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Reach Beyond the Sun Full Album Lyrics

Shai Hulud - Reach Beyond the Sun cover art

Reach Beyond the Sun

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metalcore
Album rating :  86.7 / 100
Votes :  6
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1. The Mean Spirits, Breathing" (2:56)
Welcome to the new age where wealth is weighed in spirit.

And only dead men beam.
There is no light in the loam.
Sparks in the ash

Exhume the light
Entomb breathing hate.

Vicious hearts are alive.
The noble are dead.
The earth thrives on the substance of its corpses.
Mean Spirits, breathing, befoul the air.

Above ground tread the wretched.
Destiny has been careless in how it's filled our tombs.

What rots underground,
the remains scattered,
was a godsend to mankind:
Gentle hearts once nourished with hope and compassion.

As flesh judges flesh, bury the bodies bred in malice:
Spite will smother in soil.

And I would trade 1000 lives for you.
For one more moment in farewell.
One more mere moment.
1000 lives.
For you.
2. I, Saturnine" (1:46)
Weighted down by earth and man,
A dispirited husk mired in blood imbued in soil dispares
The minds of my brothers are unsound, their hearts flow desolation.
Is ours, indeed.
A sunless path to waiting graves we prepared for ourselves?

Dear God,
Raise not my eyes, misery has blackened the sun.

Weighted down by earth and man,
A directionless husk in dire need of asylum withdraws...
For the only light in bedlam is the dark of isolation.

Draw cold universe into your lungs.

Empower the earth to devour your spirit.

Reap your flesh its worth in bloodletting.

Upon lamentation under a rotting star,
I reconsider my manner to exist amongst this chaos.
3. Reach Beyond the Sun" (3:00)
Come forth from darkness, though I promise you no light.
The sun beats down reflections of the despondence in our eyes.
To lie in malaise is to submit to the grave,
And we will not rest in peace.
The infinite awaits.
Extend, outreach...

Our days are as bleak as we permit.
Reach beyond the sun,
Where hopelessness has yet to spread.
Reach beyond...

No mortal soul will soar the expanse of the mind
(While) descending deeper into the abyss of the heart.
Set against twice its weight in sorrow, it does not rise.
Bereaved of dawn, Imprisoned by midnight breeding inside,
Brief lives wither away under a darkened sky of their own creation.

With just one spark, I could rekindle the sun with my very hands.

Our days are as bleak as we permit.
Reach beyond the sun,
Where hopelessness has yet to spread.
Reach beyond the sun.

4. A Human Failing" (3:30)
Open hearts always ache,
Beset with pain,
But alive.

Spent hearts close.
Closed hearts die.

Preservation of warmth is a battle for a culture downcast.
The callousness of frost tempts the weak and weary.

A human failing lets its heart die.

The frozen tears, unfeeling as stone,
Of a mortal glacier, detached as an island
From crystallized hearts of unbroken ice.
They wash the warmth away.
Reborn in winter, numb to pain
Desperate souls invite death inside.
We breath the bitter air of warm hearts turned cold.

A human failing lets his heart die
A human failing lets her heart die

Hasten to the tundra
Prevailing sadness is swept across a cold lifeless plain
The most dismal season to choose winter as our destiny,
Preferring chill to the pain.

A human being flows the warmth of red blood.

Reborn in winter, numb to pain.
Desperate souls invite death inside
We breath the bitter air of warm hearts turned cold

We human failings

Born of winter, numb to pain
A desperate soul invited death inside.
I breath bitter air, my warm heart turned cold.

A human failing, I let my heart die.

Will we bring our hearts back to life?
5. Man Into Demon: And Their Faces Are Twisted With the Pain of Living" (2:57)
Disfigured forms will envelop the skies and shadow the globe in swarms.
As petty hates warp hollow-men, their visage scowls and swiftly distorts.

The pain of life has twisted your face,
You stagger with the hooves on which you walk
The pain of life has altered your physical state of being
Devolved and mutated, a mortal mockery,
Grossly winged and given flight.

Malformed brows, misshapen minds,
Every heartache brings a new deformity.
Morbid growths form on beasts of weakness
Reshaping men into demons.

Man into demon
Earth into hell

I maintain fortitude on this demon-haunted world,
Not the dysmorphic shell of a delicate man,
But a beast of outrage and opposition.

The pain of life has twisted your face
You stagger with the hooves on which you walk
The pain of life has altered your physical state of being.
Devolved and mutated, a mortal mockery
Given flight by demons wings.
6. Medicine to the Dead" (3:20)
My Kingdom for a conversation...

These lands are far from silent.
Resounding with the tumult of the dead:
No words awash with depth or concepts wiser than unwise.
All notions of sanity are laid to rest within walking drones.
The living lifeless, straw men set to burn.

No cures..
No means to inject sense into the senseless.
No Hope
Medicine to the dead.

And forward without foresight, further down a destructive path,
Step to a future in flame.
The exchange of thought and communication for heedless instinct will leave us charred, not merely shamed.
Left in a woe fused with wrath.

No cures.

None who believe to be well will ever be healed.
Nor the sick who dare to speak outside the realm of reason.
A hospice in vain dispensing medicine to the dead,
Our kingdom is lost.

Crack open the stiffened mouths of the skulls.
Delight in the breaks.
Overdose the dead with proven remedies,
And we remain no less hopeless.

We live among the fiercely ignorant and irrational.
There is reason to fear.

Among the fiercely ignorant there is always reason to fear.

The blind and sick and mad believe they are sane.

My kingdom for a conversation.

Our kingdom is lost.
7. To Suffer Fools" (1:42)
To suffer fools is to exist:
Bounded by those who deem themselves wise.
Never veil your eyes, turn deaf, or disconnect your mind.
Clash, and clash hard.

We suffer fools

From the flat Earth drifting away into warm delusion...
See it fit to have them forced back down.
Slammed into the clay.
Fathoms deep.

The fool always claims to know.
Steeped in misbelief ,
Fool, never claim to know.
Your ideas are wrong.

Pour the salts of acumen straight into the eyes to recondition the mind.

We suffer.
8. Think the Adder Benign" (3:56)
I will walk with you, my friend, in the search for insight...

Let truth be told,
If not malicious, the nature of humanity is volatile,
Often thoughtlessly brought to irrational ends.
And I have mused on the future that may effect...
Dark times designed of dark minds.

Now please walk with me, my friend,
this is what i believe and know to be true..

I believe and know fear runs deeper than reason,
That rampant weakness is veiled by aggression.

I believe and know defeat is the order of man,
Resting well in euphemism and excuse;
In biting reality, eternally sleepless.

No, I do not believe roses only bloom just to conceal the thorns.
I merely accept the thorn pricked finger bleeds.

It is foolish to think the adder benign.

Let us walk together in acute perception, wake insight from sleep;
Outside of doctrines, anchored in bitter reality.

I will walk with you, my friend.

We will walk...
9. Monumental Graves" (3:54)
Hold fast; an entire world means to bring you down.
Reveal your heart to the heartless...
They will bring you down.

He who stands to reason will stand alone and he will surely fall.
Disregard your regard for humanity.
Be wise to prepare to fall.

Monumental hearts mean little more than monumental graves.

Creation shuns that which brings temper to spite;
Hope and its bearers steadily die.

Flesh may be pierced to bleed, readily brought to death.
True strength is inviolate
A brandished weapon feared solely by the breakable.
Built on backbone and reason,
The monumental heart is steadfast,
Even in death.

Your very nature will be used to bring you down.
Brace yourself for the onslaught.
10. If a Mountain Be My Obstacle (3:30)
Dust off my back and onward...

Sheer mass and stone.
Random bits of bone and organ.
Man opposite Mountain.
When the earth towers and refuses to bow, I will give it pause.
Keep tall, A mountain falls hard.

Heart to summit, resolve to mass.
Make way, be scaled, or bore through.
As fine a motive as obstructing my view
Keep tall: a mountain falls hard.

Forge on, conquer.
I can move a mountain.
Just speak of failure and concede.
Strong and silent, I will move a mountain...
Or see it crumble as I break it down.

So toward the sky we climb..
This is reachable
Altogether obtainable avow the bones in my back.
That I have taken on man and myself with success,
I am thrice what I was and much more to become.

Forge on...

Move mountains, or break them down

Know the will of granite lies in bone. Steady dome, cause my brow and body to sweat
My tendons to ache.
Crimson the earth
Make bloodstained mountains.

Sheer mass and stone.
Random bits of bone and organ
Plow through the mountain.

Dust off my back and onward.
11. At Least a Plausible Case for Pessimism (3:35)
The pauses taken to reach a deeper comprehension
Lead to further fear and apprehension overall.
In seeking a moment of clarity,
She found herself misdirected,

Why think at all
Endure the aches of actuality
As the outside world embracing apathy is blessed with oblivion?

Heart and mind at odds again,
Always and forever.
Betrayed by introspection, eternally
The searching of the soul is a scythe to the essence of oneself..
A tender core so selflessly reaped.
Heart and mind wounded again,
Troubled deeply

And does she gain in the throes of lucidity?
She, too, could know the comforts of oblivion.

Heart and mind at odds again, always and forever.

She, too, could know the comforts of a blessed life,
Blind to truths, rejecting the depth and need of human understanding.

She takes no pause to reach a deeper comprehension,
The heavy toll of fear effected a depletion of faith.
Reveling in this moment of clarity,
She found herself liberated.

Why feel at all?
To endure the aches of actuality.
The outside world embracing apathy is not blessed.
But condemned to absurdity.

Rather die alone than in oblivion.
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