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The Legend 1 Full Album Lyrics

Signatura Rerum - The Legend 1 cover art

The Legend 1

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-11-13)
1. Rise and Fall part 1 (5:04)
The great storm united them. Domain and wealth divided them. Some settled north and froze their lands. None could fight them. None could join them. Until the south dispensed commands.

Æjn ræg a moræl. Æjn ræg sus jum. Æþin tir, Njidin hære,Rægdöme gun ok læjör. Fro vintar hir röj-en ræg, Kön aldul daukelur. Fro morur nijd. Firbatan lifur.
2. Rise and Fall part 2 (8:26)
Behold the king of north, Rædjion, marching forth towards the summer's claw where snow no longer bows. Attempting revenge, untruth becoming cold. Treason to be hidden, war to unfold. His eye, impervious, the slave of dreams. His dream, heading to winter's death. His death, behold! Swords drawing, blood spoiling the pure icy grass. Smoke rising from Darkez. The city of wizards will now bow to the north.

Decay expected as the wizard falls down on his knees. Imprisoned by the king. No other enemy shall breathe. Rædjion embraced by madness, madness empowers the king's blade - wizard's throat, threatening the one and only hope. Demanding a
wish to be fulfilled, the wish to flee from fate. Trading the life while devouring power.

His eye, impervious, the slave of dreams. His dream, heading to winter's death. His death conjured. "A new god shall rule the dead and lead them into life. The Inverted Sword, from ice forged, in flesh it shall be rife. The king shall be the one who'll reign the
frozen mountain. The king shall be the god when time's no longer counted."

He dreams his life with open eyes. His father's death pervades inside his heart, while he pushes aside the promise he took, the words that lied. Blindness of dreams, corrupted, mislead. One's words can deceive and fall in the dread. Unrav'ling the lines. Unfolding the chains. Revealing the eye, the cloaking of lies.

The inverted sword, the sigil of north, the passing of time and life for demise. The icy wind ascending forth. The King jumped right into his sword! One eye, one dream, one death!

Rise and fall!
3. Legion and Order part 1 (6:05)
Two winds have stirred the line, so word was given. Kings laid ground their shoulders and so the soldiers.
The father of King's niece warned. She heard up close those words. The line was thin, she knew, her life as fleer's ado. Fear in kingdom will brew, the living now alive, will remain few.
4. Legion and Order part 2 (8:17)
A scream, a desperate call, while crying she hears it in fall. The forest attempting recall. In mountain and ice befall. Urging hall, though woods won't unfold. Forging fear through dreams with cold. A stark wind blowing, in fir trees ascending. The girl feels the call. The girl feels the ... Call your way in dreams and blood.
Running, through snow, crying. Towards the forest exhaling aghast. Crying, she stops, reminding her father may be a falling of south. Backing off undone. Insanity spining, forth held.
Until the light's fading, until the winds unite and see the slaughter's ending, which ice shall ignite, until the fire fails, until the dream's reclaimed from life, until the crown lays ground, hall unwilling forthcoming strife.
She fails to go back and take her father in arms. She sees what's hidden beyond the forest and charms. She runs until the light perishes. She enters the eye and dreams the sight of her death.
5. Sand and Wine part 1 (11:16)
Behind the field of view, behind the dream comes through a storm with sand and fear. The smith drops down his spear. The ground beneath his feet trembles and melts away his thoughts, towards the life, escaped, from this endless nature shots.
A stark wind is blowing, in palm tree ascending. The smith runs away, begging a listen to his prey. Running towards the palace. His heart, a bustle from haste and from love. Running away. In the palace, his love, protection from nature's above.
This thought of ending, desire to save his kin. This moment of thinking at all that had been. His spouse, a maiden beauty, for king to adore. She is his servant and mistress, a whore. Two lads and a daughter, two braves and a bane. Forth draws future slaughter, a tempest and chain.
A fire in house of kings and lords awaits the smith with screams towards the wind, the death. His kin, his wife, his kids, his gems, his dreams, his life. The father and husband, the keeper and guide, with light from sunset, the sandstorm aside, he sees his lads and daughter abide the mother, in arms with king untied. Compeled by this moment to kneel afront her. His eyes are weeping divided with blur. One tear from grief and mourning and bloom. One tear from hate, deceit and demur.
Behind the field of view, behind a fire breeds life new. A ship at shore comes near. Aboard through water seared. The ground beneath his feet trembles and melts away his thoughts, towards the life, escaped, from this endless nature shots.
6. Sand and Wine part 2 (1:52)
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