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Current 11 Full Album Lyrics

Shaarimoth - Current 11 cover art

Current 11

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2017-01-12)
1. Opening (1:25)
Tiamat, A-Tuku Ushumgal Molatta, Silim-madu Tiamat!

Absu, Gur Gal Lugal, Silim-madu Absu!

Hubur, Entu Mummu, Silim-madu Hubur!

Kingu, Nu-Zikum Sur, Silim-madu Kingu!

Mud Kingu Na-Til A-Da-Lam Sha-Mu Bida Sharush Ushumgal Sa, Ana-Ku Si-A Da-Ra-Es Zisura!
2. Legion of Kingu (3:18)
From the slumber within, from the darkness
Secrets of surreal, I hear thy call
Storming in my veins, awakening the self
And I remember trails of blood
I recall the bloodline from the past

"I am the blackened blood in human shape
I am the beast dormant in every man
I am the bloodthirsty demons who walk the earth"

Eternal chaos I am
Manifestation of unknown land

Slain, but yet resurrected
I arise from mortal to God
Kingu, O' brother in arms
I am you! And you are me!
(The twilight of of my destiny)

We are the gate, we are the portals of fire
Blood-born Legions forever to reign
Outcast of Dilmun, to bring forth our desire
We are chaos in flesh!
3. Utukki Limnuti: - (Summoning of the Seven) (3:46)
Facing to the west - this night belongs to us
The earth is trembling, shaking in fear
And the gates of Marduk raped, burnt and crushed
Retribution - the tyrants are here!

Utukki Limnuti are the seven!
Seven evil demons they are!
Seven are they that we summon!
Seven are our protectors!
Tiamat's dreams are the seven
Created by magic of Hubur they are!

They ride the wind of terror
They ride the waves of death
They burn the earth with the flames of hate
They are the seven that we now invocate!

Seven they are - the starving ones
That tears the angels flesh from their bones
That spills their blood as rain
Utukki Limnuti - They are sovereign!

As above - the seven rules the sky
So Below - the seven rules the earth
Retaliation, you have seven faces
But yet you carry only one name

(Utukki Limnuti)

TIamat! - Almighty mother we summon the seven
Absu! - O' father of the deep we summon the seven
Hubur! - By the darkest of magic we summon the seven
Kingu! - With the powers of your blood we shall burn the heaven
4. 218 (3:22)
In whirlwinds of silence beyond
Through blazing winds of chaos
Behind secrets unknown to man
The darkest eleven unleashed
(The anti-cosmic pulse is at hand)

This is to be - eternity
Unlock the gate - to destiny

Eleven jaws - grind man to mud
Azerate - drown mankind in their own blood

Nin-Tu Azerate Tuku Ana-Ku
Sharush Azerate Ses-Gal Ga-Nu

We shall overcome with might
those who follow the light

Ruler of the blind sword, rise
Bring down this false empire swept in lies
Let their temples burn to ashes
Azerate will take their souls tonight

Tower of Misharu smashed to ruins
Nusku drowned in Marduk's tears
Whore Damkina slayed at last
Darkness of chaos knows no laws
In whirlwinds of silence beyond...
5. Incantation of Hubur (3:23)
Uzza Hubur, Igi-Gal U Da-Ra-Es !
A-Tuku Entu U Ba-Ha-Ru
Ka-Gur, Nin-Tu U Uzza Kashshaptu!
Ana-Ku Za-Mi Mu-Zu U Zisura!

Ashera Ina Hus Nugal, As-Gal Nu-Gar-Ra, Sig Nam-Lu-U-Lu
U Ki Dar, Us-Bi Nu-Gar-Ra E-A-Nir-Ra!
Ku-Kuga Mir Shar-Ur Mu Ashta Za E
Ga-Nu Hubur, Silim-Mada Hubur!
Gul-Gul Es Ina Marduk Da Nin-A-Gar!
Ed Es Ina Nig-Sig-Ga U A-Ma-Ru Salmu Ka-Gal!
As-Gal Marduk, Nam-Mu Sig Kal-Bu-Sa-Mas!
Uzza ushumgal Hubur, sum Rukub-Ilani!
Ga-Nu Hubur, Mah Ku-Li!
Gizzu Xul, Gul-Gul U Healm Ne-Ne Lu-La Es!
Zig, A-Tuku Sharush, U Bad Ina Salmu Ka-Gal!
Wussuru Ina Naru!
Sal-Lugal Hubur, Kindar Mili Marduk!
Zuneme Hul-Gal Eme An Gal Hul-Gig U Tu A-Tuku Ugnim Ina Nig-Hul!
Mu Ashta Za E, Mah Sal-Lugal Hubur, Nin-Tu!
Silim-Madu Ashera Hubur! Ana-Ku Za-Mi Mu-Zu!

Ushumgallu! Kusarikku! Umu Dabrutu! Mashussu! Basmu!
Musmahhu! Ugallu! Uridimmu! Kulullu! Lahamu! Girtablullu!
Silim-Madu Ushumgal Huburu!
6. Flood the Cosmic Gates (3:50)
Movements in the outer atmosphere
A tide of hate - a wave in ecstasy
A chain has broke - The beast are loose
The Mãskim tearing at the last defence
The snake is coiling for attack
The mountain of creation soon will burst and crack
For no gate can hold these powers back

Peta Babkama Luruba Anaku

"For I am the light, the truth, the law, the way!
I am the spawn of might, the seed of decay,
mother Huburs wrath"

Ati Me Peta Babka
onslaught of your earth
bear to witness demon birth
Ati Me Peta Babka
the true divine
the malevolent destructor of your kind
the dark blooded race
to forever devour your illusion of grace
7. Current 11 (3:49)


Umu Dabrutu!









"Like one that on a lonesome road
Doth walk in fear and dread,
Because he knows, a frightful fiend
Doth close behind him tread."
8. It Came from the Desert (4:49)
Pazuzu - Son of almighty Hampa
Show me your path like in my visions
Demon of sickness, reveal your heart
And I will blindly follow

I shall erect your temple here on earth
It will spawn your children's rebirth
And under your almighty wing
Victory of the last war we will bring

"Another prophet shall arise, and bring fresh fever from the skies;
another sorcerer shall awake, the lust & worship of the snake; another soul of Hubur and her spouse shall mingle in the globèd priest;
another sacrifice shall stain the tomb; another king shall reign!"

Silim madu Pazuzu
Ia Ia Pazuzu

Arise - Destroy - Rule - Smite
Bring forth - Death - Decay - Rot
Demolish - Tear away - Let die - Conquer

Ga-Nu Pazuzu, Dumu Hampa
Ga-Nu Kalag Im-Hul
Gu-Nu Ses-Gal A-Bag
Ga-Nu Im-Du-Gud Ina Nig-Ku-Lam-Ma
9. In the Shadow of Akhkharu (3:35)
As ten split into eleven;
Behold the demons
on the threshold to existence

As ten split into eleven;
Demon vampire
born in the blistering night

Gizzu Xul

I am Akhkharu, the shadowhunter
who drain the mortals for astral blood
I am Alu, the soul-strangler
Heed the new creed -Human, prepare to bleed

I am Ekimmu, the shadow walker
cast forth from the darkness of the world
The eternal nightstalker
Who brings death to the enemy race

Inhale - take one last breath
Exhale - I am the claws of death

Ushumgal Akhkharu Zi-Zi, Igi-Gun-Gun-Bar A-Ni-Za-Dub!
Silim-Madu Uruku Gizzu

Inhale - take one last breath
Exhale - I am the claws of death
Inhale - take one last breath
Exhale - and kneel before my shadow of death
Or you will perish
10. Come Mother, Come! (5:21)
Come Mother, come!
Awake shadowed dragon - snake of the salted sea
Whom dreams of vengeance, a time that soon shall be
Dragon mother, arouse from the deepest depths
And grant me the powers of Immortality

Serpent of Chaos - who was all when all was nothing
Spread your wings, arise from the waters of wisdom
Shatter the earth, unfold in all your beauty
So it is written, so let it be done
The tablets has shown us the future to come

Ama-Ushumgal-Anna, Sumu Mushussu Tiamat, Ana-Ku, Sa-Mi Mu-Zu,
Silim-Madu Mummu Tiamat!
Silim-Madu Ama-Ushumgal-Anna!

Come Mother, Come!
Reveal to me where I came from
Manifest your chaos night
Come mother, I call you as your son
No longer shall we shun the light
Take me under your wings, and carry me home
Silim-Madu Ama-Ushumgal-Anna!
Silim-Madu Mummu Tiamat!
Mother Chaos Enslave!!!
11. Closure (2:45)
"Silim-Madu Ama-Ushumgal-Anna!
Silim-Madu Sumun Mummu Tiamat!"

"Silim-Madu Ad-Da Absu!
Silim-Madu A-Tuku Absu!"

"Silim-Madu Ummu Hubur!
Silim-Madu Nin-Mah Hubur!"

"Silim-Madu Gar-Du Kingu!
Silim-Madu Ku-Kuga Ur-Sag Kingu!"

Ushumgal Sag-Me-Gar Dingir, Ana-Ku Ushumgal!

Silim-Madu Tiamat!
Silim-Madu Absu!
Silim-Madu Hubur!
Silim-Madu Kingu!"
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