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The Fire Is Mine Full Album Lyrics

Seven Kingdoms - The Fire Is Mine cover art

The Fire Is Mine

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
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1. Beyond the Wall (1:17)
2. After the Fall (5:41)
I've seen nightmare's wings
Flying high in feverish dreams
Break these chains of misery

No more climbing walls for me
Now wings replace these broken legs
Guide me to my destiny

I feel the cold of Northwind's Breeze
Raven show me how to fly
Set me free in Summer's eyes
Across the frozen land of Winterfell's Kings
A quest to breach the Wall
To reach the land of ice and snow

After the fall
I finally realized
The future of your life
Is not always what it seems
After the fall
I fully understand
The answers that I seek
Are beyond my wildest dreams

Dark news on dark wings
Another comes to join the hall of kings
I fear the worst is yet to be
So run to the North
From the men of Iron shores
To a destiny that's calling me

Pitch black wings of destiny
Speaking to me in nights of Summer's dreams
Pitch black wings of destiny
Guiding me to land of ice and trees
3. Forever Brave (5:11)
Look at this mess
Piles of civil unrest
Flood the streets
"Down with Elites"
Truth is the case
Hidden by the human race
Until now

If we have it all
Now where is the Dream?
A future behold
Slipping right through the seams
I cannot take the pain

Where do we go from here?
The vision has become unclear
What once was, is now not anymore
In the land our Kings ignore

Eagle in chains
From our campaigns
You have a choice, now be a voice
for what remains
It would be nice
To live our lives
Unafraid, forever brave

Troubled times
Send me all the signs
What have we left for our youth?
Greed is the way
Conniving sword play
The liars way

What really happens
Is so unreal
Why do they have to
Cheat and to steal
The noose is on our necks
4. Flame of Olympus (4:54)
Thunder rolls in the sky
On wings of Icarus I fly
Broken Judges under me
In ruins for all to see
Bloody rage left behind
Of where I've been and where I'll be
Show me child how to see

Time has come for this to end

Upon the mountain
Fear grips his mind
The Spartan decided the fate of Mankind
Flame of Olympus
Now I can see
In the darkness Fires of Hope shall set us free

Father, what will you do?
I fear not the name of Zeus
Purified by flames
Another god will be slain
Pandora, the fire burns in my eyes
I arise

The power to kill a god lies within
5. Symphony of Stars (5:37)
I only dream because
I did not know
It could be real
The lie that says "I can't"
But my heart is my shield
Looking above to see
The stars of my heavens
I made a wish to hold
The universe in my hands

By the sun
Clouds ignite
In this darkness be my light
All will be
Turned to dust
Here in the winds of the night
In the sky,
We will collide
You and I

Look into the glass
Can't you see, there is no agony
We are forever among
The symphony of stars
This is my little piece of space
This is my symphony of stars

One day we will be gone
But our voice immortal, lies in song
To the skies from earth
This will be our triumphant rebirth
Soar now past Orion
Beyond the darkest parts of space
Where am I? What have I done?
Where is this place?
6. The Fire Is Mine (5:38)
Farewell my Sun and Stars
You've fallen from your horse
How I long to see your light again
Now I've lost so much
The woman who betrayed all my trust
Shall burn tonight with us
Fire and Blood
My Vengeance!

Horse Lord ride to the sky
A red star appears tonight
Hailing from the flames
The return of dragons

Forgive me, Son of my Life
forgive me for all I've done and
All that i must do
The price paid was too high
Flames destroy the past
My will is done there's no turning back
These Dragon Eggs shall crack
Fire and Blood
The Rebirth!

Horse Lord ride to the sky
A red star appears tonight
Hailing from the flames
The return of dragons

Goodbye My Love
Let this fire take you up
If I look back, I'm lost
Goodbye My Love
Your Star will rise above
Only Death can pay for Life

Goodbye My Love
Let this fire take you up
If I look back, I'm lost
Goodbye My Love
Your Star will rise above
Only Death can pay for Life

Goodbye My Love
All I've lost is far too much
I've paid the price unknowing the cost
Goodbye My Love
Let my fire burn you up
From the ash, the dragons rise
7. Kardia (4:55)
This bag of pain that we carry
The acid that attacks the soul
A glass house of inner fear
Chains that hold as tight as a vice

A grim and sobbing soul
A sea of mourning children

Your heart is the key
To the ever-wondering why
Trust the unknown
For the naked eye is foolish
Believe to be believed in

Armor and strength he gave to me
An unmovable mountain
A creature of beauty
My tears from fears wiped away

Trust your heart he spoke to me
Face your fears to live your dreams
8. Fragile Minds Collapse (6:03)
I caught a fleeting glimpse of reality
Why are you tempting me
No words describe
This world you hide
For all but me to see
Although I may try
I can't escape these feelings anymore
Untie my hands, open up my eyes

Slipping away
Fading away
Before my eyes
You can't grasp this state of mind
Slipping away
Fading away
Before your eyes
You can't shape a twisted mind

Into the fire take my sanity
Fragile minds collapse
I can't take this any longer
Into the fire take my sanity
Fragile minds collapse
Can you hear them getting closer?

I hear them calling out my name
I can't sleep, I can't breathe
And I can't find my way
It's lonely in the night
I can't see the stars anymore
Just black holes in the sky

Hollow cries
Fall upon deaf ears
Vacant eyes see no light
I can't escape
I can't run away
Burning in flames
9. In the Twisted Twilight (5:01)
What are the answers you seek
Blood of mine?
Your voice is heard on this peak
Here past the skyline
"Evil has come back from time!"
For I have seen all the signs
You must trust elder lore
Settle the final score

Cold clings to my bones
Guided by these ancient stones
I shout to the sky
And I see his glowing eyes
By Heaven's light
Ready to fight
In The Twisted Twilight
Eater of Worlds
Comes in the Mist
Devour all who resist
As Dragonborn
I am your bane
As you burst into flames
Traveler of time, be no more
Your soul is mine

Mounted on shadows we ride
Across the plains tonight
Over the mountains, into the caves
Ancient hero's words
Pave the way
Raise your voice above
Split the mind of the Dov
Mortality is the key
10. A Debt Paid in Steel (0:56)
11. The King in the North (7:50)
The eldest son of the Starks
Rides now to a wedding day
Against the tugging of his heart
To fulfill the oath he had betrayed

For the North
For this war
For his quest
To bring his family
For all the men who have died
And all now at his side
He'll brave the storm
And swallow his pride

The lady asks for the wine
She'll not take a chance on her eldest son's life
Her sons are now lost
The old lord said "I'll give you what is mine."
And then Edmure took vows with his wife

So the crossbows rang out, piercing flesh
"No!" the mother cried
"Mercy! Mercy! Mercy for my son!"
Vengeance takes us all

Across the world the ravens take to wing (dark wings bring dark words)
Spreading the word, the bloody death of a king (The King in the North)
This blasphemy, is it real or just a dream? (the crowning of the wolf)
The bards shall sing, tale of the Red Wedding

The future of the Seven Kingdoms
Depends on this wedding day
Something devious beats within the drums
In the great hall of Lord Walder Frey

The lady takes life for a life
Spilling blood from the young boy's neck
But the old lord cares not
In madness she gouges out her eyes
Before cold steel cuts and blood stains her dress

But now the rains weep o'er his hall
With no one there to hear
Yes now the rain weeps o'er his hall
And not a soul to hear
And not a soul to hear...
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