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Illusions of Eternity Full Album Lyrics

Sisyphean - Illusions of Eternity cover art

Illusions of Eternity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > S > Sisyphean Lyrics (6) > Illusions of Eternity Lyrics (6)
Submitted by level 12 MasterChef (2018-08-14)
1. Into the Cycle (2:24)
2. Epitaph to the Remnants (6:31)
All time drowns
In the waters of infinity
The pendulums shadow
Enshrouds purpose into nothingness

The withered and regressed
Children of Gaia
Will travel the chthonian halls into the abyss
The only true and irreversible journey


Epitaph To The Remnants

Not bound by stature, as just and equal to all.
Not bound by time, as predictable it is not.

Shapes formless.
Shadows colorless
Words meaningless.
Possibilities aimless.

A sepulchral catharsis, an ecstatic anesthesia
Prepare to greet eternity, upon abbysal shores
Enshroud in a black embrace, forevermore...

A rotting foetus back
Into a verminous womb.
Return to the primordial
Degrade back to mud.

Leave your world. Exit your body.
Rest in thy verminous womb.
An epitaph to the remnants.
An opus of decay.
3. Nekrokatarsis (5:41)
With bleeding hearts towards nothingness
Existence as a frozen cell in a sheltered abyss
Flesh, blood, emptiness
Let death embrace you beneath majestic wings
The chalice of desecration filled with psychoactive bliss

The womb of an abomination opens the gate
A mighty serpent ascends and fully awakes
Divine coronation of an emerald dream
Sacrilegious landscape filled with amphetamine

Beneath the ashen clouds

The thought of de-sanctification slowly drowns


Glorious ascension through flames and broken bones

The pillars have to crumble
Marching towards the new throne
Succumb and bestow
No longer blinded by false hope

The light shineth on thee no more
As the radiant image of desperation
Gazed through a reflection
Into nothingness
4. Paskęsk savyje (7:48)
Tavo pragaištis
Triumfuojančios sažinės viltis
Kasdienybės melodija, klupimo ironija
Desperacijos vaizdinys į smaugiama realybę.

Pasiduok bedugnei, susitaikyk.
Su aplinkos laikinumu
Ką kalbet apie tave?
Kai savo atspindy nematome saves?


Sustok. Sulaikyk. Nepaleisk.
Įkvėpk. Iškvėpk. Įprasmink.
Užsimesk. Pamiršk. Pradink.
Susileisk. Paskęsk. Savyje.

Bekrisdamas į bedugnė, ekstazės srovėje
Pažvelk trumpam į viršų
Įprasmink save gelmėje.
Neskubėk, sustok tėkmėje

Tavo pragaištis
Absurdiškos moralės viltis
Stiklo šūkės tera tavo atspindys
Šlovės akimirka. Realijos beprasmybė.

Įkvėpk ateinančios nakties malonumus
Iškvėpk bedvestančio saulėtekio ekstazė
5. The Nest (3:54)
Everyone am I, but together none.
Amongst shattered shards of illusions
You are yet a slave to your own image.

Everywhere am I, but together nowhere
Amongst empty walls I am left to stand
And still seek all that remains

A pathway down the nest, down the id
Reality is transparent, transparency is a mirror
We are only a reflection of our inner image.
6. Shattered Glass (5:27)
A key to a desert
of a starving sanity.
Victims in adoration
of their executioners.

A pilgrimage for euphoria
Blind lust perdition
A shedding of the essence
Of thy own body

In the cold silence of stones
A noose of salvation
Shattered glass

Only empty walls remain
And the remnants of
Thy bodily passions

A symphony of rattling teeth …
…Only to be a shattered glass conclusion.
Adoration of self-destruction

Victims in adoration
Of their executioners
There is no meaning,
If you lose the illusion
…of eternity.
7. Transfigurations (8:13)
Behold the great illumination
An ashtray blackest of them all
The sun of tomorrow still stands to be seen
When all monuments of today stand in ruin

I will step into the monuments
Of the screaming infinity of darkness
My shrine of mad laughter
Will deform into a shapeless dream

The tombstones will embrace
Songs of the gallow birds
While we traverse the transcendent pit
Of invoked “cosmic” self-erosion

Behold the great illumination
An ashtray blackest of them all
Harvest remnants of our nests
Be fed to the carrion worms

Down the primordial
Down the Id
Down the nest
Down the Id
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