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Ornuthi Thalassa Full Album Lyrics

Serpent Column - Ornuthi Thalassa cover art

Ornuthi Thalassa

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal, Technical Death Metal
Album rating :  75 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Serpent Column Lyrics (5) > Ornuthi Thalassa Lyrics (5)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-08-08)
1. Biogony I (3:53)
ῶ τῶ ὄσσε φαεινὰ διαδεῖσθε ὑμῖν αἶψα
εἰς τὸ ἀείδειν βιογονίαν ἰθύς
καὶ τῶ χεῖρε ἀνδροφόνα
ἀνθρωπόπολιν αἰθῷ αἰνῷ
εἰς τ’ἀνθρακευέσθαι ἄχρι.

ἀνάφερε ὑμῖν ὄψιν.
2. Biogony II (5:40)
ἰδὲ πηγαίαν.

ὄρνυθι θάλασσα γεινομένη τὰ ὂντα
διακρήνου φόρμιγγας χρωμένας τὰς ἡμῶν
μῦθον ἀρχῶν εἰς τὸ αἰνεῖν
βιογονίαν ἰθύς εἰς τὸ αἰνῆσαι.
3. Theasis (2:06)
4. Men of the Polis (6:24)
ἰδὲ θεασiv δυσδεινῂv μετὰ αἰώνων φυλεύασα
εἰς τ'εκ φύεσθαι αἰ χίμαιραι ἐκείνου φύλου.

Behold insight, δαίμον of illusion
Rummaging the ruins of Athens,
Harried by arrows of Phoibos
Manacled by Lysander.

Into the minds of men he plunged,
And took root like cancer,
Opening black gulfs,
Wherein lurk’d vicious chimeras,
Sphinxes, and homunculi,
Now loosed upon the world.
5. Feldweg (8:52)
ἴθι σ’εἰς ἐρημίαν κατασιωπῶσαν
ἀεὶ ἀποκρύπτουσαν δυσθεώρητον
διζῇ τὰς δρυμείτιδας τε ὕληας βαθύκομους
μὴ ψυχαγωγεῖ δ’εἰς τὸ ιδεῖν.

"...Wenn die Rätsel einander drängten und kein,
Ausweg sich bot, half der Feldweg.
Denn er geleitet den Fuß auf wendigem
Pfad still durch die Weite des kargen Landes."
6. Feuersäule (9:27)
"Wehe dieser grossen Stadt! - Und ich wollte, ich sähe schon die Feuersäule, in der sie verbrannt wird!"

ἀνάφερε ὑμῖν αἶθον οὖλον
ἀνθρωποπολέσσιν ἀπονοιῶν τ'ἀποτομιῶν.

Seest primal waters rising,
Roused from icy slumber
To meet, in cruel jest,
Drought unending,
Harvest cruel?
And seest Plutos ascendant,
Flummoxing fools upon thrones,
Preaching ἄτην to men of the polis,
Frail of frame and φρήν
Or sedent, abandoned to masturbation,
Endorphin bound; maximalism base,
Unlike any depths hitherto sunk
By a culture in freefall?
Regard them with hatred,
And thou shalt smile ‘sdainfully,
For entwined is the arid destiny
Of bearded men
Incensed by injustice perceived,
Vicious executors of the machete
Fleeing ruined clime
At misery’s pitch intolerable;
They shall come
And gore these swine,
Burning to a cinder their pitiful monuments,
Arts of a culture prolapsed.
So shall perish this generation of Heliogabalites
Under the hammer of solar assault,
Radiation inexorable, indifference cosmic,
Indifference supreme.

ὄρνυθι vast κρατορία
Darken our minds to savagery
Petrify our hearts to granite
Engulf us in unquenchable fire
That shall burn gloriously
Like the gleaming of a god.
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