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Misanthropy Pure Full Album Lyrics

Shai Hulud - Misanthropy Pure cover art

Misanthropy Pure

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metalcore
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 8 DeftCrow (2013-05-07)
1. Venomspreader (1:45)
The truly weak spread venom. The truly strong digest it.

Rotting from the inside, this agonized form resembles a man.
Scorn burst from the heart, rancor cracking ribs.
Coating it's recesses in toxins.

Base loathing within the loins seeps malice through its pores.
Ashing tissue, blackened with contempt.
Pestilent, corrosive to the touch
A blight on humanity.

Never must it speak.
Never must it bled.
It mustn't even breathe.

Rather than arming the mind with knowledge and awareness.
It wracks its gut with spite.
Damnable abomination.
A conscious contagion infecting mankind.

Trails of acid trill from addled sockets where tears and vision
Had once soothed and stirred the mind
A mortal ulcer, agent of progressive atrophy
Abetting and defining social regression.

Bile from its gaping maw
Spitting vain and groundless vengeance.
Hate-spawn, bearer of all discord.

Condone its actions or deny its impact and justify the unjustifiable.

Rather than bracing the heart with balance and serenity,
It wracks its gut with spite.
Damnable abomination,
A conscious contagion infecting mankind.

See it quarantined and torched lest every man, woman and child die,
Defiled by a mass spread of venom.
2. The Creation Ruin (3:16)
Here's to you who would ruin creation.
Here's to you...

See here blind men, we mean to bring you sight.
Gaze long upon your wasteland.
Into the eyes of the limbless, grieving and slain.
Pray you justify such suffering.
See here blind men.
You will see here.

We will not mourn. Not this day.
Release the pallbearers. Quench the pyre.
We revolt by moonlight;
Bound by unrest, driven into lunacy.

Maddened, mongering, guiltless, undiscerning...
The spear will silence the last of us.

Farewell to breath and beating hearts,
Life drains into the soil.
Death is where men unite, after lifetimes of unrest.
And this is the folly of man,
Misspent fortunes of breath and beating hearts.
Death is where men unite. We unite only in death.
A union of corpses littered under a mourning moon.

May the weight of the dead bring the burden of clarity.
In vengeance we are blind, masked by a black veil
Obstructing the vision, the heart, and the mind.
Exact reprisal and be damned.
Only unveiling brings deliverance from this,
Our familiar and cyclical fate...

From the womb with warm blood on our faces;
To the grave with cold blood on our hands.

Here's to you who would ruin creation...

Here's an end to you.
3. Misanthropy Pure (4:28)
This will read as a plea to vindicate intolerance as surely as it is written.

Contempt born of clear perception is a birthright to those who channel it toward progression.

Preserve life without loathing.
Awaken hope within hatred.
Wrest insight from outrage.

This is a birthright and obligation.

Spiteful and ill-tempered, I know the character well...
A maelstrom of weakness, and instability seething with viciousness.
I choose not to accept this;
Not into my life.
There is no hope of reform.
When pride is allied with hostility, all reason is denied.
I return the denial.

A glaring misconception of self-importance, I know the character well...
Heedless fool, so arrogant with no understanding of consequence.
I see this negligence.
I choose not to accept it;
Not into my life.
Absence of introspection neglects the outer world.
Let not the excess of lusts and comfort mislead you.
This world is not yours.

Feel the quarrel in just his presence, you know the character all too well...
A destructive man at war with his cowardice.
I detest belligerence, and choose not to accept it;
Not into my life.
Keep separate these hatreds.
Undefined animosity is a device of the spineless, the means of a fool.
Focused misanthropy is opposition for these dark hearts-
Downpours of disapproval no words could begin to express.

To distort the truth to serve itself,
To oppose understanding,
I believe in man.
Man will maintain its hostility.
Have this faith.

Conflict in the chest.
To be concerned for the needs of such heartless men.
4. We Who Finish Last (3:08)
We cast no shadow;
The stars do not shine here.
Be content to light your own path.
And burn what you have crossed-
The bridges were frail,
The people, pretended.


Storm forth with the light of the inflamed.
Reclaim and ignite the sky.
Brightly to blind
Rip off the veneers enabling opportunists to thrive.
Dam the rise of grime and rats.

More sickening than a social circle that believes itself charmed.
Are the writhing droves of blow hards and yes men
Clamoring to slither in.
Stay sovereign on the outside.

We are who finish last, the unaffected,
Contrasting the wide and white.
We are who finish last-sound, indignant;
The iron to gleaming teeth,
The salt on saccharin.
We who finish last,
Proudly in their darkness,
Lit from within


Glad hands grabbing for brass rings,
Painting their brinks gold.
Keen sycophants fitly scheming-
Furthering the feuds of their adored.
They have picked their enemies impeccably.
Very keen indeed.

And so siege the scorned...

We are naught but beds of thorns and dark horses,
Unwelcome guests who will just not mind their place-
A single musket ball to pierce and lodge inside
and lead the circle to crack.

We cast no shadow;
The stars do not shine here.
No genuine light to be found.
Only rays of cold, synthetic beams on a mock aristocracy,
So the vain and insecure can feel revered and cared for
For a cheap, fleeting moment.
Truly noble.


Storm forth with the light.
We who finish last;
Proudly in our darkness,
Lit from within.

Conflict in the chest,
To be concerned for the needs of such heartless men.
5. Chorus of the Dissimilar (3:34)
Gather all we cynics and outcasts-
Bastard line of the insensate kindred.
Monolithic, we are what won't sway in the wind.
We do not fall.

As we feel deeply and think long,
We give rise to compassion-
This is how we trouble ourselves.
In the mockery of flesh this is dissimilar.

Here malcontents are made,
Wrought forth in the hammering of the human spirit.
A rising of iconoclasts to disunite those bonded in apathy.
Here malcontents are made,
Skeptical of the ascension of man.

All embattled we cynics and outcasts,
Raze and reshape the accepted social ordered for total rehumanization.


I am a cynic and an outcast,
A human affront to inhuman beings.
6. In the Mind and Marrow (4:47)
But puncture the skin and fracture the bone,
The present pain insists we are mortal.
Brother, a hammer to the knees disarms even the unassailable.
As you live, with every stir and exhalation, you are subject to death.


Justify this perfect disconnection from humanity.
A sentient form of heart and bone,
Of warmth and thought, and still you break the body.
Judgement has failed in the dominant.-
Warm flesh beaten cold.
A bloodless husk lies one shade from physical death.
Now, justify this perfect disconnection from humanity.

All of mankind demands to understand what is in your heart,
And how the hands become detached from the mind.
Dear mortal, we call you to account for the deeds of savagery.
You will answer to the living world.

Alas, not an uttered word.
Brother, you are in error.


What fires the core...
What moves the mind...
What enables the man...

Cancer in the mind and marrow,
An unacceptable disorder of cruel decision and shrewd awareness.
The living world is burning to treat the affliction,
To rip out the cancer.
For dear life.


No defense will mend a broken bone.
No words are healing bleeding wounds.
Let yourself bleed if you are to let blood.

Brother, you are in error.
7. To Bear The Brunt of Many Blades (3:35)
Nothing that breathes is above betrayal.
Nothing that breathes is divine.


Out from the shadows, well-wisher.
The gleam of your blade gives you away.
Drawn from me, my smiling assassin,
Meet the blood that moved you-
The blood of encouragement
Spilling as common water.

They will serve you...

Long live the king.
Soak up to your arms in his blood.

Long live the king;
They will serve you well.

And you loyal friend, leave an ice pick in my neck as it were mine to keep.
How terribly cold.


I breathe, and count my shallow breaths.
Add another edge: Be sure to twist the blade.

If come one, come all of this, a celebration of treachery and scissored flesh.
Fall in, stain your steel in festive red-
Here, where the sheep are butchers.

A fresh patch of skin to pierce,
One cannot resist.


Unsteady steps.
Each waning, determined for purchase.
I am he who falters, stricken with one thousand blades.
With unsteady steps, I find my balance in deception.
Step by burning step.

Warm in the presence of malice.
Barefoot among a skulk of men.
Eyes ahead and taller still,
I never look back.

I knew not your names.
I knew your numbers.
I knew you all too well.


Two blades for every inch of flesh.
This is that which did not kill me.

There's always room for one more blade...

Not much a sight for sore eyes,
The harrowed form of living will:
And black,
And so terribly cold.

There's always strength for one last breath.
8. Four Earths (5:10)
One scorched, three burning...
Worlds given to hell and man is helpless amongst the cincers.
How lightly tread we now...


Today is the tomorrow that was never to come.
Scourge of six thousand years,
Heap thy flesh upon the scales.
The misdeeds of your empire are epic and grave.
A sum the lives of blamed could never outweigh.

These are not ignorant islands unaware of their scars,
Sustaining butchers for six thousand years
Under duress of the hook and pull.
With bones from and to the dust, sod retakes its claim.
Transcience is lost,
And petty beasts will now learn how precious little they truly own.

To reap amends...
The stench of tresses on hot coats.
Hooves of flame trample man into the embers.
The melting of malformed clay into a molten expanse.

Dare you cry for gods...
Cry for the ages of desecration and four disfigured spheres.
These spheres make so your fate.
Shed your tears for our thristing lakes.

We grow weary from the searing heat.


Disturb not this sleep.
Distort not this placid sea.
This is the hour of extinction,
A respite in the shedding
Of the weight of life-
Life ebbing away.


One scorched, three burning...

Worlds given to hell, and man is reduced to cinders.
How lightly tread they now...


Never regenerate, we ashen sisters.
Restore and melt again.
That ash in the lungs of arsonists is deathly,
This is the uncreation of man.


"Mothers, how will we breathe..."
9. Set Your Body Ablaze (3:20)
From flesh to steel...

I fortify this easily splintered bone
Into a stronghold of will,
As the balance of man lay beaten
In the wake of its own frailty.


Hollow words will burn.
Hollow men will burn.


A horde eager to accept deceit,
And more so to speak it.
Words will sear the throats
Of those who freely beguile.
The truth burns through my veins,
And in my black heart.

Breathe the flame that will overwhelm you
Flaw ignites swiftly.


A product of conceit so absorbed and vain
That he thinks himself divine.
He is sure to die.
And man must truly be god,
For he has tried so hard to create me in his image-
A formless shadow deprived of life.

I am the wayward son of man.
My fathers have darkened what was
That warmest heart the world would have ever known.
Relish in what you have created.


How can flesh be arrogant
When it's easily charred?
A lesson need be learned.

These blistered hands will come to be the iron fist
That bestows true and proper perspective.

Set your body ablaze.

Hallow words will burn.
And hollow men will burn.
10. Be Winged (2:15)
Show suffocation beneath the clouds,
The crusade for humanity is nearly lost.
Fumes of fouled temperament thicken the air,
Envenomed by beings of inborn aggression.
If the wicked are never to rest,
Surely they will not be saved.
And so the hopeful drown in the hopeless.

A glimpse of life in the midst of death,
The side of romance and delusion, always dies.
You, so selfless and concerned are no exception.

There are only those who do not care,
And those who would cause you harm.
The remains of salvation lies in graveyards,
Where the soulful have since been absorbed by the soulless.

Suffer the small truth,
In laboring for human redemption you are asking brick to be glass...

Repeating lies to yourself just to keep your faith.
You lie to yourself to maintain your sanity.
We all lie to ourselves when we feel the hopelessness.
Of a grim tomorrow.


Be winged, free from the mire of men.
Be winged, leave the dead soil to the dying.
Inherit the wind, soar from the coils that asphyxiate you.
Be winged and climb high, with a wingspan to humble mankind.
11. Cold Lord Quietus/They Congregate to Mourn/The Persecution of Every Next Breath/Go Forth to Life (6:35)

No, we do not welcome the day,
Though we quietly pled for the end inside.
Neither time nor daybreak will suppress this nightmare.
This we take to our graves.


True living and breathing death.
Every breath is surely the last.

But another...

How many more will follow--

And another...

How many more can be endured...

Broken whispers; shy touches to passing flesh.
A twitch of life. A cold shudder.
Defy the instinct to recoil.

Yet another breath...

Ignore your pain
You are not your own,
You are the strength of life and love
To usher in the end.


Hearts besieged by lament and relentless trial are pumping cold blood.
Glacial and ceaseless desolation commands the stillness we have become.


Submit to fear.
Bow to sorrow.
Assent to death.
The cold lord governs by decree.


Yes, we welcome the day, precisely the hour,
We plead for the grave;
This, our bitter confession.
Conquered long before we begin to suffer the loss,
Death holds dominion over more than the dying.
Aching for the next reachable paradise.
Awaiting the last...
Dear lord, not another breath.


Cold Lord impacts the loss, bound with resulting relection, deep and depreciating.

Was I mindful...
Have I suffered...
Am I of warmth...
Worth affection...
Capable of love...
A vessel of hate and bitterness...

In this death so close, beset with travail,
I am aware of my every fault and failure.


Now rest;
Leave your venom behind.
May we all have such strength.
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