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Dread Poems of the Fall Full Album Lyrics

Sea of Desperation - Dread Poems of the Fall cover art

Dread Poems of the Fall

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Doom Metal, Death Metal
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Lyrics > S > Sea of Desperation Lyrics (23) > Dread Poems of the Fall Lyrics (8)
Submitted by level 17 Besi Karat (2015-03-27)
1. Bardo (5:24)
when the Uncertain Experiencing of Reality
is dawning upon me here,
With every thought of fear or terror or awe for all
[apparitional appearances] set aside,

May I recognize whatever [visions] appear,
as the reflections of mine own consciousness;
May I know them to be of the nature of apparitions in the Bardo:

When at this all-important moment [of opportunity] of achieving a great end,
May I not fear the bands of Peaceful and Wrathful [Deities], mine own thought-forms.

While wandering alone,
separated from loving friends,
When the vacuous, reflected boy
of mine own mental ideas

dawneth upon me,
May the Buddhas, vouchsafing their power of compassion,
Grant that there shall be no fear,
awe, or terror in the Bardo.
2. Lighthouse (5:01)
Мои руки помнят твои руки
Мои уши помнят твой голос
Бархатистый смех рассыпающийся
Серебряными колокольчиками...
И свет, пронзающий тьму
И наш одинокий маяк
Не дают мне смириться с тем
Что я есть...
Беседка, увитая диким плющом
Помнит наши глаза
Замерзшие цветы когда-то знали наши пальцы
Как и твоя кровь, которая кричит о мести
Ты была самой красивой на свете
Мое сердце разрывалось от твоей красоты
Но Обман и Случайность разрушили нашу тайную связь

Теперь ты с темными ангелами
Насилующими твою душу
Полную удовлетворения от свершившегося проклятия
Я-Дагон, существо, стонущее во мраке
И оплакивающее свою участь...
3. Face That Never Be Forgotten (5:35)
Reflections on water are deformed by shivers
Help yourself that you there will see
Leaves the fallen minuet are silently turned
To fog and silhouette could sigh
Night show this way
I hear a voice from afar...
From days left and sacred
"You go, but come back"

I remember your faces and works
Hard recollect
Pain and hope,
Fear and dream
Shall turn back
Only the smoke
Those who were with me...

Face which I never forget
Stares in dream

And when I look at the Place,
It's well visible by lighting's flashes
Cemetery gloom...
A pain of not come true hopes...
Triumph of the dust and a smell of acacias...
Incoming at night terrible memories
4. Oasis (7:39)
Dust of Time and bodies remains
Are based upon the dead ground
Suffocating smell attracts insects
Oasis of a mad feast

Set of falling, death is the one
The fool not learned by a life
Having stepped the mercy don't wait
There you will find the end

Moisture can serve the blood
True choice of week without food
Skul's decorated with dunes
Merging with Mirages

Set of falling, death is the one
The fool not learned by a life
Having stepped on the sand
There he find painful end

Infinite halls of light
Is deceptive
Smart traps of death
Around me are playful

The bird waits for carrion
Incessantly narrowing a circle
Red light burn my eyes
I overcome desolation

Place where the shadow
Imperceptibly escapes
One more day gradually kills
Heaps of stones-dead
Cost for a long time here
5. Darkness in Your Eyes (5:24)
Lost in castle
Darkness carefully hides you
But I still see you
Midnight in your eyes
What once was
Forgotten and erased
Strikes back

I am unforgiven
Torn by demons of guilt
Moon look through gothic window
With mute accusation

Tapestries full of pity
I need no pity-I damned by you
Old lullaby ends no good
You escape...I'm running to
On dusty stairs

Castle of killing illusions
Binds and enslaves me....
Red looms in the darkness,
A sinful creed

Sweet dream-t'is to rain
Beauty of the silence-
a first one was
To sad clouds

Where there was I
At that time
When you have said goodbye
To this wild world
And whether was I

Sensing the breath of Cretaceous tombs
From a life of spiteful knaves you
Have turned away
Having accepted
Detachments of
Spirits of emptiness

Remember your gentle smile
When the color of world's alive
Your ghost don't let me sleep
Don't let me die

Inhaling the death
Of Cretaceous tomb
From a life of spiteful knaved you
Had turned away
Accepted the detachments of
The Dying
6. Neolalia (8:02)
Illusive flame
Behind a window burns
Someone's fingers
Showers mournful сchain
Spectres through me hasten flows

To Erebus where the bell toll
Forest teems by unrest
Formula I'm opened of neolalia
At a hungry chasm
I swooned and jumped
To understand all vanity
And to be dead downwards

The cataract of moon steadfastly looks at house
It's absorbed by a wood and darkness
As two serpents twisting each other

As bloodlines flows downwards
In sacrificial bowl
Life after that's intolerable
Shadows for sure could touch my soul
In the hours of human sleep

The enter's free,
Beckoning me
With heavy sights

Entire hell where my heart is...
7. T (3:44)
Прокаженный больной сон
Открывает темную завесу
Чтоб показать мне финал трагедии
Восковые маски мертвых оживают
Театр дышит ночным воздухом
И дыхание оскверняет порядок
Я вижу то чего не видел
Я знаю что все было именно так
Фигура намеренно открывает тайну
Будь ты проклята!
Моя боль все еще не ушла
И без твоих суицидальных откровений...

Проходят дни, сон за сном
Призрачной кавалькадой
Победный марш к Голгофе...

Прокаженный старый сон
Кидает меня в заброшенный сон
Смерть неспешно поправляет
Свое лучшее платье
Чтобы предстать во всем своем блеске....
8. Poem of the Fall (5:37)
From autumn there t'is
All in black vapours the lonely shade
Grieve washing, you so are similar to me
And I also go to distant road
With a growing pain and ghost's presence
by Winds we sing and roar the suffer
I'm doomed to most gloomy garden
Which waits for me on all road
Where are not lughed but grieve
I shall drink from a bowl of sadness
I shall eat thorny bread
But I will not dare if with me
Shall be thy serene grace, your star upon me
Its my force and rest
And to the purpose
I shall come and
I shall safely
Look in a countless hungry night
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