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Alone Beside Her Lyrics

Shroud Of Bereavement - Alone Beside Her cover art

Alone Beside Her

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresNeoclassical Death Metal, Doom Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-29)
1. Effloresce (1:45)
2. A Rose for a Dying Muse (13:29)
Smothered light fades slowly
Dreams they end, snow falling
headstones bleached with blackness
A mother's tear reminds us to celebrate the life that once lived.
And the poetry that spoke through his eyes
Celebrate the life that once lived.
Brave voyage through the dark awaking
Come Brothers Gather in mourning ...celebrate the life that once lived and the poetry that spoke through his eyes.
Shed a tear for all is not lost, our eyes have forgotten our souls they have not
Once again I fall towards the earth with a tear at my brow and a rose for the dying.
Hear me now though I am dying, please stay, hear my words.
Our time on earth has gone forever, though my thoughts of you remain.
Had I done something to change this, would you have stayed with me.
My arms are hurt but their not broken, I will carry you with me.
Solace laughs on a distant shore, while the rest of us fight the ripping tide.
In a sterile room with curtained gloom, you hovered over me hovering over you.
with crowded eyes and mustache that wasn't your own.
But those crooked teeth still made you smile immortal.
Be strong, don't fall I'll carry you there - burden.
gray skies gathered in your eyes forging on
my soul is braced against the hull of my craft.
so I prepare to sail towards the shore.
As winter dawns upon your heaven ,the lamb of God shall weep in waiting.
such grief for it seams that the weight of the lies down upon our shoulders.
Rise, Rise, Rise
in loving memory of david theberdge 75~99
3. Alone Beside Her (10:35)
last goodbye,with tears i cry
in cold septembers dawn
brave alone the mourning mist
time will not heal the love that we have lost
so long as i must wait fer the i shall
from the window i see her face,words cannot bring her back
i am not as strong as you,but such things yeild for mercy
and we could have gone forever,but you always were stronger
were you ever there for me as id lie alone beside you
helpless from myself,afraid of what i might become
this hideous journey through the black darkens me
the sheets still smell of her,a radiance of meusing desire
i thought i knew myself befor i met her
but now it seems that all i know is you
misery defeats me and regret finds me each day
lonliness empowering,with sympathy a slut and a lier
she wills me to die again and again and again
how sadly i saw the world,the day her eyes spoke the truth
her tiny imperfections magnify
a gamelon,a symphony of simple sounds
jestures in sequence,past lives crashing,falling
i tremble in the moments last touch
she was my last breath....
she was my last breath
4. Unsanctified (1:36)
5. Communion (12:39)
Spread these snow like ashes before me
I stare through the cage at wasted moments in time
what I leave to this earth in such sorrow.
I ceace to exist in your eyes. and it pains me to the brink of starvation
Leaving this life within pale tones of blue behind thine eyes, a shifting hue. Bleak trancient, cast onto oblivion, it pains me to the brink of starvation

Spread these snow like ashes before me (What I leave to this earth in such sorrow)
Watch them melt I end my life(broken glass in an empty room, shattered hearts in a vacant womb)
Spread these snow like ashes before me (Sonnet skies, poets die, bleak human suffering)
As my secrets slowly die (They died in my arms, destiny has forced my hand)
What sorrow, is this, that I have never known
What pain is this, that haunts my very soul?
Beloved hope, I wane through what once was
Beloved self I wane through thee.
Turn away, do not see what I have become
Do not lie thine eyes apon me
Do not see what I have become
Staring back through hollowed eyes.
Condemning me to live within my lies.
Do not lie thine eyes apon me,
Do not see what I have become
Do not see what I have become
Your god has struck me down with his jagged wings,
and I frail at his hand
your god has, struck me down
I will leave unwilling to forget
Why have I forsaken the smile I never longed to see?
Why have I trapped myself, bound by the fear of my own faith?
This despair confines me, I find im exiled in a dream.
This body decieves me, I find I'm exiled in a dream.
Your body like ashes, left to haunt my mind.
Your ashes, before me, a burden carved unto my life.
Breathe, take what you must
inhale the pale stench of death.
Oceans part with forced attrition,
and I crash apon the open waves
6. The Forever Dance (7:02)
Ohh,how i remember that night when we danced to the music without notes.
the music within our hearts the music of joy of love of life.
and how we stared unto each other, that timeless gaze two lovers share.
i will never forget the dance we shared. dancing together forever we dance
a thought,a dream,then nothing.
in that brief time we built an eternity
a thought a dream then nothing
blinded by that moonlight glare
the timeless gaze two lovers share
i cant describe the brilliant shine your eyes reflect when drawn to mine
a thought a dream of nothing
remember the moonlight we basked in that night
the beauty,the mountains illuminate light
remember the storm and the thoughts that remain
together we danced like two fools in the rain
i weep for a god thats punishing
unjust god,I've all but died for you
ive lost all the shards of sanity
im blessed with ,this hollow fantasy
Shroud Of Bereavement Lyrics
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