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Septentrion's Walk | Full Album Lyrics

Seyminhol - Septentrion's Walk cover art

Septentrion's Walk

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Progressive Metal, Power Metal, Heavy Metal
LabelsBrennus Music
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-14)
1. Part IV: Thorgis Last Peregrination (I. The Christian World's Death Throes? (1:50)
Christian teller:
I hope my soul will be delivered
I'm lulled by the waves of despair
Sea snakes undulate on the foam
Drops of blood will bead again on our chaplets
2. Part IV: Thorgis Last Peregrination (II. A Furore Normannorum) (7:37)
Oh lord bless our holy land
De profundis Clamavi
Lord protect us from darkness
Give us a touch of light...

I'm the fallen angel and I am watching you
Evil incarnated that persecutes you
You must adjure your faith, oh Christ's adorer
I'm the creeping plague, the true redeemer
Everywhere I go, I'll hasten to stain the holy land

Cur aeque
Liceat videre
Quae facere
Flagitium est

Sole my memory will remain
Under the sign of the red mark
Where is your lord, the almighty
You're a soul-errant in the dark…

We pray god for his highness
By his hand we'll vanquish
We pray god for his goodness
He's able to stop our anguish

A furore normannorum
Libera nos domine
Oh heaven's king

A bloody curse unfurls over our monastery
Is there anything to do? No sermon, no prayer
The plague of the north pulls down on our community
Where is our salvation? Where is the saviour?

I'm the flail of god, the pagan priest
I impersonate hate, the human beast
Time has come to profane your holy place
All your crosses will burn by the fire of my race
On my own worship's altar
I'll immolate your bishops and your stray sheeps

We will beseech god for his mercy, cause in god we trust
We will praise god for his kindness and a messiah he will send us
3. Part IV: Thorgis Last Peregrination (III. First Interlude - A Fatal Homen) (1:30)
Pardon my king, I... I got a missive for
Thy majesty

Well my dear, what kind of news?

Hum... wicked news my lord... wicked news...!
4. Part IV: Thorgis Last Peregrination (IV. Laments of a King) (7:02)
An other disaster, why these ordeals so violent?
It's the same litany, for whom the kneel tolls?
How many stains does god want to inflict us?
The evil strikes again, is there anything to do?

Oh no, I'm the minister of lord, guarantor of creed
Oh no, girded of the iron crown
I'll fight with my sword my piety will lead

Impious and brutish, messenger of the beast
Those who profane and who rape must be shot
Where are light and kindness in this world of chaos?
Sole the flames of despair, enlighten the skies

Owing to the frank's will, law will reign
And my oath will remain
The cross will raise again to chase the heathens of the land
5. Part IV: Thorgis Last Peregrination (V. Return of the Long Snake) (8:40)
Scandinavian teller:
Porgies reisti stein pessi at Gunnar: jörd skal rifna ok upphiminn

I'm glad, now I can go to sea
My fellows have hoisted the sails up
Shields trim the broadside near me
The eastern road is open and my oars are ready
A violent wind puffs on my banner
It will carry my crew
I'm fixing the horizon, crowned with a halo of glory
Humble and grateful, I embrace my destiny...

I'm blessed by victory, oh Sigfördr
My hamr gleams into the stormy weather
Farmatyr by my side, together we will ride...

Father, I'm skilful at the nine practices
I didn't break the oath of my peers
Day after day hatred irrigated my veins
The sea vomits the corpses, now it's for us a new reign

My fortune lived and still lives by agency of their deeds
Glorious pantheon, I owe you so much... oh everlasting kings

Bonded by the blood of our enemies, we will triumph again
Cause the north is marching, it's a battalion of pain
6. Part IV: Thorgis Last Peregrination (VI. Veizla Ok Orykkja) (2:49)
Pid skulud deila knif ok kjötstykki

Sem fraendr, en eigi sem fjandr

Ragnar, the companion of Thorgis:
Pid skulud vera men samvaerir at öldri ok at ati
7. Part V: When the North Is Raging (I. Second Interlude - In the Winding of Thought) (1:17)
Odinn's narration:
Oh my land, my beautiful land
Thou shall not suffer
Thou shall not bleed
8. Part V: When the North Is Raging (II. Godfred's Will) (8:00)
Die the wealth, die the next of kin
And I'll die too. Then I'll see my family
But reputation cannot die
It's pure, noble and everlasting
My power depends on my people
And by my eldest I'll be tried
From my realm, host and ships will be guided
To the lands of the believers

With the spirit of my ancestors by my side
I'll govern with majesty and pride
We'll live in a sacred peace
And for a fruitful year
By my gesture and my deeds
Welfare will be ensured in a name of my offspring
Cause, I received the high seat and the ring of a king

Odinn's narration:
Rada vile k nu at sinni

When my power will be faded
Then my reign will be ended
When the years will succeed
The anvil of time will reason under the hammer of seasons
Could I obtain my place around the table of Oddin's feast?
9. Part V: When the North Is Raging (III. And the North, Now, Had the Ships) (6:09)
Odinn listened to my call
His voice resounded into the hall
Gods look at me from the Asgard's kingdom
Now it's time to gush out our ships on the foam
Two hundred long boats and a thousand of braves are marching
To Sliesthorp, the merchant! The neighing horses and the crash
Of their hoofs make the land shake

In this epoch of threat, the north raises like the storm on the sea
In this epoch of threat, the child of the north now had the ships

Odinn can you help me in my quest?
And lead my army to the victory
On the battlefield you'll be my guest
Witness my bright destiny...
The march past of the Godfred's retinue dare the west and his master
Oh declining empire, we who are your hangman, can you pray your saviour?
10. Part V: When the North Is Raging (IV. Invaders) (6:33)
After four years of silence and before the emperor's laxity
The king Godfred showed threatening again
He led a true campaign
Then his troops invaded the old Saxon territory
Where the Christianised slavs were settled
The obodrites, they were called...
It will be an era of spring
Godfred is the lord of the ring

Charlemagne's thought:
We who are the faith defender
We who are the temple keeper
We who are the Christ adorer
We'll crush the evil one

Rerik the mercantile town was fired and sword
The granaries and the wares have been plundered
Distress reaches the inmates. Captive was the head of this
Tribe, Drosuk the brother in arms
Once again faintness fed Charle the great
But they told he wasn’t to afraid of them

History will keep this revolt as a great event
It's the first true feat of strength
Frontiers should be protected
Yet, it was the wishes of the invaders
11. Part V: When the North Is Raging (V. The Bloody Ramparts) (5:06)
Shall I tell you the west empire is great
Shall I tell you time has come
The surprise remain our greatest ally
Now we must act or we must die

It's time, it's time to be clever
We'll build a wall and towers, a robust frontier
It's time, it's time to be wary
What will retain the history?
Else our memory...

Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...

Many stones and many stakes strew the land
It was an imposing rampart
Everywhere stay the perched wards
Silently he kept this sanctuary
12. Part VI: The Wary Ravens of Hroptatyr (I. Third Interlude - Dawn of the Gods) (0:46)
Godfred's narration:
Sva skyldi god gjalda
Gram reki bond af löndum
Reid se rögn ok Odinn
Ran mins fear hanum...
Folkmygi lat flyaja
Freyr ok Njördr, af jördum
Leidisk lofda stridi
Landasss, panns ve grandar
13. Part VI: The Wary Ravens of Hroptatyr (II. The Conquest Is Marching) (7:45)
Case Godfred had pledged one's word
He chose to honour the ring he has girded
Itzehoe, beyond the Elbe river
Was the first prop of the Charle's soldiers

Then the king...drove his boats...on Frisland shore
He landed...with his troops... close by the harbour
After plunder of the abbey
The norsemen imposed a tribute
Their ships must be pilled again with money
All bells and voices will be mute
Then the king...spoke again...it was a new menace
He will tread axminster and will burn the palace

Charlemagne's words
If I cannot cheek this demons by my sword
I should use cunning and treachery
If I cannot chase these heathens by my hand
Then the death of their king will be a tragedy

At times the success of the chief seems supercilious
Then the envy is stronger than the respect of the master
Trustworthy friends aren't numerous
Profit even changes the best

At times the glory of the chief is unbearable
Then hatred is higher than the respect of the master
The genuine friends must be reliable
The greed even changes the best
14. Part VI: The Wary Ravens of Hroptatyr (III. Breath of Fate) (6:15)
Odinn's narration:
Pu skalt deyja

Walkyrie's narration:
Deyr fé, deyja froendr
Deyr sjalfr hit sama
En ordstirr
Deyr aldrigi
Hveims sér godan getr

Why must I die? Am I too determined?
Now I see the gates of Asgardr

Walkyrie's narration:
Take my hand and leave your skin
Take the path of glory
Taste the immortality

Why I cannot breathe, why all is blank
My corps is lifeless, I'm filled of an odd pang?

Walkyrie's narration:
Praise this gift and praise your creed
Drink the oblivion's mead
Taste the immortality

The blood stains my face
Must I die in disgrace?
Out of my wounds my soul can survive
I squeeze my sword close upon my heart
Now I hear the dirge of the maidens of war

Stamfader, much obliged
My harm, my blade are for you

Walkyrie's narration:
Serve your fellow, serve your fate
Eat the eternal meat
Taste the immortality
15. Part VI: The Wary Ravens of Hroptatyr (IV. Fourth Interlude - The Kiss of Dusk) (1:30)
I feel the caress of wind on my skin
A breath of delivery surround me
Even if the time is deadly
My hopes must go on, like the cycle of seasons...
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