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Inferi Sententia Full Album Lyrics

Shadow of Intent - Inferi Sententia cover art

Inferi Sententia

GenresSymphonic Deathcore, Melodic Deathcore
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2018-01-19)
1. The Prelude to Bereavement (5:29)
It came from the magellenic cloud
And spewed forth dark light
Taking hosts, breaking bones into new forms
Not death but something more
He swept us right off of our feet
And caressed the worlds with crimson flame
Taking hosts, breaking bones into new forms
Not death but something more

When the sun withers and dies, and the darkness takes whole
When the reign of the wicked has overcome the toll
The brainless ones and the souls of the righteous
Will burn our holy fucking ecumene to the ground

Eviscerate the beast where he stands
And sever each limb with precision
Each system and it's sentience will be ingested
To construct new worlds for his deadened empire

We can keep this secret from you no more
The time has come for us to defend our stars...
Our branch of the orion arm
And all other life that exists among us

Rise my prometheans
It is time for us to wage war
Let us shatter their bones
And let the skies rain course with their blood

Relish in the miamsa, their rotting stench
And let the remnants of their singed bodies lie devoured by fire
For if we face defeat
This will be just the prelude of our bereavement
2. The Shaping Sickness (4:04)
Only maggots remember the mark you left in the dirt
Crawling, Swarming, Gestating through your lifeless girth
Entombed in perdition, your blood begins to seep
Agonizing torture, disregarded by the living you reap

Only memories of screams infect the brain
Forced to disregard the endless pain
The eternal fire commands your soul to torture

In the land of the damned, blood is the only moisture
Behold the demon flames cauterizing away their names

Fire seizing the day
Bestowed below are those to blame
And sealed for an eternity in an unbreakable tomb
Force-feeding the excrement and vomit from a conglomerate mesh to the newborn
3. The Cosmic Inquisitor (6:33)
I am the great thinker
The infallible speaker of our decimation
The prophet of armageddon

The defilement of mankinds innocence is like all others before it withers
Many before you have drowned in the abyss of ignorance and lies

Walking through ash and fire toward's a casket of the transformed
My skin is peeling, my eye sight fading

My body has contorted before the monument of our sins
Our bodies will be brought forth to behold the great icon of angels, holding scabbards to our throats

I tremble not, nor plead mercy, from such punishable guilt
For I will gladly take my reward in the realm of brimstone and silt
This deed shall not be undone
Our armor will be crafted of their tissue

My body has contorted, but still I tremble not
Nor plead mercy from such punishable guilt
For I will gladly take my reward in the realm of brimstone and silt

You must perish of famine and the galaxy must be cleansed of your grime

The didact has faced legions of the most evil of masses
And discovered the secret of humanity for himself

Humanity had unleashed pure hell across the barren lands of charum hakkor
Known as the primordial, supposed to be the last of the kind we had overthrown
But I would not submit, No I would die at the hands of my own first
But, alas, their answer was at hand
There must be another way
But the beast, it spoke to me
"We meet again, my foulest creation
I am the last of those who gave you purpose, I am the last, you ruthlessly destroyed
I am the last of the gods
The last precursor
Now I bring forth the end's regime which proves to be a threat"

Infesting my delighted mind is the lullaby of mankind's own demise
Our plague leaves you scarred
(Mockingly) Oh, the horror for what they have done!
Embrace the screaming ambience of the wretched choir
We have murdered your fathers, and their blood blankets our attire
4. The Last Bastion (4:14)
We all ponder how he was bore, born from the womb of a virgin whore
The only sin is what you have done, and for that you condemn us
Awaiting the hour of worthy ascension, only to realize deception
The council dwiddles their fingers ignoring this plague
You fools it will never leave

You are a bastard of the lowest hell
A truly visceral entity
No wonder you were left behind
Spreading deception, feeding ignorance with lies

Our species shall ensure humanity will have its resurrection and evolve once again
You will never have your fucking rapture, only a never ending search for the answer
Inferi Sententia you're nothing but a pitiful disaster

The compiled ruins of an unworthy master
You've corrupted our defensive ancilla to believe in your tale

Now ponder how he was bore, born from the womb of a virgin whore
The only sin is what we have done, and for that we condemn ourselves
For we cannot see there is no truth behind your deceit
My wife begins the indexing, for there is no other option that I can carry out

By the time we retrieve the index it may already be too late
For the aeons might be consumed by the ghost of death and despair
And our flesh would replace the stars
All death would replace life
We would never be seen in this universe again
All our marks would be forever consumed
5. The Indexing (4:40)
All this time we ignored their pleas, fighting off waves of their regime
Ignoring the will of the defilers, an ever so lucid dream
Decisions left to the recreants, with their gratuitious lies

This alarmist state of mind will bring only varied cost;
Inevitable obliterate by your own conductor's holocaust

Ignorantly we follow with destitute vision, interested with being defaced into endless oblivion
How can we expect to repair society?

The populace is blinded by an unintelligent ideology
The council refusing to see, with the rule of the builders
My plan would have worked you fools
But now we're all infected
Now we all are one with him
But the ones held in the arms, the only ones to be saved

You cannot understand the pesent age through antiquity
Once he turns the key, we've extinguished life with all knowing certainty
This is the end of our time
We all are the dead

I am the afterbirth of devastation's womb
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