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Serpentine Path Full Album Lyrics

Serpentine Path - Serpentine Path cover art

Serpentine Path

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal, Doom Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > S > Serpentine Path Lyrics (8) > Serpentine Path Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 6 Draconian (2015-09-11)
1. Arrows (5:08)
Obsidian nightmares petrified
Machine's hammer swings down
Animalistic fortitude defense
Deadly moments before confrontation
Fixed eyes on the sky
Aware of the sundown onslaught
Obsidian nightmares petrified
Machine's hammer swings down
Animalistic fortitude for the defense
Deadly moments before confrontation
Eye of the Beast towards the sky
Hidden amongst the trees of the earth
Primitive ghosts conflict
Ancient strife seeping in
Intra-dimensional warfare
Ancient strife seeping in
2. Crotalus Horridus Horridus (6:35)
Toxin binds to the surface
Confusion inside the blood
Increasing death impulse
Brain ceases to function
Venomous horror
Heed the warning of serpent noise
Stiking distances
Invoking trembling fear
Nightmares and trembling
Awoken to the slithering
Shadow coils hidden
Distanced from reality
Surrounded with no retreat
Forced to confront what lies ahead
3. Bats Amongst Heathens (3:58)
Cross the threshold of dusk
Embrace the bleakness
Escalation for the quest
Tunnel vision of night
Soulles prey
Foreboding stench
Impending saturation
Skies are black
Yet the eyes are alive
Cross the threshold of dusk
Embrace the black saturation
An orchestra of shadows
Flight in the dead lands
Under the authority of darkness
Reside in the absence of light
Hunt Conquer Mammal Spirit
Cross the threshold of dusk
Embrace the black saturation
4. Beyond the Dawn of Time (6:51)
Crashing through the universe
Immense movement of light
Dark entities merging with black light
The giants before humanity
Tomb to the netherworld
Connects the mouth of the cosmos
Shadow of eternity draping the earth
A speck of dust in the desert of humanity
Oblivion introduces the dusk for the ages
5. Obsoletion (5:39)
Distorted to extinction
Magnified to exertion
Damaged beyond recognition
Molded by the remnants
Rendered unusable
Mangled ornaments of decay
Revealing the distance
Morphed into smoke
Entangled in the web
Bewildered by disorder
Towering invisible giants
Nautical realms disturbed
Towards the bottomless pit
6. Aphelion (3:11)
Seize the gates of the dark expanse
Sink into oblivion
I've dragged feet through the desert
Nothing but sand,
stone and embers in return
Hushed tones
of crossed bones and war paint
Grinding under your heals
When temples crumble
and altars burn,
The beasts gather at your door
The pillars of ash evoke
the specter of abandon
The great unraveling is close at hand
Watch with disbelief
as the whirlwind dissipates
7. Compendium of Suffering (4:59)
Inside duration of moments
Process negative phenomenon
Cataloged for thousands of years
Repelled but looped in the mind
Humans all face the fire
Sounds of tragedy
Threshold of insanity
Throes of savage reality
Fodder for the fools
Marching oo the cliff
Programmed to submit
Into the compendium
It has always been here waiting
Pounding hammers on auras
Cremation of thousands of years
Reversed if only the Will exists
Withstand the pain
Endure the misery
Invert the opposition
Destroy the enemy
8. Only a Monolith Remains (6:40)
What was once, now is covered
Completely obscured by centuries and ruins
Stones released from lost spirits
Bleak images from past worlds
Only a monolith remains after the collapse
What was once, now is but soil
Harvested ancient symbols
Shifts in the grand evolution cycle
Only a monolith remains after the collapse
Decayed and Obscured
What was once feared
Will be once again feared
Until the ultra-progression
Mega-regression is the threat
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