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Forsaken and Forgotten | Full Album Lyrics

Shaded Enmity - Forsaken and Forgotten cover art

Forsaken and Forgotten

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  70 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Shaded Enmity Lyrics (38) > Forsaken and Forgotten Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-03)
1. We are the Forsaken, We are the Forgotten (2:26)
2. This is Federal (7:45)
The night is young, the lights are blazing
If one goes we will be facing five plus more
Ten pounds and I, I'm on the move
A fear, a shock, paranoia

For the bread divine
And a drink of gold
For the cup divine
And a drink of gold

Are they watching? Are they listening?
What might you find interesting?
Federal inspecting, you'll find nothing, come and see

The road seems empty, the light is blinding
lit up and now comes truth
The thirst for bone has now been changed
As you are led away you'll face this

Medication for the masses
Pharmacy of Green
Escape from manufactured death

My body soars, my mind is free
Gorgeous thoughts, but they are fading

They just want to take it away
They just want to put me away

It will be dark
There will be rape
There will be walls of hate
There will be skin to scrape
This cannot be the way

Ten steps back and i'm falling again
My eyes are red and bloodshot again
15 pounds and I'm starting to sweat
Who are these faces in disguise?
In my dream i run away
In my dream it goes away
In my dream it stays the same and then....
I run away. Run away. Run away.
Run away.
3. Sadness in Summer Rain (5:24)
If you had a broken watch,
One hand to tell the truth,
One hand to tell a lie

And when they meet,
Pretend to greet.
Put this on repeat.

If they give you bitter trouble,
Just switch their hands.

Dripping on, the stream runs down.
Gasping for air, the current is strong.

A wall can't keep you safe.
A prayer won't keep away a mind so sick it stays

When they suffer do you hurt?
When they bleed do you feel?

Share the rain
Pedophiles in denial,
A glowing priest with a loving hand
Follow men that line their pockets
All the sadness in the world.
And I'm standing in the rain...
'Cause it's a cold summer day.

Share the rain
Pedophiles in denial,
A glowing priest with a loving hand
Follow men that line their pockets
All the sadness in the world.
And I'm standing in the rain...
'Cause it's a cold summer day.
4. No puedo dormir (7:25)
Can you feel the ground?
Soil beneath

You rip into the fold
To find the jitter
If you look good, it's among the litter
Thoughts make up the past
To find it all
Straight and narrow to end it all

As far as i have come
I feel I've lost
Zero traction
I'm letting go

I cant ever sleep
I can't ever feel
This life is not for me
I can't ever love
I can't ever please
This life is not for me

Am I on the wave?
It's pulling me down

Synthetic dreams

When all your eyes just thought they've seen enough
When all your eyes just thought they've seen enough

i'm twitching
And its growing
I'm wishing
And hoping
That I'll just wake up
5. If Heaven's Gates are Closed, Will You Wait for Me? (7:36)
It seems foundation, but it's elation
With force like rocket it will break like glass and come back for more
It's all beside you
The scent is tempting
The book is heavy there's a section missing, look no more

There's an opening
That he drops me through
The steel clangs shut
All I see is you

What's this disguise? It's just for loading
In case it tumbles it will hold its force, creation lies
Stick to your path, the motion is leaving
His hand is heavy there's a section missing, put down the pen

Why were you chosen?
God knows something I don't know
Why was he smiling?
There's no heroin in your veins

Can you wait?
Can you wait?
I can't wait.

It's hot outside and I began to think
There's all this stream and I began to breath
Can you hold me down?
He's stoned inside and he begins to think
There's all this haze and he begins to leave
This will hold you down
6. And Life Was Great... (7:25)
And Life Was Great
But it all Left So Soon
And It's too Late
For Everyone is Gone

A struggle to go one step
A fight to take one breath
All a war inside
The Cannons blaze on through
What If I change the tide?
What if i go instead?

It said there was no feeling
It said there was hope
The note was hard to read
The paper was thin
and his handwriting grim
But from the look of it this was no ordinary note

All these things that eat at me
All these things never go away
Life was great and now its done

He only needed your sympathy
A hint of compassion
But there was none
He only needed your affection
But there was none

The remnants stain the walls
You can't bare to look
Reality sets in
7. What Have You Done, Oxycontin? (7:07)
There's a place you used to call home
There's a face you used to call your own

It happened just like that, the taste you learned to love
You can't foresee it, the high you learned to chase
Just some foil, government approved
inhale, slowly exhale

What have you done, Oxycontin?
What have you done?

You're mine in a pill
You're mine to kill
You're mine give me more
I want more
You will do anything

Why can't you speak to me, blood of mine?
Why can't you speak to me?
You were so pretty
8. Indica Dreams (3:05)
9. It Only Hurts in December (4:05)
Age can slay the feeble mind
When all is fine, yet you are bleak

December rain, come fall on me
Come take this pain. December rain

We all decide below
The rigid tree as left a straight blank stare
For all we know was meant to be
A broke hand fiend goes straight into the jar

The chair is still
The earth is breathing
Your heart is seething all is calm

Look in my fear, the fortune is mine
How can i miss? The target is fine.
All i can have has nothing to say
Is this the end? Come find my way.

Look in my soul, the future is mine
How many days? i look away
All I can see looks nothing but dark
This is the end
I'll see my way
10. Prophecies and Pain (4:22)
Reveal the secret, Reveal the lie,Prophecies and Pain

From your post on high
The wicked design of a life
Of flesh
Of gore

Royal robes that convey trust
Of faith

Reveal the secret, reveal the lie, Prophecies and Pain
Reveal the truth, expose the scourge
Prophecies and Pain
11. They Were Only Children (The Touch of Perversion) (8:50)
12. Alleviant Sativa (1:56)
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