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Give Me Metal or Give Me Death | Full Album Lyrics

Skelator - Give Me Metal or Give Me Death cover art

Give Me Metal or Give Me Death

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal, Speed Metal
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Submitted by level 10 LightListener (2014-12-13)
1. Night Stalker (5:10)
I stalk the night, a disciple of Satan
You start to panic, as the terror sets in
Rape, murder, the smell of death in the air
Sodomization, the horror of it is too much to bear
Pentagram, the sign of the devil is on the wall
It reigns above, the body disemboweled

Stalker in the Night
Stalker in the Night
Stalker in the Night
Night Stalker

Demonic rage, flows through my veins
Voices in my head compel me to bring you pain
You lock the doors, but somehow I'll get in
My unstable mind drives me to commit this sin
Sadist, with every kill I please my master more
Satan, it is He whom I do this for


"I am beyond good and evil
Legions of the night
night breed
repeat the errors of the Night Prowler
and show no mercy.
For I will be avenged
Lucifer dwells within us all..."

Tie you up
Against the bed
Torture you
With electrical chords
Raping you
Soon you'll be dead
Mutilating you
With a machete
Killing you
In every possible way

(Chorus x4)
2. Riders of the Wehrmacht (4:21)
Blitzkrieg wings of death
Soar across the Warsaw sky
The enemies take one last breath
Before they die
Showing no mercy
To the enemy below
The final ego of adversity
Has taken its toll

Riders of the Wehrmacht
Their destiny is death
Riders of the Wehrmacht
Your race, they detest
Riders of the Wehrmacht
They'll take your last breath
Riders of the Wehrmacht
They'll lay you to rest

Nothing else on their mind
But mutilation and demise
Bred to demolish
The enemy they must abolish
Death is their nature
World domination they seek
Worship their dictator
Or be deceased
3. She-Ra (3:53)
Leading the Warriors of Genocide into battle
I saw her there covered in dirt and grime
Her skin glistered with battlelust
I knew that she would be mine

She-Ra oh She-Ra
You belong to me
She-Ra oh She-Ra
Taste my demon seed

I saw it in her lusting eyes, deep inside she knew
just what to do
My sword was raised firm in hand, she knew just
what to do
Her sword met mine in a shower of sparks but my
aim was true
My sword bit deep into her flesh, the battle was


I'll drag you into my world of doom
There I will defile you
I'll fulfill your womanly needs
She-Ra, you belong to me...

She-Ra, She-Ra
She-Ra, She-Ra!!!
4. Skelator (5:02)
I am the chosen, fireball throwin'
I'm the Master of the Universe
I killed the rest, because I'm the best
I torture you with no remorse

Skelator, Skelator
I come from depths of hell
Skelator, Skelator
Do you have a soul to sell?!

Ripping flesh, I've gone obsessed
I will destroy the world
Sacrifice the virgins, my power surging
My plan will be unfurled


Blow to me, your eyes will bleed
You will die, as you burn you'll cry
Your soul is mine, you little swine
You will bow for Skelator

Your intestines leak, you can't even speak
You want possession of your soul
If you say please, you'll die with ease
You're in my complete control


You Will Bow For Skelator
5. The Skelatorian Manifesto (3:09)
God of Metal, God of Thunder
Gods of Glory, Gods of Honor
We call upon thee to reveal our true Master
For we are peril, surrounded by disaster

The human plague has reached its peak
For hypocrisy is all they speak
Truth has no meaning, why live anymore?
We raise our swords high, we wear our armor
We declare war on Humanity
We declare war on Christianity
We declare war on all things False

But what is this, he is here
Our Savior, the King of Fear
Riding Panthor with his staff held high
Lightning strikes, be yells his battle cry
"Give Me Metal of Give Me Death"

We the Warriors of Genocide, will do his every command
For those who defy him they will die by his hand
He will defile, he will prevail
Behold his Red Omen, behold his prophecy
For once it is completed, good rid of Humanity
6. Wrath upon the Cross (4:19)
Wrath, wrath
Wrath upon the cross
to make you bow to true lord
Wrath, wrath
Wrath upon the cross
For our majesty Skelator

Dead angels scattered, upon the holy battleground
Their wings set on fire, and your cross will go down
Your nuns start to quiver as they tremble with lust
Beheading the priests, for Skelator we must!
We take your gates of pearl, and turn them to into metal
Then you will realize, we're worse than the devil!


Your pleasure source, I will feed
Meet my demon seed
Behold my instrument of lust
Make you my slave, I must!

There is no use to resist
I Skelator, rule with a fist
The guardians of Greyskull will never win!
I'll rule the world with mayhem and sin!
7. Crusade (7:40)
As the decapitated body fell to the ground
The head flew in the air making that beautiful sound
The kill was good but I need some more
I love the sight of guts and gore

I feel no pain
I feel no shame
I'll kill you all, it's all the same
I was trained to kill
And that I will
Get on your knees and pray
Watch out for the

I went to the church to kill some more
The priest told me to beat a little Moore
I'll beat this boy until he breaks
Or until he can choose his faith

I learned to hate
So get it straight
Your god is just second rate
I was trained to kill
And that I will
Get on your knees and pray
Watch out for the

"As I looked into the boy's eyes, I could see all his fears. He was scared shitless. I remember my first kill I remember how it afflicted me. I remember how I could not sleep at night thinking of how I took some man's life away. But now I was addicted, to the taste, the satisfaction and the pleasure of the kill."

"As I beat the living daylights out of his body, blood spat to the floor leaving the dark stains of hatred. As I beat the boy relentlessly, pass formed all across eyes as he screamed in agony. A priest came and read aloud from his bible, above the boy's screams so that the word of God was dominating. More priests came and read their bibles. But I could still hear him screaming."

"And then..........They stopped"

"And let all his sins be forgiven by our loving father, our loving father Jehova and his son, our Messiah."

"I knew that was my cue. I raised my sword high, and with one swift blow I decapitated him! I looked upon yo my sword, and saw engraved on it, "THOU SHALL NOT KILL"

"Hypocrites!!! I screamed at the head priest as I charged toward him with sword in hand. My sword pierced right through his bible as he blocked my blow, but I got him, RIGHT SMACK BETWEEN THE EYES!!!"

Thou shall not kill
Oh what a thrill
I have some more blood to spill
I was trained to kill
And that I will
Get on your knees and pray

I then killed all, the other priests
And now their reign of blood will soon cease
I will kill all, who kill for religion
And that is my final decision

Watch out for the
8. Give Me Metal or Give Me Death (6:14)
The Gods made Heavy Metal, and it runs through my vein
As I prepare for battle, I sing these Battle Hymns
Now beware the power of our Heavy Metal Attack
Your brain will explode, as you suffer Whiplash

Give Me Metal or Give Me Death
Heavy Metal or Feel My Wrath
Give Me Metal or Give Me Death
Heavy Metal or Feel My Wrath

To the enemies of Metal, the Lord of Hell Awaits
We are the true Defenders of the Metal Faith
Death and Destruction to all the opposition
Round them up and shoot them, that's my proposition


Death to False Metal
It is Sacrilege
Give Me Metal
Or Give Me Death

We're crusading the world for Metalization
And to all of False Metal, total decimation
Heavy Metal is life, Heavy Metal is Law
Heavy is pure, it is our call


Heavy Metal
Give Me Metal or Give Me Death
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