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Born of a Dying Star Full Album Lyrics

Silent Line - Born of a Dying Star cover art

Born of a Dying Star

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-05-18)
1. Blinders (2:28)
A blast from infinity compressed dust and gas.
Vortex turned implosion, marked the birth of this world.
Time had no meaning then, forever had not a name.
Was it chance that brought us here, or a mechanism of fate?

Speculating on the truth of the universe.
An equation of logic and knowledge.

Spasmodic activity, bore organic life.

Where are we headed without knowing the past?
Are we destined for catastrophe?

Consequences of our time lie in the amplitude of space.
Classic misdirection: "Let lives rest in foolishness."

Blind to reality.
No longer will you hold me back.
I choose to educate.
So that I may alleviate
2. Born of a Dying Star (4:17)
Goliath fist fights behemoths.
A tale too brutal to tell.
This story is far more devastating.
Forged from the twilight of a dying star.

650 trillion soldiers.
Horde together to claim the head of Fenier.
Though stifling, the numbers are not great enough.
This being is greater than the Lords.

The desire of the Lords of the Universe.
Was to destroy the most powerful being of all.
While it lay dormant, the army of the Lords attempt to bring it to its knees.

The first wave falls quickly.
As Fenier has awoken.
The Universe hears a death rattle to mark the end.
The plight of fucking existence.
What are the Lords to do?
They must fuse together.
A thousand Lords combine as one.
Travel to the Supernova.


The Lords strength match Fenier's, even to the blow.
Forces felt through space and time.
Millions of years pass, galaxies come and go.
The Lords crush Fenier.

He has been vanquished.
The Lords disperse.

Fallen souls claim planets.
Once soldiers now Guardians.
They watch contently, as everything aligns.
A most beautiful sight to behold.

The story ends with a battle waged ever-long.
And at the forefront the lords defeat Fenier.
The lifeforce of soldiers turn to defenders of all.

Born of a dying star.
3. Venus (3:40)
Please step away from the edge
This life has more meaning than you think
Just take my hand and I'll open your mind to a brand new path, a life that will last
The current state of things is devastating
I understand why hate is a safety net
But there is more to life than it seems, if we just follow our dreams

Tired of living on this world?
Stop complaining and do your part.
Resistance is a luxury we cannot afford
Existence is precious, so we must thrive
So stop pretending that you are alive
If you're not helping the cause don't be a detriment

We are standing strong, time carries on.
Flash forward to the future, it's beautiful.

They say to progress we need 10% of the population's trust in this.
A simple goal that we'll have to fight to achieve.
Not with our fists, but with knowledge.
Education beats segregation any day, any way you look at it.

Survival of mankind is key
If we want to be more than history
Band together for a prosperous and long existance
Coinciding with reality
This project could be more than dreams
A logical solution rather than an end
4. Destroyer (6:29)
Pick it up

Your end so close to me it seems so blind
Your fear is killing me
My hatred burst at the seams
Empty is all they have to bring
Lies told through out eternity
Leaving behind all I have known

These last morals teach...
Our morals are dissolved
You are putrid in your faith
There is nothing left for us here
You bring me down with your fear
Your scarcity and pain, will not bring him back again.

I don't see the point in all of this
There is nothing more for me to discuss

We need something new to believe rather than deities
We're wasting precious killing time
Since the beginning of all faith
We've laid echother to waste
Our ignorance prevails every goddamn time

For over 2, 000 years, almost the entire planet has bared witness to change after change in almost aspect
One thing that's remained stagnant: slaughter those who oppose, and thy will be done
Proper morality will never come to light

You never know
The path that you have chosen might be the wrong one
We'll let fate decide

How much blood do we have to spill?
Before you submit to serenity?
This is your last chance
Lay down arms and convert your faith to that of a new God
far more vengeful and powerful

No rule with an iron fist here
We're dealing with plutonium hands
Believe me when I tell you that there will be nothing left
Pain and suffering are now thriving across the land
You should have fell to your knees when you had the chance

Mass murder made easier when you have no fucking heart
My faith is what drives your fear tell me who's laughing now
I was blind but now I see
Fruition of epiphany
Mass carnage for all mankind
I detest what they believe


Die hard fans of genocide
You crawled into bed with the devil
Your blind faith, a pool of lies
Fate has made its choice

Power corrupts even the kindest souls
You've created this monster, yet you cower in fear
I'm like the fucking plague, I'll exterminate our entire race
Unless someone can come forth and put an end to violence forever

Determination guided us to the top
Of this unholy war where no one emerges victorious
You made your own bed now you lay in it
And the sun has finally set but this will not be the end of conflict
5. Mass Sorrow (4:33)
Desire for days that will not come
Machinery at play we are all chained and cannot run

A scream of rust as the gates swing shut, trapping all inside
A complex framework to stand through time
Made of bones the blood and steel
Of those who came before to serve

On the greener side hope decays
Tyranny defined
A never changing, hive-like mind
Holds you down, binds you tight, and tells you everything will be just fine
Here in the grayest dawn of our time

We are the chained
We are the lost
These words of poison
Don't come from on high
You plead with an empty and uncaring sky

A tear in the cloud, growing fast
A monolith of fear
A hall of bone, echoed screams
Rancid with despair

We will be the face of a new age
From nine to five, our lives were wasted anyway
Burst out from the never ending sorrow in your life
The vision of a hell
Made just for you

In dreams of silver starlit fields
Thoughts will walk alone
Down a quiet path
To a sleeper cell of their oblivion

In a veil of ash, lies our fate
Servility denied
The greener side aflame
A merciless refrain:
A word of gold, death, and strife
Inside the broken construct of night
Revolution within our sight

Rise, for society
Free of a tyrannical hand

We crash upon the gates to find
They have left us all behind
Divided we fall
6. Spawn More Overlords (3:40)
Depleting resources contribute to loss in our modern world.
Humanity's in pain everyday.
A tragic beginning to a more so tragic end.
Stupidity reigns supreme...
Truth's our only friend.

I will not fall to this design.
Sentient fate rest inside these minds.

In this state the power depletes at an alarming rate.
Due to overpopulation.
Produce and consume more than we need in life.
Defective systems rule and trump all other views.

One consciousness...
One goal in sight...
Established colony fights for human rights.
Populous confused...
Elitist power skews all other beliefs.
The plague ascends!

Monetary gain is the sole source of corruption in our modern society.
Establishments are merely emergent and fight all opposition and change.
These short sighted views are upheld to maintain...
Maintain the status qua.

Can we afford to loose this fight?
Stability lost to this eternal plague.
Come one and all witness the future.
Progression or stability!?

I won't be staggered by the embrace or points of view that others choose.
We live our lives vicariously through our leaders words.
They sing we dance it's an endless road.
Mass tragedies happen at each corners turn.
When will we be fed up enough to fight?
When will all of this end?
7. We Are the Dead (5:08)
Blinded by the everlasting thought, of demise.
The End.
I won't live that kind of bleak and hollow life.
We despise one another it's a poisonous mind.
All lies.
Trust and care for the time that we have left, until it's our last breath.

Our last breath.

Most minds fret: "We are the dead"
No not yet, get it through your head.
We won't die, before our time.
Until then keep it off your mind.


Hide away, crawl and vanish deep inside your caves.
Fear will not captivate my thoughts today or any other.

Why would you not want to experience life?
A deafening sound holding us back from progression.
Hopefully some day soon the ignorant man will die.
Logic will entail and we can move on with our lives.

Live long and prosper!

Humanity needs to wake up and realize the way for a better future.
Our needs are cast aside and as the world turns we watch it burn.

Let this be, the final word.
A tragedy, when all is gone.
Your God can't save you now!

Mankind is on it's last leg.
Perpetual mindset of doom.

Most minds fret: "We are the dead"
No not yet, get it through your head.
We won't die, before our time.
Until then keep it off your mind.
8. Titan's Winter (4:45)
We trudge through endless black, no light to guide us home.
Though faced with complications we carry on.
Time is our enemy, one that we cannot beat.
The most valiant effort against a titan's winter.

Blood stained and broken bones.
These wounds cannot be shown,
if we are to defeat the greatest foe of all.

I won't let this be the final dawn.
This battle will wage until one of us is gone.

Until one of us... FALLS!!!

The avarice of modern man is its greatest weakness.
We must lay waist to the beast or we will never beat this.
Our lives depend on the most basic of emotions.
Will you stand beside us and fight or remain hopeless?

We have survived the night, but this is far from over.
We need to muster all the strength that we can suffer.
A seemingly endless war that we must win.
If all would fight together to abolish demons within.

Vanquish your hate.
Destroy the negative.
Abandon fiction.



I will rise above this, whether you stand strong or not.
I refuse to fall prey to a battle waged and lost.
Malice overwhelms me, but I can thwart it off.
A devastating conflict in which we all must take part.


The avarice of modern man is its greatest weakness.
We must lay waist to the beast or we will never beat this.
Our lives depend on the most basic of emotions.
Will you stand beside us and fight or remain hopeless?
9. A Call to War (2:32)
10. Terminal Atrocity (5:33)

I've walked this endless road for years and in my travels I have seen things I cannot accept.
Recollect the things that I have done in the name of your God.

Apathy is now the air I breath.
A greater insight into my mortality.
Vanquish all who do not agree.
Severing heads while the bodies stay on their knees.

I see the look in their eyes.
Following blindly in this sea of lies
I refuse to give up control.
Faith is an atrocity.

Unchain my soul from damnation.
My path is my own.
I will not follow the book of fools.

A travesty and a waste of my time.
This cult has claimed far too many lives.


Its time to take back my life.
Too tragic to carry on.
My mind is mine and I'm trying to leave the past behind.
Sights are worth a million words.
And I've seen enough to deviate.
I'll make it my life's goal to bury the name of the lord.

Raped by the light.
Destroying my solace.
Virtues meaningless to the everlasting blood.

The rule of Christ has destroyed my life.
No longer shackled to a single point of view.
Defying ignorance and cast out from the herd.

My mind is mine and I will do what is right!
11. A Wolf Named Sköll (4:53)
In the grip of the everfrost alight
Every lake and stream in sight
Succumbs to the bitter, scathing cold
As it falls
Thick, ethereal snow, claims the sky
Padded feet will pursue the sun and the moon
The fen-dweller's spawn arise

Behind this curtain of white down
Obscuring the sun, the stars, and the moon
Fenrir will taste the flesh of gods
Once more

The sun will meet its end
In the jaws of a wolf named Sköll
Brother Hati chaser of moons
Destroyers of the night

Thor grips his hammer tight,
A clap of thunder signs the death warrant.
Mjullnir, comes crashing down,
The wounded wolf falls into twilight.

The sun and moon return,
Light has been restored to this world.
Will this be the last that we see of Fenrir's bleak attempts?

A hopeless landscape, devoid of light
A close call for humanity.
All hail the Thunder God.
12. Corpse Splitter (4:07)
Reanimated from insemination, these tracks have been traced to the house of a corpse.
The blood on the wall so putrid and course, a murder that's laden by forbidden lust.

A serial killer will meet his end tonight.
His victims become imbued with life once more.

Stalking his prey, the murderer gambits his night.
A foul intent with female bodies.
To reach ecstasy he must take their lives.
Unbeknownst to him his seed is necromantic.

Proud of a job well done, he celebrates.
While the cadavers take in his essence.

The corpsesplitter lurks in the dead of night.
As raped carcasses thirst for pain and suffering.

So close to vengeance their hunger yearns deeper.
Closing in on the scent, the undead attempt to feast!

The fear of reality stifles his actions.
A fumbling fool makes an easy target.

No hope for the wretched.

They tear him limb from limb,
Satisfying their vengeful nature.
Every appendage gone,
Devoured with such pleasure.

As soon as the ladies are done,
Exacting revenge on their assailant.
Returned to the land of the dead.
Resting in peace and life carries on.

Life carries on.

The corpsesplitter met a gruesome end.
Well deserved let's not forget.
Many souls rest soundlessly,
A perfect end to this story.
13. King Nine Will Not Return (4:28)

We go back to 1945.
In an African desert;
A plane has fallen from the sky.

My desperation's growing more intense within each passing moment.
The trails with which I am faced are tearing my mind apart.

(Where are my men?
I am the only one here and I can't seem to find them.
Our plane has crashed.
Fire fly can you hear me?
I need to get out of here!

I have been awoken from a dream, cannot tell what's reality.
The demons of my past continue to haunt me.
This illusion that clouds my mind, consciousness reeling all the time.
I hope one day the pain of this will be erased.

Time measures all that's come to pass.

I see my men all together it has to be them.
Fata Morgana!
Doubling then, I try so hard to walk towards them.
They all disappear.
Co-pilots grave, I have discovered it to my dismay.
What is happening here?
I hope and pray for my departure from this place.
A vivid delirium

It just keeps getting worse.


The King Nine, The King Nine.
It will not return.
The King Nine was never seen again.
The King Nine, The King Nine
Madness lunacy
A tragedy and I was never there.

I came to I was lost and shaken up.
In that, the wreckage was twisted like my mind.
My whole crew lost in sand, I am freaking out.
What the fuckin' fuck is fuckin' goin' on?

I have been awoken from a dream, cannot tell what's reality.
Piecing together my memories lapse.
This illusion that clouds my mind, consciousness reeling all the time.
Can I deny myself the truth in all of this?
14. Stalemate Vendetta (3:52)
With all the lies that you'd expect me to believe,
that I'm the one who's solely digging your grave.
Inside your fascist eyes, I see blue turn to grey.
In a love built on a foundation of neglect.
This brutal attraction defied logic and respect.
Time's are a changing light no longer shone upon you ever again.

Where will you go?
And what do you know?
How does it feel?
When nothing left is real.

I'm not falling down.
Your stalemate vendetta has failed once again now you lay by yourself all alone.
Your stalemate vendetta has...

Faltered, dissevered.
In the wake of your growing sense of regret.
These are but crucial times, you should learn to stand.
Support yourself at every turn now that you're alone.
Don't focus on the negativity to which you're prone.
Search in a brand new light, to find yourself once more.

We had to depart.
To make a new start.
Don't do it for me.
Do it to set you free...

I'm not falling down.
Your stalemate vendetta has failed once again now you lay by yourself all alone.
Your stalemate vendetta has failed.

Loveless again.
Loveless again.
Loveless again.

Cult of the Martyr King
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"Our Father, Lord of Chaos and Destruction.
Grant us the power of genocide and devastation.
Absolve us of all wrong doing without conscious repercussion.
Let us live a life free of value or virtue.
Ignore the rights of others and choices they deserve.
Abolish any opposing thoughts or feelings.
Deny comfort and raise callowness in youth.
In thy name, we annihilate freedom."

Oh my God, they've fucking done it again.
Another war waged on the blood of innocents.
When will they learn that the path to righteousness,
Isn't paved on deaths of our fellow men.

We need to form a new process.
This life is so God damn precious.

One way - or another burden,
will weigh us down for certain.

Maybe when war is not the only choice.
We'll move on to bigger and better things.
We must stand up to the powers that be.
Stand up and fight for our lives.

We could live until the end of time.
To do so we must shift this paradigm.
The choices we make will effect us forever.
Get off your knees, its fucking now or never.


We stand as they march.
Opposition to the government.
Their God has no place here.
Fear does not exist.


I will not fall in.
The many stand against the few.
A powerful calling.
Properties of a new life.
Terminal worship.
Religion poisons everything.
Open your mind's eye.
We must not procrastinate.

Judging by the state of our world today.
Addictions and lies, corrupting society.
The world we know becomes the world we knew.
An important vice to that which we must do.
Our future could become so prosperous.
If we abolish the mass of ignorance.
Unite as one to fight the opposition.
Reveal the truth and gain strength in our mission.
Tell me, when did we loose our way?
As a species we need to pacify.
Vanquish the demons that were left behind.
Rise above this stagnant way of life.

Maybe when God shows his fucking face.
You'll make a believer out of me.
But until then I'll be logical.
And process facts as the basis of truth.

We could live until the end of time.
To do so, we must shift this paradigm.
The choices we make will effect us forever.
Get off your knees; its fucking now or never
15. Cult of the Martyr King (4:30)
16. Orbital Resonance (6:07)
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