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Nyemba Full Album Lyrics

Skinflint - Nyemba cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-12-03)
1. Veya (3:45)
The eyes of Nyemba – They look at me
As far as Veya can see
and she cries to me, her father
How painful to watch, but not bother?
Falling to the knee, I see as clear as mud
Nyemba – is not my flesh and blood!

Her insides burn, and louder the crowd becomes
Dancing to the drgums
We sing, and blow away the curse
Until her ashes traverse

The heart of Veya glows upon these hills
To burn away yesterdays ills
We place the ashes - in OKOVE
and seal away the curse

Hail Veya
2. The Pits of Wydah (3:29)
Thrown in the pits of whydah
Darkness gnaws at your eyes
Your flesh the serpents strew
and tease your wounded thigh

Winters night is near
The warmth they can't resist
Your flesh the serpents spear
Until your cries are clear

In the Pits of Whydah
I will kill all Nemba *4

Thrown in the pits of Whydah
You hold the blood of Nyemba
Your flesh the serpents spear
Until your cries are clear
3. Okove (4:05)
If you think I'm mad
Let me be so glad
To prove to you my sanity

When I looked at the child
I could swear he smiled
Mocking my malady

He made me feel old
Deathly cold
Brought upon me – gravity

and now you wonder
Why I look younger
This is no fantasy

May the stars be my witness
I'm the greatest genius
When you heard the cry
Breaking through the night of sky
I carved an OKOVE
From the Joyous Heart
Worshiping the work of art
Bestowed in youthful brilliance
4. Abiku (3:07)
ABIKU (Ravenous People-Eating Demons)

Ring the bells before
Blood sets on these shores
They don't need no fire
Their bellies swell with crier
Ring the bells again
Eyes glow in the den
Where hunger is concerned
There can be no restraint
Hammer on and again
or your blood "they will drain"

Abikus, Marching towards us
Ring the bells
What, Why, Stop!!! Curse you Nyemba
The bells don't chime
Abiku, drunk on kinred flesh
Blood on the Bells
5. The Wizard and His Hound (3:57)
He heard the beasts howl
The air was thick and foul
He prayed it was just a dream
and then he heard the scream
He armed himself with his spear
His hands were trembling with fear
Peaking between the door
He saw the inconceivable terror
The Horror, The Horror

He stabbed the beast
but it vanished into the misty fog
There lay his deceased
maimed in deathly shock
From behind - translucent hands
sink their nails in his throat
Ripped apart - his bloody spurts…
the wizard gloats
6. Sinkinda (4:45)
Dance of the sword
Blood for the lord
Rid us - of Sinkinda

Chalk from the heavens
To Paint this devil
Rid us - of Sinkinda

Cry of the hunters
Heed our prayers
Rid us -of Sinkinda

Dance of the sword
Blood for the Lord
Rid us – of Sinkinda

In her tomb
Evil Blooms
In her tomb
Evil Blooms

We are the children
We are the servants
With holy steel
We break the seal

Out with the current
Flowing upon steel
To earth's surface
Sinkinda bleeds

To starless skies
The soul will fly
Death’s kiss
The eternal abyss
7. Muti (5:09)
I've looked at your king - he's fallen ill
Nyemba has taken control of his
His soul the demons prey
He might not see another day
I can cure him with Muti
Pay up and I'll do my duty
I swear you won't regret this
I will light the abyss

Bring me flesh
Even better fresh
Turn over stones
Bring me bones
Bring me a choir
To sing through fire
Worship the idol
of Spiritual revival

To the drums we dance
Until we enter a trance
The otherworld we draw
From the devils claws
We take the concoction from the coals
Rub it inside his wounds
Muti will redeem his soul
return the life death Stole

Muti Killing
8. The Witches Dance (4:35)
Listen “to the wind”
Crows flap their wings
Across the witches breath
To tenors Death

Listen “To the rhythm”
The witches stamp their feet
To the slaughtered bleat
Until the seal is riven

Listen “to the thunder”
Splitting heaven asunder
Crushing down its wings
In a pit of stings

Listen “To the scream”
From beneath the morass
Haunting every dream
Of the midnight hourglass

Listen “to the heart”
Beating on a tomb
Until the soul departs
For eternal gloom

Listen “To the rhythm”
The witches stamp their feet
To the slaughtered bleat
Until the seal is riven

In a dreary moonlight trance
Where the otherworldly dance
Scavenge for the hidden tomb
Posess the ninsisim in the womb

The witches dance
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