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Nemesis Ablaze Full Album Lyrics

Sinphonicon - Nemesis Ablaze cover art

Nemesis Ablaze

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  73.8 / 100
Votes :  4
Lyrics > S > Sinphonicon Lyrics (7) > Nemesis Ablaze Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level 6 Draconian (2015-07-26)
1. Genesis of Corruption (Intro) (1:17)
2. Let the Light Prevail (5:30)
How dare you
Show your lies as truth
For thousands beings encased
In dogmatic chains
Like slaves,
Going over the precipice
Blinded by visions of a better life,
How dare you impose
On others your rights
False security, unfulfilled promises
After death, they will come
to enforce their pardon
Betrayal on your mouth,
Blood on your hands
Golden temples
Burned villages,
Fear of the ubiquitous gaze
Cruelty in the name of false laws
He who follows the path of truth,
Fallen eons ago
Hatred, defiled by slander
Rising to bring order from chaos
Float over the reality to crush
Deceitful community of weak
Let the black rain wash away their guilt
Let them be burned purified
Eternal fire will burn the land
Covered with blood of innocent
Majesty of this world collapse
Light will prevail
3. His Name Is Revenge (5:54)
Arise my brothers
Against the tyranny
Its time to accomplish
The final destination
I call you, my friends
The moment has come
That was filled
With revenge
I call you, my friends
The moment has come
That was filled
With revenge
Ye, Whose bodies were burnt
In unimaginable suffering
Disrupted by a dirty,
Baptized steel
You, standing in defense of free will
Have given life
Your souls waited for ages
Let your hand break through the ashes
Insulted tomb of thousands lives
Arise all, throw the curse out
It's time to release your anger
Tortured for their otherness
Rebelled against the common enemy
Let the gateway of hope open
And let from it flow out the flames
Hypocritical age coming to an end
Rejected rose to avenge their fate
Left the sacred law,
The churches will fall
None will be saved
One who travels the immensity
He will lead the souls of the oppressed
His name is revenge
Let tremble followers of golden calves
4. Echos (5:18)
In my head, I turn to dust
Pictures of those who gone
Saturate my suffering
Then disappear
Insanity, an empty shell
Take my last breath
Shadows of crying statues
Surround my spirit
Lifeless damned creatures
Unborn children
Suffer by light, that burns my eyes
Drown in void to reach the bottom
Silence and peace among my thoughts
I go to the place where time is over
Ethereal beings lead me through
Ruins full of blood and scream
Dimension of forgotten
Unspeakable fear of loneliness
Sin of forgiveness
5. Arrival of Alastor (5:00)
Traveled at night in winter abyss
Scars on his face like a symbol of annihilation
Incomprehensible text, filling fear
Clouds gather under the hooves
Scattered light before his eyes
Impenetrable silence broken skulls, splintered wreck
Landscape marked by endless red-dead land
Distant target, oasis of calm, the shed blood
Wretches with his mouth dripping with lies
Wrap him fame and honor as divinity
Their end is near, leprosy devour their souls
Their bodies cold as stone, shapeless creatures
Winding among dead trees
Their bodies cold as stone, shapeless creatures
Winding among dead trees
Thousands of thoughts materialize in front of him
Demons like growling from the ground
Unreal images occupy his mind
Blend with reality
Swamp of dilemmas slows its movement
Branches wound his dead skin
Those who are waiting for his arrival
Suffer torn by the saints of sinners
But its almost time for payment
Heads will roll along the bloody flux
Ultimate truth is coming
An end of tyranny of the enlightened hogs
6. Fall of Purity (4:56)
Wasted innocence, cries of mental pain
End of her existence, disgraced by inability
New chapter of darkness rapture
Shedded blood black like a coal
Ripped clothes will not shine anymore
Only the cry of particle
That what she was once
Embryonic pose of false security
Humiliated in her nudity, staged before a crowd
Thousand of scornful glances penetrate the essence
Of which she was once
Scars on her back are still bleeding, she will never rise
Alone in the darkness of their own memories
Spreads her hands preparing for the inevitable
Suffering is becoming more distant,
Hundreds of hands reaching for her soul
Wet touch is piercing her throat
Dusk falls and eternal peace
In chains of slavery flows in ecstasy
New feelings filled her mouth like wine
Bleeding eyes stare into the abyss
The final fall has made
For the glory of enlightened ignorance
Fed by perversion and promises of a better world
Black rain will wash away the memories
And fill the golden cup
7. Bleeding Sky (2:19)
8. Legion Arise (5:26)
Eternal flame has blazed
Beginning of new era
An end of blind faith,
The end of persecution
Guilty pay for his legacy
His filthy impure blood
Harmony of sounds of steel and flame
Screams of pain sound like a choir
Prayer of their hypocritical lips
Last rotten breath
Immense army is coming
To the cradle of corruption
Revenge is their leader
Hatred leaving in oblivion
No need here a dungeon,
Symbols will be destroyed
And flooded with impure blood
No one escapes from life
Stone by stone temples fall
Streams of blood flowing everywhere
Flames reaching the stars
Illuminate the battlefield
9. Nemesis Ablaze (6:12)
To the one who's above our fate
To the one who comes to equal the pain
Daughter of Nyx and the blackest Erebos
Dance with your blade across mortal flesh
I am the one who prays for reward
Eyes dried to dust, heart sold for stone
I am the sheep which God once hath lost
Now as a wolf for vengeance I haul
Give me the passion of suffering
Bring me the weakness of man
Give me the tears of the innocent
Bring me the spirit of fire
From the sun
To the void
To the sense of this mortal coil
I'll nail (your) painful mark
High above the brightest star
From the sun
To the void
To the sense of this mortal coil
I'll heal (your) dreadful wounds
With the culprit's endless cries
Vengeance shall be done
Release your fury
Upon the malice of man
Make him suffer legendary
To let the others know
Arrive to wash the blame
And equal
10. Silence (Outro) (2:40)
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