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Exodus Full Album Lyrics

Shokran - Exodus cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metalcore, Ambidjent, Progressive Deathcore
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-04-08)
1. Blood (Intro) (1:55)
2. Creatures From the Mud (4:25)
The fertility leaves all your lands now

You are defenseless
Your shrines are trampled in blood
And we are ruthless
So you'll not see the flood
Your wisest preachers
They blindly look away...

Repeating the same mistakes
Trying in vain to be like Him
But all your strength run out and fade
Pray your dogs and release your slaves!

But you deny our excellence - the refusal was sent
You're hoping that we'll be afraid - you're wrong!

"Immerse in the tons of stinking mud
Obey to your new king! (New King)
You'll be left with nothing in your hands
Because of your stubbornness"

Remember how the sun looked like
Before it ebbed
Peace has gone, you are doomed
Cursed sands will be your last asylum.

Concourse of ugly creatures will profane your lands! You start to think
That no one is coming, despite all the blessings - they'll never give you that life.
Fake Gods console you,being stuffed with the lie they pull the threads of fate
But we will crush 'em and you'll got the reason to despise.

Remember how the sun looked like
Before it ebbed
Won't forgive, won't forget
Broken chains can put an end to everything.

But the heart was hardened as a beast
Too stupid to submit
That everything will turn to dust.

"My people die in golden chains
But I will designate the lanes
You wanna rival with me now?"

"Oh Lord, it's more to come!
We will go - they will regret
Heaven won't take their souls in
Close your eyes - you will see
Everybody knows - you're pests
You're uninvited guests"

"A new day will give us a new purpose and strength
Believe us, we're gonna take our revenge
'cuz words are neeless and never leave our tongues
And when you sleep - we're abide..."
3. The Swarm (3:19)
When the mace hit the ground
And light will leave your plastered eyes
Only the regret and naughtiness.
Salvation will not come in any of guises.

The Swarm can not be stopped
Until your lungs are filled with demise
The finger of God
Will break the cage and free our sons.

Why did you steal our pride and kept it in your tomb?
He'll do anything to ruin your life
Angst will pierce your heart, impartiality will fall
Patience isn't our strongest side.

Pray! I won't give you grief - Only empathy.
Life! Don't penetrate you with pain - Only with despair.

The temple of liars is dismembered
The new era of conquers - the bringers of light
Royalty is forsaken, abandoned
Children grown on vengeance and rancor
Are so rude and violent to us.

All of your gods (all of your gods) spent all their odds (just watch)
They won't take a burden of your blood
They don't care (they just don't care) about your hopeless doom
Your wise men can do nothing and retreat - it`s retreat

"Yes, we're powerless - our ruler is hostile and opposed
He must admit the majesty of the Lord
Let your sons off it - 'cause they've been given only woes
We`ll stop the scourge and pain we deserved"

I See the RED assimilates - we walked away
(didn't listen to our words)
Now we can rely only on ourselves

But God foreseen this, his retribution still remains
And it will be bloomed in the mist, but outstrip from the heaven
Took their mind, took away unexpected things
He's the only one, and he will stop you.
4. Living Arrows (3:33)
You'll suffer, his heart hardened once again.
We'll compel you to weep and obey!
The separation! Remember the darkness of this day
The acceptance of power that came.

Damn you all! We hear your cries,
For your cursed fate! Because it's dying.
The destiny - it gives you just nothing
You've lost your last chance...

The intrinsic thread of the fate leads to the gates
Abandoned city is on the remains
Now you forget, all preconceptions won't protect
There was just a shout "When will you finally stop"?

The arrows become alive in Heaven,
Lurking in your house, bypassing the closed doors and
Demonstrating you the power of the holy rage
(Holy rage!)
They'll listen to my will"

Remember the difference between us (forever)
The payment for your sins!
Differences between us. Remember them forever
Seek a new sense to breathe!

"I am - the true potentate of this nation
Do you think, the sun gives you all of this power?
No! It left you to die all alone
But you still adjure it for the protection
Naive fools!"

You'll suffer, his heart hardened once again.
We'll compel you to weep and obey!
The separation! Remember the darkness of this day
The acceptance of power that came.

Pluck it from your chest.

Remember the difference between us (forever)
The payment for your sins!
Differences between us. Remember them forever
Seek a new sense to breathe!
5. Praise the Stench (..of Your Fallen Idols) (3:04)
Death rises upon the fertilized fields
The hand of the Maker destroys all your relics
So when you come in fane, your people praise the stench
Their fate collapses to elevate your name
No way to the light!

A treacherous punishment offends the heavens
You once again accepted the path which you shouldn't stick
(The path which you shouldn't stick
'cause it will lead you right to the death)
Your symbols turn to ashes - their strenght is worthlessness
The waiting is over - it's time to begin

Then you chose to follow serpent's tongue
Cold and venomous sting which pricked again
Have you ever recognized the lies in your own words?
(In your own words)

Temples will hail the sacrifices
You treat them like an idols, respecting them
But we're here to mutilate and to waste
If the sons of our land continue to live like slaves

Time can not change the course of every deed that you have done
But we've given to you the last chance to improve yourself

So praise the stench of your fallen idols
They are delighted when you are despised
You are the one who will never be prized
You're left alone, watching the burned horizon
6. Disfigured Hand (5:21)
The force that you can recieve is more than your own
But you've rejected it.

This time we'll see how hard you are praying...
You gnaw bones which were thrown on the Ground
The voice of clarity can never reach your empty, hardened heads
The suffocation planted its seeds everywhere and choked your breed

Fight for the glory - but you will die anyway
Fight for the glory and suffer
Because of your weakness which is Pride.

Take my disfigured hand, it will guide you to the place
Where the Sun shines so bright that your eyes can't see the true god!

Ashes scattered the plague, it will finish the work
No pity for the enlightened
Ashes scattered the plague, it will finish the work
You're doomed your soul and flesh

Can you remember you said "Your God is just a fake!"
But throughout this time you've been convinced in the opposite
Slaves in locked cages - is the only thing that matters
You will be saved - your only need is to free our sons
But theу'll not forget, no one will forget - your cursed lands
The choice you've made was a terrible mistake

Take my disfigured hand, it will guide you right to the place
Where the Sun shines so bright that your eyes can't see the true god!

Look at yourself, you are like a pathetic rats
Your fallen gods have never been so scared
So let this wounds kill your flesh
And fear will poison all your souls

-"Ominous fate will protect us from this adversity!
And give us strenght to fight it back"
-"She doesn't hear you..stop looking up to the stars
Truthfulness of words will be proved by scars"
-"Oh, disgraceful life! What kind of shepherd will guide us?
And who will give us a new life?"
7. And Heavens Began to Fall (3:48)
You only consist of shame, you'll scream to your gods
You only consist of shame and blossom will surely die
You only consist of shame, you'll scream to your gods
You only consist of shame and you know it, it's your curse!

Heavens are falling on your heads
With rage of distant stars!
You'll feel his eminence like motion of voices annihilating the night!
And there's no solace in the world for you to cry
'Cause your world will die today, so step aside
All your lies will come back with imperious movement of His hand

Please, don't scream like you don't feel that this will end
And believe we will give you all pain from our sons

"Listen, i am ordered to say - falling deeper and deeper is direction of your way
Are you listening? Obey and get a life
'cuz i'm here and i'm your truly lord"

Follow your grave and then you're going to set yourself free - you're ready
Follow your grave, you spill the blood and tears, just go...

"We'll give you all you need to prove your rights
It's the moment of truth when we can't go to the light
We fell onto this sand, we will atone
We are powerless and we'll raise our arms to YOU!"
8. The Storm and the Ruler (3:01)
You're not a woeful martyrs
You're not an exhausted warders
And at none of days
You were not so weak.

Contagious, like a plague.
Go bury yourself as deep as you can
Your wisemen were never felt so bad
Storm of fear will devour the seed of that sacred land
Open your eyes! Open your eyes!
Your gods are speechless.

[Open your eyes! Open your eyes!
Your gods are speechless.]

The Ruler is steeped in his sins
But, what can we say?
God's wrath is fueled by lies
His patience is overwhelmed
The Ruler is steeped in his sins
How much is he willing to pay?
He's just a man.

Your venomous words
Will crumble when you break the line
Your sacred patrons are not prepared for it

Blood doesn't spill from your veins
So why do you feel this pain?
We grab your life, pierce it with knife
But you fight - and we'll end this strife
Just look around and you would
Be able to regret

We'll erase you into ash
Therefore our sons will tear these chains
The Storm will bring you death
Begin to dig the graves!
9. Revival of Darkness (3:36)
The sun will light your whole domain
And bring hope in your heart
You start to feel how pain goes away
But you forget that your gods are fake
Sky turns black and trampled their greatness

We'll stand on our truth - 'til you will not be on your knees
Remember that even on deathbed
The Hand of Mercy won't feed your lands!
Pray! because all your sons are damned, like slaves!
'Cause all your sons are damned.

Darkness embrace you - you're trying to encourage
The Sun which gave you power to pretend you're alive
And bring hope in your heart! And makes you feel so secure!
But you're mirrored in lies! Deny our God!
The darkness conceal all your sinful lifes!

Now You're an infection that soaked this cursed lands
Creator will gladly help to cleanse your defilement
Freedom is gonna be another illusion
Your Ruler scared - he saw the anger in His eyes

Small chance to save your people start to melt
Arise and pull the chains off from your neck
We'll level them and proudly pass on their lands

Your sun dissapeared! Your idols will cry cowardly
And our blood will never be your prey
Deceit! You're bunch of Rascals
Fall in His name - dirty blood out of your veins
And When you fall asleep, we have stabbed the knife into your back

For everything you have done to our sons!
Our Saviour leads us to new livehood
And we'll find you in this endless night!
Life will never be just nice!

Trying to forgive - but we get only suffering
Living in His name - and we`ll deprive the roots of your heritage

For supreme atoning vengeance!
Heart of your Ruler was hardened again
Remember all the harm, what you have done for years
You are surrounded! No save from His will!
10. Firstborn (3:10)
Your gods are falling, your lands disgraced with falsehood
We start demonstrating your insignificance.

So stop to run, and pray for those
who are waiting for coveted freedom
which build on a shame
You'll bleed in their name,
and your Gods can do nothing to help

Your life - for our pride
Bury your sons - your hands in their blood
Fight? You cannot stand strong!
God! Will show you what it means
Scream! 'cause hate you gave us will comeback to you with double force

Firstborn will die when sun will slip away
You tried to live with shame in castle of sand
God will punish everyone who kept our people in dirty tombs
And savior will come, but recede
It's the time of your fall - and your children'll be its soil

Your endless tears don't make you more significant to Him
He will no longer wait until you've killed yourself
Your end so near...

You thought that you can choose your destiny
But never thought that destiny will cheat on you

Bow down before your God
You`re filthy maggots - he will teach you
With the Blood of the Firstborn

Your life is fading out, you cursed idolaters
We'll give you something you called persuation
Feel our rage oozing through the open wounds
Your children take it to the grave...
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