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Self-Mythology | Full Album Lyrics

Seducer's Embrace - Self-Mythology cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsMazzar Records
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > S > Seducer's Embrace Lyrics (21) > Self-Mythology Lyrics (11)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-12)
1. Ants and Bees (4:14)
Wild burns the sun to serve heat
Wide spreads the night to soak
But have they ever seen the dawn, so mild and free?

Ants and bees...
Is that the way it is?

In the raging roar of their dashing world,
Your smile and dream is all that is on
For eyes not marking smut on the snow,
The flowers blossom on dusty cold stones,

Sage winds in verdure ramble;
Dewdrops on petals tremble,
Under the feet,absorbing the warmth
Of carbon clouds

Ants and bees...
Is that the way to be?
2. Shadows They Cast (4:27)
I'll close my eyes;
I'll withdraw my blurred, wandering sight
Abandon the mind;
Dissolve in a serene heart-chilling stream of moonlight

An empty shell of a new vain hope...
An ice-cold thread of a sober thought...

A shroud of emptiness covers the night,
Eclipses the flow of its warm liquid light
I leak through branches of the never seen past,
Stumbling the pace on shadows they cast

Unfold the clothes;
Let needles of chill drive warmth under the skin
Take a glance to the sky:
In the cold calm of stars, find the withering spark of my eyes

Come drive the sanity through the fog
Of doubt and falseness obscuring the world
To a world of unconscious spirits call,
Awaken the dreaming in my soul
3. Within The Without (3:37)
As shadows stretch to the east,
Laying down the world for sleep,
A turquoise sunset fades to ink
On diamond meadows spilled

I dissolve in a dream,
Fancying the universe let's me in;
A million eyes, sometimes called stars,
Pensively wink at me

I've been where stars can't glide to,
Have seen the universe from outside;
With raptured sinking heart,
Beheld it swaying among the alike

The without-so delicate-
Makes frightfully definite
What from within to a local mind
Had been so infinite

Beyond cognition cast,
Through space having carved its path,
A beam of light on a mirror sparks-
And dives to a speck of dust

What's inside the naught?
I've seen those colourful inner worlds
A thing within will always be
For inner things, the without

The within's thoroughness,
Its diverse minuteness,
Seems from without,
In shade of sky
A paltry commonness

The without-so delicate
Makes frightfully definite
What from within
To a local mind
4. Myth (5:11)
Born in expanse of the subtle unknown
With a wild intent to seize its meaning
Confiding five senses' blind touch
To wit's distorting mirror

Good old being –
Neatly learnt and thoroughly
Seen through a breach of senses –
Imprints on a mind a myth

Vast are pyramids of mythical lore;
Their peaks are deemed as goals to climb to
Why not? to dwell in the subtle unknown
One needs to build firm footing

Good old being –
Neatly learnt and thoroughly
Seen through a breach of senses –
Imprints on minds a myth
What is real?
In a vicious circle spin the wits,
Erecting a dome of self-mythology
5. Of Fate (4:40)
Day follows day until it's questioned why;
It enlaces with viscid, strangling wear
This errant, curious mind
Coloured were the wings of a dream
That cleaved against the wind;
On marble, through the flame,
Their ash so grey

Treat the thoughts like they have been your own,
Besotted with her whispered song;
Riding a decuman wave
Of destiny's storm-she breathes

Scope the links of knots in your web
Sharp emerald eyes to face:
Enchanting quiet of her intent glance to share
Deft, thorough hands sort breathing spheres
Of tiny snow-white flames
In yearning to be found,
Their lights are so frail

In maze of fate there are lots of turns to choose,
But narrow is the funnel throat they all lead to
6. A Misanthrope (4:05)
A dismal cloud of dispersed thoughts,
A glimpse of flare from outer worlds,
A sense of being far from here:
Within their sight but out of reach

Above their narrow simple minds,
Among the flickering streams of life,
Apart from hollow anxious deeds:
Along with calm of autumn leaves

Cosy swamp, asylum be:
Feathers crumpled; lust asleep
Host of tired faithless beings:
Ornate wisdom trails to seek
7. Severe (4:55)
A turbid, fury-wound shroud suppresses whispers of wisdom
The sucking depth of the offence, boils up blood for a fight
The honour demands satisfaction, devouring the seeds of repentance
Severe and burst with hatred; not to recover...

Stray on a straw of consciousness
In a world where frantic ravings rule,
Avid crowds by wealth commanded
Frenzied strength with cruelty use

In a world of pride and dominion, history runs dirty and wild
Baneful is the power of delusion in irritated vengeful minds
Chasing the imminence, a savage raises his club
Ages of violence... severe he remains through time

Emotions-unleashed and perverted,
Whipped by the serpents of wrath-
Collide in ravaging conflicts
For a right to denote who's wrong
The better sides of morals
Are by prejudices enlightened and locked
For centuries bound to be wallowed
In a ‘measure-for-measure' swamp

Lords, by vanity crowned,
In decorous plans disguise the greed
The souls, by hatred ground,
Supply our kind the feed
8. The Now (5:04)
The trail of bitter-red burgeons
On memory's swinging thorny shafts
Through a squeeze of fog-covered petals,
Gleam vivid lanterns of the past

In grace of the instant,
Looping its song,
The pendulum's whistle
Casts now to before
Rushing through history,
Gone centuries' drops
Get shattered to splashes
On now's ethereal walls

Let wheels of ages come to a stand still,
Stroke captured seconds with your hands
Time is an artificial abstract
Wound up by the mortal brain

What is the now if, being reached to, it slips the past,
With a sticky moan being torn away by time?

When is the now if it's being wrapped by the restless mind
In clouds of days that have passed by, or are yet to come?
9. Secret Levels (4:56)
Reconstructing the days i have outlasted
The memories of past...
Impassable doors that led to the worlds
Of beautiful sights

Some secrets to keep, some secrets to miss, some levels to hide
An invisible touch-like a painter's mistake on the canvas of life

Devastating the natural fear inside,
The fear within,
I cower in corners
Away from tides
That draws me in

Time passes so sightless,
Time wears out so doomed

Some devils to kill,
Some moans to hear...
They see through the walls;
My heartbeat they feel;
They're already here
10. Knots of Silence (5:18)
Cast in the abyss of gloomy tranquillity,
Weaving a shield of stray thoughts,
Fencing the mind from the void of reality,
Sating the dreams with rest being sought

Clad in shrouds of dismal thoughts,
The thick of silence knits its knots

In a cradle of dreams,
You bask in the woe
The spindle of sanity twirls;
Its yarn binds the throat

Yours is the time from sunset to dawn;
You dare to redeem the sins of your soul
The embrace of darkness, the cold breath of ghosts:
Sweet whispers of silence weave deadly knots

Time spreads wide its wicked paws,
Keeps sharpening its poisoned claws
11. Let it Rain (5:02)
A step through glaze of moment,
A thoughtful glance behind:
A mind that leads it forward,
Or a passing path we ride?

Dark, narrow ward we rush in:
The seat on a trip through life
As route winds another turning,
Dip into future with hoar-frosted eyes

Am i? was? won't? it has to be?
Love? ban? strive? yield?
It's up to me... it seems
Drawn, flung, grown, bent, wiped away
When fate gets cloudy, let it rain

As quest for dream draws closer
The hazy spark ahead,
A gentle waft of moment
Brings changes' hasty scent

Deep down below the surface
Of stormy conscience's waves,
The inner tide gets circled,
Spinning to a whirlpool with dull hollow rave
12. Altjeringa (The Dreaming) (4:26)
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