your finger
Now I realize I can live without you
Don't do this to me now - no!
Because your love it destroys
You slave me...
Don't do this to me now - no!

Once I thought that we had it so good
And then the stars spoke to me that night
A wise man told me a sign was the rising moon
You said you needed me
You were gonna have my child
But you lied
No matter how hard I try

Black rose, you gave me thorns
Your love it destroys
And you're on my mind
I can't sleep in the nighttime
I know that you're not around
Rose... black rose
Your love it destroys, you slave me

You're on my mind
I can't sleep in the nighttime
I know that you're not around

One thousand centuries, my sweet sweet queen
Because of how deep you cut my heart
It's now bleeding - ooooh...

You said you needed me
You were going to have my child
But you lied
Black rose, you gave me thorns
You're on my mind
Don't do this to me now - no!
7. Mother, Mother Fucker (5:37)
Mother fucker are you feeling alright
Oooh you come on like a dream
Oooh yes you satisfy
Ain't it nice

Danger sister danger
Whatever happened to reality
I said get out of your fantasies

Mother fucker leave tomorrow alone
Because every night
You come here to me
And I give to you so good
Ain't it nice

I know you like it hot
Krank, krank, krank, krank
Moods and colors change with your emotions

All of the times were they true
Little loving lady you're so fooled
Look behind you do you like what you see
Get out of your fantasies

I'm sick of trying to tell you
This is what to do
Danger sister danger
Ain't it nice
I'm sick of trying to tell you
This is what to do
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