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Opium Morals | Full Album Lyrics

Seven Sisters of Sleep - Opium Morals cover art

Opium Morals

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSludge Metal
LabelsA389 Recordings
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > S > Seven Sisters of Sleep Lyrics (9) > Opium Morals Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-12-04)
1. Ghost Plains (3:47)
years come to a close
fog crawls on the ground, soiled by those
who frightneingly gather, under the fucking banner
hands cup ears, nothing but echoes

his army of hellhounds, defeated by
one stormy eyed fox, warnings unheard
relative of the siren, who brings the fog
masks penetrators, moving like wind
close up turning point, eyes finally widen

float upon, the returning echos
to the protecting banner
welcomed by a demon whore fox

years close, diseasor exposed
one blooded hand
nothing but echoes
2. Moths (4:11)
moonless skies, no light, on this path
suddenly fire moths illuminate
a forest bed bounty, ripe for the taking
unlocking the cure to this solitude

nine horns of the demon
will lead us through
nine horns of the demon
will free us, and they will fuck you
begging the moon, to never return
3. The Flock (3:10)
research the man, monitor
gain access to his world, infiltritate
pose as his sheep, one with the flock
never show the teeth

march with the flock and the shepherd
travel by the shepherd's side, rising hand against none
gain their trust, lead with confidence
use their blind faith as an advantage
no calls for help, as they slip off they earth

lead them off this earth
we use their blind faith, to lead them from this earth
4. Grindstone (2:45)
struggling more and more, with every day that passes
life piled fucking high, buried under dying hope

the weight of this Time is paralyzing to all
now we can be lifted when we find the snow
buried no more under hope

when the burden returns to our backs
coming down, grinding and sweating
anticipating a broken fucking neck
5. Sunday Mass Grave (2:53)
revelation of a fucking nightmare
mindlessly clutching to a false apparition
revelation will bring forth our doom

praise the holy sabbath
recognize this day
lay down all the tools
rest ones hands on the 7th day

come rest here child
nothing to be afraid of
come take my hand

we've prepared a bed of soil
rest one's hand as well as the mind
wash away the stench of the days
silence now, my child, no revelation tonight
6. Orphans (2:30)
sustaining fucking nothing
rotting everything we touch, making up our history
man approaches the self fulfilling prophecy
lying whore virgin birth, will foresee the end of the earth
let the children of deities
running flags and raising arms
we are the godless orphans, fall to our knees
gaze upon their slaughter, we are free from harm

now only our land remains
fertilized by the fallen weak men

son tomb burned land
7. Reaper Christ (2:50)
born in a mortuary, cold and alone
Gray with empty eyes.
followers bow around him, feed the fire
cunt slaves praising the empty skies

wandering through annihilation
gray cloak dooms all of life
they hide behind a promise
with no possibility of proof

wandering follow desperation
gospel song turns to screams
fuck a savior, save yourself

as the water melts, to sand freezes into stone
but the constant, bleeding constant, save yourself
from this wandering son
8. White Braid (4:14)
thrown into a losing battle
inherited from the diseased womb

disconnected from a life source. cut off too soon
withdrawals at birth
time to start that fucking search again, cut off too soon
withdrawals at birth

looking high and low, for a fucking pseudo womb
nothing compares to that sweet taste
high and low, inching closer to the womb

sweet taste, blows through the satisfied lips
it feels like i'm coming home
9. Recitation Fire (3:15)
sands of time traveling through a minds eye wound
carries us to the meeting place of Gabriel

bow to the archangel
slowly climb up the golden garb
sinking teeth through the throat
war paint with the blood of an angel

spread no more lies
teach no more false prophets
10. Part 2 (3:34)
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