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Roont Full Album Lyrics

Show of Bedlam - Roont cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-15)
1. Roont (8:58)
Sweat runs down my breasts as I plow this hell
They think I don't see what has become of me
My fate is bent
Wish I could pray God but He's dead and gone
in my heart

(A verse missing, not printed in CD booklet.)

Bellowing beast with glazed eyes
What have they done to you
Hefty mass so strong, but your mind is gone

I think they're coming for you now

I see the father, I see the father
The depraved
I see the children, I see the children
Run away

Here they came in slow motion
This might be the beginning of the end

Drinking blue rose tea my dear
To keep the worms outside your womb

Give me back my right to death
Give me back my other half

Here they come

2. 19 (Interlude) (2:40)
3. Vermin (6:46)
Creeping up the walls I watch myself running
Leaving traces of warm contusion
I reach the ceiling with my eight legs
And soon I'll jump

I don't want to touch you with my fingers
I move just like your fingers on your head
and watch your repulsion grow

As we become one our limbs all entangled
Isn't that what you wanted
Isn't that what you wanted!
Just want to smell you smelling me
The waves of infamy
You can't move and you can't speak
You are a bedridden freak!

I watch you become the unclean animal
Creeping up the walls I watch myself running from their claws
Hissed away by hissing voices I am
Hissed away, because it's my lechery they can't stand
I am, I am, I am
Unsuitable for sacrifice
I'm the human animal
4. Dress for Sale (6:45)
Mr. Jack kissed his son goodbye
For the last time he's never coming back
Steps in through another rainy day
In the end we all end up the same
At the end of the road we pay
For our glorious mistakes we pay
You hauled your ashes for me
Distilled my bestiality
Now won't you buy me
This dress for sale

Bang bang! Your hands shake
Bang bang! Your skull cracks
Pull on the trigger I want to hear
Your screams begging me not to
set this beast free

I'm your Magdalene
Now bend over and kiss my feet
The one who peddles her back
Harvests the enemy's seed
Smile at me I'm your redemption
Bite my breasts with bloody teeth
I'm the mother of all sinners
Polly, Annie or Aileen

So young the boy fed you shame with a fork
His eyes saw your infection
You lost everything when you saw me
Pole dancing in a merry-go-round of horses in season

Tick tick tick on the floor
Is it me you're dying for now

Waking up in tears
To a closed casket
Your best Sunday dress
Glows through the wood
Oh my little girl
Our own virgin Mary
Also stained her sheet
5. Itamu (11:12)
She stood there for a while
Waiting for the man
Waiting for the hand to take her
They hear her lies about being loved

Hey! Don't you want to take me home?
I'd really want to
Hey! Don't you want to hold my hand?
I'm naked and cold
I'm naked and cold
And yet I see everything there is to see

Ethereal vapors of venal nature
They summon me into their bosom
Just close your eyes and open your mouth
Eat the flesh of your own loss
It's Alice's rusk
It's Alice's rusk

The visions honey
No! Don't!
They crawl on you honey
No! Don't!

Under your eyes
Make them step!
Under your eyes
Make them step!

Underneath this funeral sink
The sorrow, the sorrow
What is left when you've been through it all
The sorrow, the sorrow
What is left my mind sees it all
The sorrow

Don't cry, my blue baby girl don't cry
Your mother's pride is infinite when you die
Don't cry
We'll never know what went wrong
We'll mend your heels and cleanse your soul

The girl feels like crawling on the floor
And being cradled by the cracks on the wall
Screaming words of frantic echoes
Take everything, it's free
Everything, it's free

Sick and deprived she sinks into the floor
The tiles start to blush as she loses control
What has been borrowed comes back to haunt
To haunt

Sick and deprived she sinks into the floor
Deafening screams that pervade through it all
I told you I wasn't here for long
For long!

I want to be the saddest girl of the whole barren universe

I will rise, like Icarus I will rise
The sun won't burn my wings
And it won't even try
'Cause I own the fucking sky

And you all look the same
And your gods are the same
And you all - and you all
Crucify me the same way
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