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Dim Days of Dolor Full Album Lyrics

Sirenia - Dim Days of Dolor cover art

Dim Days of Dolor

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresGothic Metal, Symphonic Rock
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-17)
1. Goddess of the Sea (4:41)
Scarlet and red, flaming sunset in the distance
You're going down on the prowl, sea goddess
Never to rest, all obsessed in thy search for northwest
Vigilant eyes coming to life once again
Here in the night, in the depths of the sea
Searching the deep infinitely with desire and greed

Coming alive, thrive in the night, sleeping in the fire
Chest of gold, dreams unfold, burning with desire
You are my treasure, haven and pleasure, my pearls and gold

Give me a gust, give me the wind and that horizon
Give me nine waves. Seaman's grave, endless sleep
I honor thee eternally, ran - my goddess of the sea
At the seashore or ocean floor, always searching
Precious treasures all bound for your net
All you possess my sea goddess you will, wear as a dress
2. Dim Days of Dolor (4:40)
Frozen in the moment
Seems like time is standing still
This life feels like a cyanide pill
The sun rise, a new morning
I 's the same strife, different day
The grim reaper meets me in the doorway

I'm just barely alive
I don't know if I will survive
Yet another day, another way to fade and deteriorate
I've been losing my mind
I've been falling way behind
I'm a lost surviver, walking through fire
But strength is giving away

Broken by this moment
Seems like I have lost the will
The will to carry on further still
The sundown, darkness falling
It all ends right where it begins
I pray for forgiveness for my sins

Can you see through the fire
Can you see through the rain
An you walk through flames
Have we all become insane
Is this my funeral pyre
Burning brightly and in vain
Faceless strangers without names
Haunts you over and over again
3. The 12th Hour (6:37)
Clock is ticking won't stop tricking me

The clock is ticking time pass away
Now tomorrow is yesterday
Life is slipping through my hands
No one caress no one understands

Can't you see that time becomes our foe
Time stares you right in the eye
With and ice cold heart and a grinning smile
Can't you see that life becomes our woe
Time pass by carless and vile, so treacherous deceiving and guile

Time is the enemy...Unseen
Planing it's tricks on me...Foresee
Won't you ever let me be...You see
Cunning eternally...Leave me be

The hours pass by faster each day
Weeks and months just waste away
Near by near I feel more deprived
Thirty nine and barely alive

Would you still be right by my side
The moment our worlds collide
Would you be mine until the end, and again

We all fall apart, like trumbling towers
At wits end, the gate is near soon I will be out of here
There is no time left this is the twelfth hour
My days are done, my time is here, cross my heart and have no fear
4. Treasure n' Treason (4:54)
Emerald green, You shine of hope and dreams
Crystal blue, you see me through
Rubin red, you left my heart for dead
Diamond bright, purest delight
Don't you see, I tried to set you free
I wanted you to be my one true love
Talk to me, reveal how you feel
Does your life still feel so unreal

Won't you ever realize
Our worlds on fire
You're still living in denial, my love
Won't you take me by the hand
We're off to neverland
We will watch the sun descend, never again

Ardent gold, embracing me so cold
Silver lines of sweet decline
Onyx black, fierce as a heart attack
Sapphire, burn with desire
Don't you se, I tried to set you free
I wanted you to be my one true love
Talk to me, reveal how you feel
Does your life still feel so unreal

Can't you see, you're my will to be
My eyes are fixed on you my love
Oh, I can hardly breathe
I concede that you're my destiny
Totally obsessed with thee
You are the air I breathe...
5. Cloud Nine (5:14)
You're standing in the hall
Staring at the wall
Your eyes are cold and sad, bloodred
Your sanity was misled, left for dead

Failed to walk the line
Fallen off cloud nine
Did you lose your mind
When did you fall behind
Tell me now
Will you ever find the key to bring you back to me

You linger in despair, going nowhere
You're forcing on a smile, for awhile
Every once in a while, reconcile
6. Veil of Winter (5:29)
Tell me how does it feel
When your dreams are wrecked and lost
And confined within the sea of time
Treason, way beyond all reason and white lie
There's a time when the truth comes down to die
Are your need so dire
I'm a gun for hire

The tears on her face are crystallized by the winter's embrace
Lost in this godforsaken place seems like she's fallen from grace

Winter, it's veil around her
Wither in every way
And the cold it seems is here to stay
Silence speaks out in defiance and hurtful ways
The road to life has turned into a maze
Are your need so dire
I'm a gun for hire
Can you feel the fire
Burning brighter and brighter

There is not much left to tell
The road is short from here to hell
Toss a dime into that wishing well
The truth turns out to be a lie
Life is just death in disguise
Once burned, then twice shy...
7. Ashes to Ashes (4:36)
I stare into the eyes of sleep, the never waking
Two feet wide and six feet deep, my new realm waiting
Beneath the flowers and the fields
That's where my new journey begins

The roots are embracing me now
Feel the warmth of the earth somehow
The priest close the door, shuts the light
The undertaker smiles
Ashes to ashes and dust to dust

I gaze into infinity, a world of dreamers
I left behind the cruelty of non believers
Beneath the flowers and the fields
My kingdom opens up to me

Come dream with me, eternally
I'll be your savior
Beneath the fields, flowers and trees
We'll sleep forever...
8. Elusive Sun (5:22)
Another dream went downstream
So it seems, my savior
Please bring me to life
Caught in your eyes, a web of lies
Purify these tears, love
You're death in disguise

We're coming to life when we fall down
Here's yet another breakdown
We are nothingness undone
What have we all become

The mirror lies, it divides, mesmerize my senses
You're under my spell
Into the night, out of sight
Hold on tight to me, love
I am death in disguise

Broken dreams won't come to life
Every day remains a strife
Silent screams speaks out so loud
Elusive sun and dark rain clouds...
9. Playing with Fire (5:05)
What is this misery called life
What are these days filled up with strife
What are these words way sharper than a switchblade knife
So hard to find a way to cope
So hard to find a shred of hope
Too hard to justify life for a misanthrope

You're my desire
Take me higher and higher
Playing with fire
Strung out, high and wired

What is this feeling on my mind
I crave for something undefined
An addiction's curse devours my peace of mind
What is this life that I forsake
I drift along in its wake
And when I left you there, what did I undertake...

Mon désir se fait troublant
Jouons avec le feu
Conduis-moi au firmament
Quels qu'en soient les enjeux

(My desire is unsettling
Playing with fire
Guide me to the firmament
Regardless of the stakes)

Are you playing with the fire
Can't you see the flames grow higher
Are you still high and wired
Are you burning with desire
Are you up against addiction
Are you conquered by affliction
Is your life thy infliction
Say your final benediction
10. Fifth Column (6:02)
Who are you?
Who deceives your fatherland
Deceives your consanguine, your kin
And when your heartland burns
Where will you then turn
Will you wash your bloody hands, at the end...

When all the walls come crumbling down
Your fields are bleeding, your king lost his crown
You've been sleeping with the enemy
Now it's way far too late to flee
Fatherland don't give in
Motherland is screaming
Oh, you traitor, our doom...

This is the final war
Breaking down our doors
You viper in the grass, impasse
The hourglass runs out
In darkness and in doubt
Driven like the snow, you'll know...

Traitor, you deceitful snake
Your consanguine you did forsake
Cursed be thee, in Odin's name
Treacherous disgrace, endless shame

Sirens ringing, bullets singing
This is the hour it all begins
Defeat the foe within
Here comes another dawn of war
Like before, in days of yore
Cross you heart and aim to kill
Forward on and fire at will

This is yet another dawn of war
The fifth column's scorn
Oaths were sworn, traison born, heartland torn...
11. Aeon's Embrace (3:55)
This is the end, my time is over
My eyes darken, my hands feel colder
Here, right at the edge of the fall

A frail dim light, growing brighter and brighter
Here, right at the end of the world

I can see the lights are growing brighter in the distance
When I close my eyes, I feel the warmth of a thousand suns...

You were my light, my one true love
It broke my heart to leave you behind...
12. Aeon's Embrace (French Version) (bonus track) (3:55)
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