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Proclamation of Blood Vengeance Full Album Lyrics

Seges Findere - Proclamation of Blood Vengeance cover art

Proclamation of Blood Vengeance

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlack Metal, Death Metal
Album rating :  60 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level ― (2013-08-03)
1. Preludium - Ascention Through Holocaust/ The Triumphant Kult of Plutonium (3:18)
We need nuklear weapons
To sterilize this sick planet
Let’s enrich the Uranium
To extract (239) Pu.

Glory to Atomic Desecration
Thousand of Ogives must be warcrafted.
Bless with Nuke Clouds of Radiation and Fire
Erase every piece of Negligible life!!!.

Ave Plutonium – It’s the final solution
Ave Plutonium – To bring the scum destruction!!!

By Strigoi: 01/08/2010
2. Apokalyptik Harvester (2:50)
Dreams of Blood,
Dreams of Death
On the Supreme Altar of Harvester...
Black Sun Kvlt.

Evil summoned
By Nuklear Rites of Doom.
Surrounding darkness
Terrorizing mortal beings!!!

Atomic Maledictions from the Sky
To Nullify all divine weakness.
Radioactive Desecration
To sink the living aberrations.

Subhuman kikes reduced to nothing
Ashes to ashes till fuckin’ dust.
Void, Frozen and Deathly
It’s the Only Paradise to Havohej servants.

Repeat 1 & 2 verses

By Strigoi: 30/07/2010
3. Krieg macht Frei (4:05)
A Blackness smoke sufocates the skies
Ruins cover the defeated corpses.
From the trenches the victorious glimmer the massacre
Fields of Battle, Fields of Glory!!!

Foul of Blood and Unhallowed by Hatred
Scars that never will disappear of your flesh
Memories of Pain and Terror
Memories of a winned combat.

Repeat 1 & 2 verses

War to exalt the enemies downfall
War to hail the triumph of Superior
War purifies the Blood
Krieg macht Frei!!!

Repeat 1 & 2 verses

By Strigoi: 01/08/2010
4. The Heathen Race of Satan (3:24)
Faded to Onslaught
Born to Conquer
An Elite choosen by the Evil genes
To dominate the inferior ones!!!

Worshipping all forms of hate and oppression
Enraged by the Might of Supreme Darkness.
In the name of Evil Gods and Annihilation
Envoy to raise the Reich of Satan.

Under chaotic rites of Black Sun
Channeling the bestial essence of illness.
The purest and evilized race
Demonic Wolves of Black Blood.

The Heathen Race of Satan reigns
In Blood, Fire and Death!!!

Repeat 1 & 2 verses

By Strigoi: 01/08/2010
5. Deathcamp to Semitic Plague (1:43)
Parasitic subrace of holy shit land
Conspirators of all mundane fallacy
Vírus of all modern world posterity
Hidden in the shadows of putridity.

Deathcamp to semitic Plague!!! Plague!!! Plague!!!
Deathcamp to semitic Plague!!! Plague!!! Plague!!!

The extinction of semitic trash is near
a true holokaust Celebration.
Deathcamp for a heap of rats
Crematories to consume their remains.

By Strigoi: 01/08/2010
6. Eradication of Abominations (2:21)
Zogicide, Niggercide and Fagcide
Death is the only future i see.
The New World Order
It’s the Cesspool of Subhumanity!!!

The Pacifist Cancer is still alive
In the entrails of modernity.
All kind of semitic contagion
Still corrupts lobotomized minds.

Christicide, Islamicide, Mongrelcide ,
Hail and Kill One by One!!!
Conflagration for Purification
Eradication of Abominations.

By Strigoi: 01/08/2010
7. Sniper Beast (1:55)
As evil raptors
Onward to assault.
We watch their steps
and their frailty.

We feel the taste of blood
And the stench of your specie.
Swinescum mixed in the same filthy
Waiting for their tragic end.

Every target is an easy prey
Start the segregation Overkill
detonate their fuckin’ heads
And behold their dying agony.

When the iron eagle strikes back
their death sentence shall be marked.
They’ll never see or know
When the Sniper Beast shall attack!!!!

Repeat 3 verse

By Strigoi: 29/07/2010
8. Ultima ratio regis (2:37)
The Reason is above all
And there’s no more reason to tolerate.
Total War is declared
Against the mortal vice of mediocrity.

We can’t allow their existence
Without mercy they’ll be decimated.
Their pathetic acts deserve punishment
Crushed they’ll be by our fury.

Ultima Ratio Regis!
Ultima Ratio Regis!

Warlike industries produce disgrace
Mortiferous weapons to pulverize their lies
Supremacist terror by Belligerent force
Extermination of damned subrace.

Victory thru’ the Hammer of bestiality
No pious compassion for the enemies!
Death to Peace, Elitist Rapture
Death to Peace, Global rape!!!

By Strigoi: 29/07/2010
9. Bound by Hatred (4:38)
Face the mirror of truth and look into your eyes
There's the story of glorious ancient times
From the Pure White Blood we arise
to Conquer overseas and beyond the skies.

Enslave... Segregate... Eradicate!!!
Dominate... Desecrate... Decimate!!!
Destroy and Annihilate the scum's fate
Sovereign is the saga of our race!!!

My Blood runs the fire of vengeance
against the subhuman zionist decadence
Our sedition evokes us to resistance
Apartheid is the glory of Intolerance

Enslave... Segregate... Eradicate!!!
Dominate... Desecrate... Decimate!!!
Destroy and annihilate the scum's fate
Bound by Hatred!!!

10. Proclamation of Blood Vengeance (3:51)
Even those of our blood
Has ashamed and betrayed us...
We’re superior in will
and loftiness of soul.

Descendants of Hyperborea
Bearers of Roman Supremacy
Conquerors of ultimate desolations
Impious SchutzStaffel Warriors!!!

We fight the most bloody battles
Under TotalitAryan Command
Reborn from Fire and Pain
Rising from destruction... again and again!!!

Darkest trenches be digged
waiting for the Final War
As a lonely wolf omened to revenge
the ancestral blood till the end!!!

Among Millions of submissive lambs
We prefer to be unrelenting predators
To drink the blood of all the victims
To sate our death’s hunger.

We’re the killer beasts
Choosen of the purest blood
From the Ancient tyrant Generation
The Black Legion of Doom.

By Strigoi: 30/07/2010
11. Last Rites - Crematory Exaltation (1:24)
12. Pesttanz* (Absurd cover) (2:51)
Widerstehend der Ärzte Kunst, nutzend jetzt der Stunde Gunst
Was da atmet muss nun sterben, dass die Welt gereinigt werde
Mordend Juden und Christenheit, lüstern, voller Grausamkeit
Massengräber füllen sich, holde Pest, wir grüßen dich !

Und in toter Augen Glanz
Tanzen wir den Totentanz
Massengräber füllen sich
Holde Pest, wir grüßen dich !

Schwarzer Tod, willkommner Gast, nimm, die du erkoren hast
Unheilbar, dem Grab geweiht, wird der Mensch vom Leben befreit
Sich, wir danken feiernd dir, tanzen auf den Gräbern hier
Sterbende, sie quälen sich, holde Pest, wir grüßen dich !
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