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Aṇaṅku Full Album Lyrics

Serpent Ascending - Aṇaṅku cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresDeath Metal
Album rating :  –
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Lyrics > S > Serpent Ascending Lyrics (8) > Aṇaṅku Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2016-11-20)
1. Entrance (4:03)
Thoughts have smothered and throats plead for water
Lifetimes forgotten where the rain brought me down to land
On the leaves now to burn turning into a desert
Cut off my head and feed me to vultures

Behind the veils of sand guide me down the passage
Of olden black gates the river’s ran through
Where the stars glisten in red twilight shores
Gleaming dark and purple water’s entangling edge
Fires in the distance the nymphs dance on the surge

Queen of the seas – Let me drown in your fathoms

“Prisoned on watery shore,
Starry jealousy does keep my den
Cold and hoar;
Weeping o’er,
I hear the father of the ancient men

Break this heavy chain,
That does freeze my bones around!
Selfish, vain,
Eternal bane,
That free love with bondage bound”
2. Rivers of Lava (2:59)
Black veil of funeral on your love
Kiss like a child in denial and lust
Dying hopes of innocence
Glow so deep to eyes of man
Impure some say
Burning the skin between

Branches entangled on feet and hands
Bound in deadly spikes
Darkening woods that betray in their will
Melting away in the stream
Floating in crimson rifts that tear us apart

The blood of the earth
3. Northern Delirium (2:17)
Sudden dark states
Twilight halls

Insane isn’t it
To roam these dark lands
To die every autumn
To awake in another mind
4. Karelides (3:42)
Inherit the mountains forever descending
Inherit the glory hidden under layers of sand
Inherit the tragedies giving birth to nations
Pass forward the seeds of repentance

In miserable forgotten shacks
In shame of centuries turning to millennia
5. Aṇaṅku I (4:22)
Burden of our holy lands
Seduction of earthly shapes
Chained to this birth of exploit
To swallow the seed, then left
To be raped again and again

Strangled in the backwoods
Cavities filled with slime and cum
To gloriously adore your beauty
in oblivion, in disgust

To be desired as a lover unwanted
To be used as a whore so loathed
Abandoned as a child choked on the cord
Pitied, ashamed and disgraced

The savior of the weak
The defender of false rights
The destroyers of Nature’s hierarchy
Tender-hearted conquerors
Tearing down the golden halls

Creation of the most shallow
To replace the highest god

“And you see the stars are changing
When you walk at borders of the night
You hear there's something moving
A dim light crawling at the edge of your sight
You know the gate has closed
When you turn around and return”
6. Aṇaṅku II (3:20)
Hidden under the surface of the world known
Repulsive and malicious, hideously depressive
Feminine force imbalanced and misunderstood
Seeking ways to manifest, blocked and turned to transgressive sexuality

Passive tyranny, faith in enlightenment
Moral castration in the maze of omnivision

Veils of flesh hide our mother the bringer of death
Show us the end is in sight and our time to leave

Benign womb of darkness turn us to null again
7. Mound of Ing (4:36)
Swaying among the mounds
Winding along the path
A wreath of flowers you grant
An offering of withering crops

Lie among the fog unseen
Shades in dreamlike states
Of life and death that are of the same
Sensed by an endless craving

Silver disk on your garland
Half a golden bow and black the rest
As the earthfires bloom on your rusty hair
Beneath the soil like a seed I lay dead
8. Male Atavism (4:55)
Father your pride’s built in bitterness and despair
Silence of men raped by war

Behind times of struggle and ruin
You were lost and forlorn

Honour and manhood detached
Subdued and displaced

Rightful pride our strength of mind
Our virtues condemned

Brought down defenseless, infertile
Impotent and inanimate

Praise the phallic statues
Awake the line of blood
After all those years
Our strength must rise

Fear and weakness took control
Victims for carnage to come

The blind and complacent dream of bliss
All the voids of nature will be filled

Sons of the rapist god
Earth our mother raped

Know the time of revenge will come
You will be replaced

Warriors, poets and drunkards
Holy men them all
With or without faith
Holy men them all

With proud hearts we face the darkness
Men standing at the verge of entropy
Open our eyes to see the chaos ever more complex
After every reaction broken never return into form
Let these worlds end themselves
While our thrones will keep our ideals strong
But some of us will choose to leave this world
Rightfully choose to leave this world
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