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The Urgency Full Album Lyrics

Saving Grace - The Urgency cover art

The Urgency

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresChristian Metalcore
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Submitted by level 4 chelsea485 (2015-03-17)
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You destroyers of Grace. Destroyers of Salvation. That which is wrought by faith; can never be gained by works. The flesh you lean upon decays beneath you; It rots in your hands. It's acrid stench flows into your heart. Defecate your Bristol doctrine from your rectal tongue into porcelain. Defecate your Bristol doctrine from your rectal tongue into your cathedral. You mutilators. You deceivers. You've rendered the blood spilled pointless by taking up a burden long thrown to the ground. You have made them twice the sons of Hell; a burden only one man could ever bear. If this is your way then Christ shall profit you nothing. If this is your way then walk it alone.
2. Like A Trainwreck
With your sights aimed squarely at your two left feet, and your feet headed straight for your mouth; you run in ever decreasing circles of self defeat. Intent on keeping your eyes glazed over and your head filled with lies. The truth is screaming at you, but the hedonistic hum of the west is all-consuming. It matches your frequency with the brownest of notes while you medicate and masticate your way through life. Beauty passes beneath your nose unnoticed, for the beholders eyes were torn from their sockets long ago. On your quest for self-gratification, I've seen you turn a blind eye and drown out the voice of truth so many times, that I wonder if you even really want to be saved. But I can't leave you here to die. I can't just leave you here to bleed. Here to bleed. Here to die.
3. 1994
Don't you get comfortable. We are not a part of your furniture. We do not belong. We are here to burn your world to the ground. There is no corner to put us into. There is no wool over my eyes. I perceive... You can't poison the cure. What we carry crushes kingdoms. We will usher in a new age of truth. Make no mistake... The past is gone. We will scream into the ears of those who sleep. We carry your awakening and we are far beyond driven. Far Beyond Driven.
4. Descent
Clinging to the edge of my sanity and I'm about to lose my grip. 3285 taking it's toll on my life. Who is this man that stares back from the mirror? Is this beast my own creation? As the final grain of sand drops free from the hourglass, I've lost sight. I'm looking away. I'm not the same. I'm not the boy who wrote those words. Can't shake the shame; with my head in my hands is there anything worse than forgetting your ways? Than forgetting those nights and forgetting those days? I am to blame. I'm looking away. I'm walking away.
Tearing from the inside. Hearing voices, seeing signs. Trying to find the answers. Losing ground, I've lost my mind. I could never imagine; I could never perceive how this ending would come. Always figured that something; always figured that someone would tell me I'm done, but the fighting has killed me, and the fire within me has stifled and died. Now they're looking within me and they're looking right through me, exposing this lie. Tearing from the inside. Hearing voices, seeing signs. Trying to find the answers. Losing ground, I've lost my mind. I've become the downside. Everything we once built I've destroyed. I am one with suicide... stumbling through this endless void. I am the apocalypse. Betrayal on my lips. Walking alone through this abyss, my purpose remains clear... Freedom. I walk free. Walking free from the chains of a dead man. I walk free. I walk free from these chains.
5. Horse Apples
This is the age of vanity. A self-obsessed generation publicly masturbating. Readily yielding privacy and vomiting their ignorance into an ocean of foolishness. Self portrait... elf portrait... Hand painted with diarrhea. Tunnel vision staring straight into a mirror.
Tunnel vision staring straight into a grave. Breeding apathy and what seems like disbelief in the existence of the world outside of your experience. This is the age of vanity. Nothing is sacred except for self. I refuse. I lift my body from the floor. I shall participate no more, I 'm gouging out my minds eye with bloody fingers of severed hands. Wash me clean and keep me free. But this needy heart and these treacherous eyes would sooner have me drowning than facing the sun. Keep me free.
6. The Bank Of The Otara
Spilled into recollections encompassed by sound. Cut off... cut off and waiting. 12 Years spent unconscious to my own grief. Pushed forward and owned by my own weaknesses. I've done everything I can to push this away and forget it ever happened. I've put these things below me. Attempting to heal through silence. Or something. Or nothing. Or whatever. Warm blood. Deep breaths. You gave this noise to me. And I never thanked you because I never knew. And I never once said what you meant. Or that I loved you. That I miss you. And I never thanked you. I never thanked you, but I wish you were here to see this. But I wish you were here with me.
7. Was:Is
Can you make it through the night? Is prayer even answered? Have you ever spoken? Will I break and drink this light? Is there any mercy for me? The clock is broken. Your eyes are swollen. The price that I've paid. The price. Embraced the downfall. Can I be the temple king? Divine as my dreams or is this my nightmare? Will this ruin everything? My life as a vapor. Captive and dark. Such thick oppression. Dope sick repression. The price that I'll pay. The price... So this is an overthrow. Now this is my overthrow. Overthrow.
8. Ceremony
I exist to bring you despair. I exist to usher your destruction. Total chaos. Total obliteration. Your very demise is on the tip of my tongue. No more lies. No more deceit. I have come to end it all. I have arrived. I have awakened. Years of sorrow and years of torture culminating in this very instance. A lesson lived, seven lessons learned. Behind your disguise there is no surprise. Can you see them? The horde of soldiers shrouded in light? Standing by my side? As we sing a new song with fire in our eyes, this ritual is taking place.
Behold your downfall. Welcome to your deathbed. Behead the serpent. Dig the grave. Bury the body. Walk away. Walk away smiling...
9. The Anthem Of The Underground
Fight. Fight til the death! Fight. Fight until our dying breath. We are the broken. We are the lost. We are the ones who'll take this back at all costs. This generation is alive. The sleepless ones who'll raise the dead. Because we have nothing to lose. You can't hang this death over our heads. No. This is the time for which we're born, and there's no way to slow us down. This is te anthem of the underground. We are the broken. We are the lost. We are the ones who'll take this back at all costs. We are the faithful. We are the few. We are the chosen. We are the true.
10. Temple Of The Snake
Slipped once again and I'm finding myself back inside this same old story. Fear coming over me, guilty as sin, succumbing. I'm losing myself. All the weight that I've carried these days is crushing me down and I fall. Can't escape this. How can I erase these thoughts?
They're all haunted by you. Back once again and I'm drowning myself embracing this flesh-bough freedom. It eats away at me and all the promises that I made, I can't keep. it's consuming me inside and out. I'm blistered. I'm rotting away. Can't escape this. How can I erase this? Over and over again... still making the same mistakes. Still walking away from grace. I spend my days in the temple of the snake. And though you pick me up and you wash me clean, I still turn and walk away. I bite the hand that freely feeds. I am the cause of all this pain. Bind my hands. Bury me. Gouge my eyes out. Set me free. Bury me.
11. The Man Who Painted The Pavement
12. Ablaze
I will burn...
I will burn...

Through the world's affliction
Through the earth's decay and rot You reign
Victor to the victims
Life and restoration in Your name
Mercy for resistance
Even through my sin, Your grace abounds
Even in the distance
I hear Your voice and it sets my soul ablaze, my soul ablaze

Ignite the fire and I will burn

In these days of trial
In the years of turmoil You bring peace
In this life of anguish
The throne of grace and mercy brings release
Forever learning
Let Your Spirit guide me in this place
Hidden lamps are burning
It's time to let them shine and set this world ablaze

For the One who died for me: a liar
For the One who bled for me: a thief
For the One who's eyes are filled with fire
For my loving Saviour I will burn

I will burn...
For the One who died for me: a liar
For the One who bled for me: a thief
For the One who's eyes are filled with fire
For my loving Saviour I will burn

I will burn!
I will burn...
I will burn!
I will burn!

For the One who set me free I'll burn
For the One who died for me I'll burn
13. The Urgency
Listen... Be not sedated. Be not amused. Be not silenced. Hide not this truth.
[Matthew 5:14-15]
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