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Hijo Perdido Full Album Lyrics

Shaded Enmity - Hijo Perdido cover art

Hijo Perdido

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Shaded Enmity Lyrics (38) > Hijo Perdido Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-03)
1. One Way Out (5:43)
In warning i give to you
The lost one spoke my name
Yet i hide to his dismay
Curse and will can bring us still
And right for wrong bring me on
Sun looks still against my will
And there is ice underneath
And i am in between
And i no longer know

And i saw my own demise
And there is only one way out "one way out"
And i saw my own demise
And there is only one way out

Life on a can just kick till it tilts
And pray the rope doesnt break
For all will know mistake
Taste my sweat its amphetamine
Chemical spill that went my way
And only glass can hold whats in
I fault fire and wait till dawn
And i forgot it all
And i never knew
2. Man at the Edge of the World (5:04)
At the edge of the world sits a man on a stone of greed
With a darkened frown and a wish for gold
If it werent for the bird with the human tongue in the copper cage
Quite surely he'd have died quite long ago

The man at the edge of the world
And laughing, we will go, to the man at the edge of the world

And one day perched high above his stone sat this lonely man with an empty cage

And the man fell ill and died alone for his only heart had flown away with the wind
3. Hijo Perdido (4:34)
Nino que esta solo, de onde van todos?,
Mi ayuda, no puedo hacer esto solo
Ya lo voy a terminar este vida,
Ya no seirve, yo no seirve pa nada

Pre con el fuego mas fuerte que todo en mi alma
Nunca puedo decir la verdad porque yo soy....

Yo soy hijo
Yo soy hijo perdido
Sin dios
Sin todo
Yo soy.....

Mi camino tiene las ratas de humanidad
Desde el hoyo me vengo,
Es el hoyo me regreso, me regreso
4. The Botanist (4:12)
Before your evening dawn, act as god and force way,
This is the sun beneath the earth

And underground he waits
And he'll cut them when its time and hang them till they dry

Botany is all i need
Botany is what he seeks
And he waits for harvest cause no one can eat
And he waits for harvest cause we're all starving

Main the botanist, we live off of botany
Expand and fill our space, we count on you for so much more
With unsuspecting feeding life, all and more it comes to an end
5. A Crystal For Your Life (5:47)
It hurts to feel alive
With this substance feeding off me
Never do we feel the flames
The heat is so intense for long
This was the sign we await
And the windows are dark from the days
A vow from us kept our faith
This will be over and its death i await

And this rush i feel is starting to fade
There is no more crystal till we behave
And out of all the minds, why cant i cook anything,
Why cant i cook anything, but crystal

And to return would be insane
A crystal for your life
Cause i'm not coming home

Its been days and we cant see
Its green for miles and our pores are black
Am i this way to become
But i never let it get to me
And our freedom was near
To satisfaction their pleased
And from towers they watch
And listen as the sky opens its arms

Its different when you open your eyes
Through crystal glasses, that were chilling my bones
6. Nothing Left to Give (5:03)
Your gracious to invite us to listen to your heart
And a calling of a thousand, would raise your counters more
Who is that, on center, i saw his face before but
I think it was somewhere else maybe this guys a whore
My wisdom, can see right through your lie
For deep in my heart i can see it all for i am the one
That got away
I am the one that got away

Part after verse: he stares in their eyes like nothing is wrong
Wipe the blood away from the robe sometimes, this happens

Its their youth and their flex that make them cause desire
If pleasure is what pleasure does then your in heavens way

I sat there for many, and every time you bowed
They stand and raise and praise and call your name aloud
The 7 hundred club is full of bile and lies
Who is that on center? burn him at the stake!
Oh falseness, led by this, your will to hate and mate
When rapture comes you will be last because this is love

And for god you do this all, and for god you do this all

Its their age and the sex that makes them feel this way
If pleasure is what pleasure does then your in heavens way
7. Black Diamond (5:16)
An eye causing thunder
Inside, the root of all
These genes, in pool lost
The cause of it all

Black diamond
We'll fill you full of holes
Your worth your weight in gold
But only when your blood is dry

Bred for our design
Led for our lust of greed
There will be another
One more will take its place
8. Bury Me on a Hill (5:34)
When nothing ever made you lose your touch
When silence fills the words that leave your mouth
When you lose the feeling in your soul
And you lost the part that played the song

....and nothing

The sun looked down on us, its eyes had fury
And faith was no more. decide

And i lost the touch, and i lost it all
Bury me on a hill so i can see all the sun has missed

We are not the same in substance or bliss
Its the dna that connects that wont replace

When you lose the feeling in your soul
And you lost the part that played the song
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